Excellent modern mechanical keyboard12/14/2020 6:51:17 PM

Pros: Perfect clicky sound Look and feel is amazing Love the media control (volume knob) Solid gaming keyboard for what it is USB hub

Cons: Keys can be considered tall for someone not familiar with a good mechanical keyboard. It would be cool if the keys lit up solid colors instead of the fancy RGB effect. But, at least there are buttons to lower speed and brightness.

Overall Review: It is priced right and has some great quality. I would recommend this to anyone seeking an RGB mechanical keyboard.

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New case for an old build7/9/2020 6:47:26 AM

Pros: Price, comes with fans, decent cable management

Cons: Cheap quality, aluminum bends easily, MADE IN CHINA stamped on the back in large letters. The old Noctua heatsink with dual 120mm fans BARELY fit inside the case, although getting all of the metal clamps installed properly didn't happen.

Overall Review: I built a gaming rig over 10 years ago (i7-950, bunch of RAM, pile of hard drives, decent board, etc) and slapped it all in a Thermaltake case. The old cases didn't have cable management or painted/coated interiors. They were all about air flow and stacking drives inside. This rig is still alive in well, replacing a video card, PSU, and swapping the dual (RAID 1) 1TB drives with 3TB drives and replacing the OS hdd with an ssd. It was a VM host for a while and now is soley my backup and fileserver. Anyway, I wanted to get a new case and this DIYPC seemed to have some character with the red LEDs and pricepoint. It is definitely a cheap build quality, but what do you expect in that pricerange. I swapped the case and it fired up on the first try. I'm happy with it and NewEgg shipped it FAST. The old case had zero cable management, so having that is a game changer versus the old cases.

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Great buy!8/28/2018 5:08:08 PM

Pros: Great quality product for the price. Awesome budget VM hypervisor.

Cons: No mounting for 2.5" SSDs. Not a big deal, I used a 3.5->2.5 adapter.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Not bad for a budget case1/3/2015 8:06:25 AM

Pros: Sleek design, lightweight, bottom mounted PSU, nice amount of room, nice big power and reset buttons, easy to take apart, came with hardware and SATA cables (2)

Cons: Cable management isn't the best especially for thick bundles of cable, no power/hdd LEDs, only comes with a single blue LED fan in the front offering no exhaust ability, rubber grommets would have been nice to keep cables off the sharp edges, smoked side window glass

Overall Review: This is a nice case for budget systems. $15 after MIR is the only reason why I went with it. I put together a budget system so my nephew could play games. Other specs are: AMD A6-5400K 3.6Ghz Gigabyte GA-F2A58M-HD2 Corsair XMS3 8GB RAM (2x4GB) Seagate 1TB 7200rpm MSI Radeon R5 230 2GB Thermaltake TR2 500W Not a terrible little rig for a couple games and Internet use and around $300 after rebates.

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Great keyboard, bought 4 of them!12/5/2014 7:15:44 AM

Pros: Huge letters and numbers, nice and clear, multi color, fluid to the touch, and just an all around great buy.

Cons: Plain looking and no USB hub.

Overall Review: I bought one of these for my parents and they really love it. I decided to buy one for work and it is so amazing that I bought one to replace my 6 year old Razer gaming keyboard! I also bought one for a friend. This keyboard looks good and does what it needs to. Now that it's $20 shipped, it is a NO Brainer!

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Working great for years9/15/2014 11:43:59 AM

Pros: Works great, came with lifetime free maps. Easy map updates and easy to navigate through screens.

Cons: I've missed a few turns on interstates due to the GPS not updating fast enough. Overall, it's not bad but just need to be careful.

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Phenomenal product2/1/2014 9:12:23 PM

Pros: Fast, great price and quality

Cons: Only 120GB, but the cost reflects that.

Overall Review: I swear by Samsung products and they have not left me down in the SSD arena.

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Outstanding for the cost!2/1/2014 9:10:58 PM

Pros: Cheap, reliable, Latitude (not Inspiron), backlit keys, solid performance, Windows 7

Cons: Heavy for a 14.1" laptop, large battery

Overall Review: I picked this up for a friend who had a budget of $500. I was able to sneak in an extended warranty AND upgrade to a Samsung SSD for under budget. They are extremely happy and use the laptop daily.

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Best investment!2/1/2014 9:04:53 PM

Pros: Brews fast, coffee tastes much better than standard K-cups, Looks great, Easy to operate, Quality product overall

Cons: VUE cups are not as easy to find as K-cups in stores

Overall Review: I bought this when NewEgg had 25% off most Keurig products on top of their already low price. I ended up buying this at 50% off retail because of that and of course it was shipped lightning fast. This VUE V700 is the closest thing to a commercial coffee maker as you can find and I highly recommend it.

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Cheap and works12/4/2013 6:42:20 AM

Pros: Easy Netflix button, nice clear screen, lightweight, Easy setup, Smart, HD, Cheap, no dead pixels, thin

Cons: When I received the TV, it had some gross looking residue on the outside that looked to be from stickers or something. I was expecting some light cosmetic flaws like scratches but the gummy adhesive was not it. Some carefully placed lemon Pledge and patience and I got most of it off. Also, I am in the process of mounting this to a wall and I am not overly impressed with the mount location on the TV. For the size, I was expecting more support and larger holes.

Overall Review: I bought this for my parents. It was priced right and although I am not a Vizio guy, it exceeded most of my expectations for a low end refurb. I only give it 4/5 because of the residue on the outside of the screen.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
The product works but...4/29/2013 10:38:21 AM

Pros: I wiped my Windows 7 Pro install for this and immediately regretted it.

Cons: What a horrible desktop OS. I could see this working well on a tablet or other mobile device with a touchscreen, but this is just horrible. I have done my best to make this look and feel like Windows 7 again.

Overall Review: It is getting 4 out of 5 stars because NewEgg is awesome and did a great job getting it to me, but the product itself is garbage.

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Works4/29/2013 10:35:40 AM

Pros: Works well, great price

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: I upgraded an older PC and this memory has been working very well every since.

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Works4/29/2013 10:32:01 AM

Pros: Works well

Cons: Sort of flimsy but as expected.

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Completely Satisfied4/29/2013 10:30:57 AM

Pros: I recently switched from an iPhone 4S to a Droid (Samsung Galaxy SIII) and needed a 64GB microSD card. SanDisk always proved to be the leader in flash drives, so I knew the quality would be there. I have dealt with no-name brands long enough to realize that a good flash drive is an investment and I definitely made the right choice with this.

Cons: No real cons. It's very small and easy to lose but that is with all Micro flash cards.

Overall Review: Works as expected. NewEgg shipped it a day early (technically the reseller is, but NE gets the credit in my book).

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Works, Priced right4/5/2013 8:40:03 AM

Pros: AirPrint (print from iDevices), Wireless, LAN port, Great Quality, Easy setup and configuration

Cons: Bulky, heavy, large footprint compared to smaller inkjets

Overall Review: I bought TWO of these printers. One a few months ago for my parents and another for myself. My parents use this printer heavily and it does exactly what they need it to. I went with this product because the price for the amount of features and qualities matches up better than the competition. Airprint is huge since I have a lot of mobile Apple devices as well. NewEgg's toner cost isn't the best but the cost to replace them versus an inkjet cartridge is a no brainer.

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Great product for a great price3/29/2013 10:59:53 AM

Pros: It works, lots of settings, easy to figure out, looks sleek, lots cubic feet, plenty of power, and 4 fan speeds that BLOW... literally!

Cons: I am definitely HAPPY with this microwave choice, however the fan filter is a bit cumbersome to get to, the plastic door doesn't seem to seat properly at the top (it feels cheap and slightly warped), and the stock light bulb is really dim. The paper template used to drill the holes was a bit difficult to work with as well, but overall not bad.

Overall Review: I replaced a Goldstar (cheap unit made by LG) that was only about 5-6 years old roughly. This unit is leaps and bounds better than that unit. It cooks faster and more thorough, has a lot more internal space, looks great, and it was $215 shipped from NewEgg. Samsung and LG electronics fill my house, not it's time to upgrade the appliances!

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Fantastic!3/14/2013 11:50:08 AM

Pros: This was definitely a purchase that I am proud of. I have an older Thermaltake case and one of the fans stopped working. I bought two of these - 1 to replace and the other to add to the side panel. The light it emits is better and the air flow is phenominal.

Cons: Fans are a tad on the noisy side, but not nearly as loud as a high RPM 90mm fan.

Overall Review: I will likely buy a couple of these just to put on the shelf.

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Expensive, but required1/18/2013 9:54:45 AM

Pros: This is required to play games on Xbox live.

Cons: Price

Overall Review: Expensive but necessary to play online.

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Had to modify, but functions okay1/18/2013 9:52:49 AM

Pros: The box works with some light tweaking. Airspace sq ft is accurate. Small box and fairly lightweight. Perfect for my application and music taste.

Cons: My subwoofer would not fit in this enclosure's opening. The rounded edges were removed with a jig saw. The sub fits in, now. Another issue I found was the silicone/caulk/sealant they used did not cover all of the seals. So, I re-caulked the inside completely, as well. On the rear of the box, the carpet has some nasty blemishes on it, like the MDF was chipped and the glue didn't stick to the carpet. Not a deal breaker, but noticeable.

Overall Review: I bought this box because I went the cheap route. I bought an Atrend ported box and had the same problem with the opening not being big enough. This is lesser quality than the Atrend, but much cheaper and I wanted to go sealed vs. ported. You get what you pay for. This is just significantly cheaper than the materials I was going to spend to build my own. So, a little tweak here and there and it functions how I want it to. I wouldn't recommend to someone looking to plug a sub in and go.

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Looks good, fitment issues12/2/2012 2:12:35 PM

Pros: This case is of decent quality and looks good. The price was right and I bought a red one just like it, thinking it would be the same.

Cons: The strap that holds the iPad in place does NOT do a good job, so the device tends to walk around a bit. It would have been a 5/5 if it had better fitment. The red version of the case is flawless.

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Functional, looks great12/2/2012 2:10:34 PM

Pros: This case is by far one of the cheapest and best quality cases I could find. The iPad is a perfect fit and the case works and looks great.

Cons: None!

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Bought more of these11/5/2012 6:39:23 AM

Pros: I bought one of these awhile ago and used it for backing up a laptop via script. There was a need to back up two desktops, so I bought two more. Can't go wrong. They just work and I love how low profile they are.

Cons: SEgoN isn't exactly a big name brand like Kingston, OCZ, etc.

Overall Review: As long as they keep working, I'll keep buying them.

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Works great in my book10/19/2012 6:50:56 AM

Pros: I purchased a couple of these with various purposes. Primarily for making them bootable (Linux/Windows/HirensBootCD) and also for the every day mobile storage. Great price, great looks. I love when things just work.

Cons: Doesn't turn colors?

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RMA7/26/2012 1:38:38 PM

Pros: XMS3, speed, size for the price

Cons: Had to RMA the first set. Seems like a trend with this product.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Excellent and cost effective7/26/2012 1:36:56 PM

Pros: Compact, adequate storage, performs well, cheap.

Cons: N/A

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