Loved my 1st one, bought a second one to expand6/25/2018 8:42:08 AM

Pros: - Using to attach RTL SDR devices to my computer. Works great. USB cable is short, might need an extender.

Cons: - No cons. Big fan of the Anker brand.

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BEWARE: This is not a normal 3.5mm Extension. One end is 2.5mm6/25/2018 8:40:49 AM

Pros: Cable is as described. Not what I needed, but looks adequately constructed.

Cons: I needed a 3.5 extension, I misread the item and thought this was it. This is some weird 2.5mm adapter. It should be noted as an adapter and not an extension imo.

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This item is great, very versitile and well built.6/25/2018 8:38:51 AM

Pros: - I bought for a few purposes, and it works great for them and I"m sure would be good for many others. -- Endtable/Laptop use -- Holding speakers next to mounted TV -- Using as a post to mount antennas on.

Cons: - The top table cannot be removed without unscrewing the 4 screws holding it on to the post. (minor)

Overall Review: Price seems to have went up since I ordered and is now out of stock. I paid 36.99$ and that is a great price, but I"m not sure I would pay more. I think I will eventually get a second one to be able to put bookshelf speakers next to my tv.

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Works great for SDR and monitoring 800mhz P25 Trunking system6/25/2018 8:35:19 AM

Pros: - Does what it says on the tin. - Shipped from USA

Cons: - Order email suggested might ship from China - Cable is very long for indoor use

Overall Review: Helps overcome LSM on my local Police system

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First Impression - Amazing Tech1/6/2010 6:37:43 PM

Pros: Bought mainly to be able to watch Blu-Ray rips formatted in .mkv files, and other less beefy tv show files and what-have-ya. The version of Totalmedia Theater is the regular version and can't decode whichever highend audio codec without upgrading to Platinum version. Uninstalled it and installed my own version of Platinum and then it played them but was choppy playing 1080p over my 'n' wireless. Upgraded the Nvidia drivers (which were many revisions behind) and that helped immensely. It played better but still choppy in high action areas of 1080p files played from the network share. I then copied over the file to the local drive and noticed during the file transfer that the CPU would be around 30%. After it finished copying I moved the same file from one partition to the other, and the CPU averaged around 15%. Playing the 1080p DTS file locally from the HDD played perfect and the picture is stunning, to me at least. I'm am so happy that something this small can play so well

Cons: Took about an hour to remove all the various garbage programs and trials installed. Par for the course though. Is very shiny and the glossy screen does distract in brightly lit areas but in dimmer light it is not an issue to me. Of course the fingerprints,... And that tiny little power plug is scary to me, but I'll hope they knew what they were doing.

Overall Review: Haven't tried any games yet, not my main purpose but will be nice when I have some extra time. Web browsing is snappy, the 'n' wireless plays very nice with my Dlink Xtreme Router. Love this version on Win 7, overall very pleased.

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Great card, Drivers could use some work1/7/2009 8:56:49 AM

Pros: Cables included are very long, made install much easier. The Online Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration features are awesome, and saved me a lot of trouble trying to shuffle data around (see other thoughts). Card works great in my 2nd x16 PCI-E slot. Windows drivers installed very easy, unlike the management software.

Cons: Management software is very flaky. Failed install of the web interface, and on second attempt the GUI version of the interface is working, but I'm afraid to reboot. Detected my Vista Ultimate 64bit as Longhorn Professional.

Overall Review: Make sure any BIOS trickery on the PCI-E slot is turned off. By default my mb increased voltage to both slots by 10%, so I disabled that. Using the OLE,ORLM feature really saved me a bunch of time, I was able to take 2 new 1TB drives, make a RAID0 out of them, then move data to the new array, and add another 1TB drive and migrate to Raid5. Taking a long time to build this, but is available while it is building in the background.

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