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The C270 sucks6/25/2020 3:56:36 PM

Pros: cheap, but you get what you pay for Had to mark it one egg, it deserved no egg at all.

Cons: No software. Downloaded two different drivers, makes the camera work but cannot take photo or activate video recording. Logitech support was no help. Online help shows two different options but on my display they are not there. Tech was unable to do anything to help, obviously a stupid robot program.

Overall Review: This seems to be an outdated camera that they no longer support. You would think that he old software would still be useful. Will not send it back, wasted enough time already and will not buy anything from them again.

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Nice printer, But4/17/2018 3:50:46 PM

Pros: looks nice and it's cheap

Cons: No usb cable makes it cheap paper loads from top which is not the best way to store the paper and it also results in more jams.

Overall Review: I ordered this for a customer and now it must be returned by me. And now I'm having trouble returning it! And I can't return the Ink? This sucks big time!

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Works great, for a whiel4/10/2018 2:02:58 PM

Pros: Great printer, scanner works fine, and it's hard wired. Wireless in my opinion is highly over rated. Even in offices, where it makes sense, wireless printers are a constant headache ! USB connections never fail, never ever!

Cons: I've replaced two out of four Canon printers I've bought. They seem to have a built in failure mode after so many print jobs or maybe it's based on the date. My HP printers have done the same thing. One day they work fine, then they stop printing and nothing can be done. Too bad, someone should go to jail for this kind of fraud.

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Great usual!5/9/2017 12:58:27 PM

Pros: Everything about it. This one was for me,,,,my own personal PC. Did not want the newest Intel cpu, preferred the i7-6700 because I don't have any programs that can use the extra power. But I demand reliability and Asus has always been good for me.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Asus is right up there as the best motherboard you can buy in any price range. I don't believe they can make a cheap board, they just plain try harder to make quality boards. This is my 27th build using an Asus Mb, and I've never had a comeback or failure. They just work correctly right out of the box.

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What happened?5/9/2017 12:45:24 PM

Pros: It had all the outlets I wanted and the spacing was right.

Cons: Cheap on/off button failed the first time I tried to turn it on. I bought this for a new system and for various reasons it was not until 30 days had passed that I discovered the on/off switch was permanently in the 'off" position. Checked it carefully, button fell out, switch itself was broken. I guess they never tested it at the factory. Now it's junk and in the trash where it belongs.

Overall Review: This happens sometimes, it's not New Egg's fault, the darn thing is just built like they don't care and their service people are clueless!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, Robeert, Your experience caught our attention since all Belkin products went through rigorous tests from our Product Management Team prior to packaging. If you have already contacted our Support Team, please provide us your case number at so we can check what happened and investigate if there was a breakdown of the process. Regards, Jay Belkin Support