Nice and Stylish1/6/2014 11:33:03 AM

Pros: 23" is a convenient, but still large size Bright Small bezel around display so the panel isn't bigger than it needs to be. Two HDMI ports The offset support is a nice touch

Cons: No audio out option for HDMI ports. You will be stuck using the poor-quality built-in speakers which don't get too loud either. Perhaps due to the offset support, it wobbles if on a shaky desk like mine. Should be fine if desk is stable.

Overall Review: If you like the 23" size of monitors, this one should work just fine. The offset support may seem like it could be a problem, but it holds the monitor up straight with no sagging or bending. I wish it were a little faster to change the inputs on the monitor because navigating through the menu is a bit cumbersome when done often.

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Nice and Cheap12/8/2013 8:35:05 AM

Pros: - Spacious - Plenty of hard drive space - Clean look - Lots of fan possibilities - Light

Cons: - Front USB ports are upside down

Overall Review: Bought this case while it was on sale. Wasn't expecting much because of the low price, but I needed a new case as the old one was falling apart. I had an old power supply with short cords, so if you buy this case and are coming from a top-mounted power supply, you may or may not have to buy a new power supply to accomodate the bottom-mounted PSU in this one. The only thing that I wish was done differently about this case is the USB ports on the front. They are upside down.

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It works12/8/2013 8:29:21 AM

Pros: - Long cables - Plenty of cords

Cons: None

Overall Review: Had to get a new power supply for the new case I recently puchased that has a bottom-mounted power supply area. Got this power supply and the cables were sufficient to reach all needed places inside a full sized desktop case.

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Good Product10/3/2013 8:37:16 AM

Pros: - Decent USB 3 speeds reached - No issues with a couple different of my HDDs - Feels durable

Cons: - Requires screwdriver to remove drive - The internal PCB feels cheap - Internal LED wire must be removed when opening enclosure - Non-standard power cord.

Overall Review: I got this product on the cheap, so the corners that I saw that were clearly cut did not bother me. I did expect the drive to be easier to install. Two screws must be removed. The board on the inside of the product feels like it could easily break when attaching a drive. Each time you close the enclosure, you must awkwardly attach the LED cord if you want that and while closing it, this cord is forcefully bent back against some glue that holds it against the wall inside the enclosure. It feels cheap internally. You should not have to worry about this unless you frequently change the drive though. The power cord is unlike anything I have seen. I'm not familiar with it at all, so I'm thinking it's non-standard, but it may not be. If you can live past these shortcomings, then this product should be fine for you. It currently works great with my 1TB drive and I like the fact that it directly recognizes the drive and no drivers from Vantec are necessary.

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