The download version is a good option2/4/2021 5:14:37 PM

Pros: This applies to the download version. - I got the key delivered to my email. - I got my activation key in about 30 minutes, according to my email history. - I didn't have to wait 3-7 days for a physical copy to be sent to me. - My Windows activation worked flawlessly. - Life is good.

Cons: - Worried about how and when the key would be delivered to me. - I don't get to put a sticker on my computer with the key somewhere.

Overall Review: I'm not reviewing Windows 10 itself. I am reviewing the digital delivery of the microsoft windows key. I got the key in an email, and am very happy. Thanks Newegg for providing this speedy service. Make sure you print your email with your key and store it in your computer case somewhere.

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Awesome headphones for original price4/1/2014 8:09:53 PM

Pros: Used to be $130 originally Exceptional sound quality for $130 price Comfy ear pads ears comfortably fit deep into the cans Durable ear pads that don't dry up and crack My first pads lasted many years without visual wear extremely light weight long life span Fairly durable Good flexible range on cans

Cons: Have replaced the headphone plug many many times Plug is very difficult, but not impossible to replace. Cable lacks durability Could use more padding on the headband

Overall Review: It's a shame the price is $200 now. I paid $130 for them many years ago when they were still sold in stores before the AE2s came out, which do not even compare to how good these headphones are. They took a major step back with the AE2s. Maybe they feared the AE1s were too good, Ignoring the price tag, these are definitely a great pair of headphones. They have a fairly flat response, but that doesn't mean they have now bass. In fact I think it's spot on. The bass in these perform very well. It's punchy, it can get low, it can handle the wubs, it can pound all when it needs to be there. The bass is never muddy or too loud. There could be some louder bass on the super low end, but what do you expect. The mids and highs are extremely clear and bring out sounds you never knew existed in your music. Distortion is not a problem with these. Some sounds will sound like they are in the room with you, very creepy some times. This makes them awesome for video games, as it becomes very easy to detect where sounds are coming from. Just excellent headphones. If you can get them fairly cheap then I completely recommend them. I even like them better than my ATH M50s because they are more comfortable.

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Amazing for the price4/24/2012 2:36:42 PM

Pros: It's a basic case with a design that is worth paying $10 extra bucks for. It's very practical and does not use a cheap design. Zero real problems with this case. Simple and basic look. can hide wires behind motherboard and hard drives. Well placed wire tie down locations. gromets for external water cooling. space for 6 more large fans. Side panels easily remove. Motherboard was easy to install. Bottom PSU location. fits many many HDDs. Great air flow. Additional fans where easy to install. Not coming with a power supply is a huge plus for me.

Cons: All the cons are side effects of the low price which you would normally get with a more expensive case. This is nit picky stuff, very minor. Front panel has wires attached that do not easily disconnect from the panel (that i know of). Only comes with one fan. No tool-less designs (not that I really need them anyways).

Overall Review: Buy some additional fans for this. I bought a 4 pack of 120mm cooler masters with mine.

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Amazing Case2/25/2011 9:39:01 PM

Pros: Very solid and well built. I haul this to lan parties every other week and I had no problems carrying it down 3 flights of stairs and into my car. The pop off plastic parts hold together well, and are easily removed. Although they are easy to remove, i've never had a problem with them being too easy to were they don't stay on. Makes for easy cleaning. The inside of the case is great for some cable management. the Tool-less design is top notch. best system i've ever seen. none of the inside components seem fragile at all. I love the hard drive bays. very easy to install and uninstall without messing around with the GFX cards. The fans have the 3 prong connectors for the motherboard which really eliminates alot of wires. The case looks awesome, everyone thats seen it wants to turn the ring into a giant button.

Cons: Bought this back in may 2010 and I've had no problems at all with this case.

Overall Review: the ring in the front is not a button. its not a portal either. First lian li case. I'm quite impressed. well worth the money.

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