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Okay, Not Great. But You get What you Pay For.3/20/2013 7:44:27 AM

Pros: + Cheap + Loud

Cons: - Lacks bass - No bass control knob.

Overall Review: For 30$ you get what you pay for. The bass sucks on this thing so if bass is crucial to you I wouldnt buy this. Sound is decent althought after about a year I started hearing this crackling noise in the back... but if you need a temporary speaker or just dont care and need something cheap this is your speaker. Any serious audiophile beware.

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Good little mouse.3/20/2013 7:41:27 AM

Pros: + Small, compact, lightweight... fits in the the palm of your hand literally. + Good for travelers with laptops + Wireless + Decent build.

Cons: - Small... - Wireless... Goes through batteries quickly... - Plasticky fragile feel

Overall Review: Overall its a good product. Its ideal for people with laptops who travel alot because its lightweight and small. I have never had any issues with mine even though it feels like its fragile because its plastick and its so tiny. But besides that I have never had any issues with it and I would recommend, I actually used it on my desktop for awhile for gaming but had to get used it it. Only reason I gave this 4/5 stars is because its battery operated... and I feel like it goes through batteries way to fast but I guess it depends on your usage. Be sure to buy premium batteries such as Duracell or Energizer. Just go to Home Depot and buy like a 24 value pack for 10$ and youll be good. Should last you a year or more with that.

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Works as it was intended.3/20/2013 7:34:16 AM

Pros: + Cheap + Good Quality + Effective

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Does what it was intended and nothing more. There are more expensive ones out there but really it is an HDMI cord so you are being hustled if you buy it for more than a few bucks. I have had this for around 2 years now and use it for my Plasma/PC or Plasma/Laptop and its worked as intended without any problems. Highly recommend because it is cheap and does as it was intended.

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11/29/2011 1:38:17 PM

Pros: -Deadly fast! -Sturdy & well made!

Cons: -Big card!

Overall Review: System: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40Mz Asus Benicia 775 Antec 620W PSU 8 Gskill RAM( 4x2) 560GTX Ti This card is the bomb! Im running Batman:Arkham City (which comes with the card btw!) BF3 Starcraft 2 New Vegas Shogun 2 and Witcher 2 on Max settings doing 40FPS - 60FPS. Smooth as butter. The card is massive about 9 - 10 inches and somehow I managed to stuff it into my Dell frame... it was a doosy. Also I noticed it runs pretty hot especially in my tiny computer. idle it steadys around 30c but playing BF3 itll steady around 60 - 70. Other than that this card is great. MSI Pulls through again!

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Great laptop for multimedia/ light gaming!!11/29/2011 1:27:20 PM

Pros: -Nice Large Screen! -Radeon 6470M

Cons: -Heavy -BIG! -Only lasts 1.30 - 2.00 hours on a charge...

Overall Review: This laptop is great for multimedia and light gaming. I can run BF2 and Starcraft 2 on high Medium-High settigs no problem. I also use it to hook up to my TV and stream movies off netflix so thats great although you will need to buy a HDMI cable to do that. I do carry this around in my backpack and it is huge and weights a good bit compared to a mac so not your average school notebook.

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11/29/2011 1:20:04 PM

Pros: -Lightweight -Thin perforated Aluminium frame -Adjustable fans

Cons: -Not really a huge deal but the angles a bit awkward , had to get used to it

Overall Review: The adjustable fans (3x) was I think a great idea since laptops tend to heat up on difference places. Also the this aluminum frame with the holes help with the heat dissipation. One thing that should be noted is the fans pull air away from the laptop and does not blow towards. Personally I believe it is more efficient combined with the perforated aluminum frame. Even when I am gaming on my laptop the bottom barely gets warm.

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