Quality Cable1/15/2015 10:24:10 AM

Pros: Quality construction. Screws are good, easily pressed into new EVGA video card.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Bought this as a cord for my extra monitor. Works well.

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Great Card1/15/2015 10:22:51 AM

Pros: Dual DVI outputs. Doesn't require an external power connector. Quite as a mouse.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Bought this to support dual monitors. EVGA makes a quality product. Always have as far as I've experienced.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Good Purchase1/15/2015 10:21:41 AM

Pros: Slick interface, reliable, comes with Hyper-V which is great for virtual machines.

Cons: The new start screen may take some getting used to if you're coming from Windows 7 or Vista. But it's not that much of a leap.

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Excellent RAM1/15/2015 10:18:47 AM

Pros: Great RAM. I've had some in my gaming rig for almost 2 years and it's been trucking along.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: G.Skill makes some great RAM here. There's a reason that (at the time of this writing) this RAM is a 13x customer choice award winners.

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Good Board1/15/2015 10:15:09 AM

Pros: Pretty simple board if all you need is a simple machine. Supports SATA III, USB 3.0, PCI-e, DDR3 @ 1600, etc...

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Bought it to be the basis of my new workstation. Seems to work well.

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WD Rocks1/15/2015 10:12:40 AM

Pros: Hasn't imploded yet.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Bought this drive to store virtual machines and databases on. Does that well.

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It Works1/15/2015 10:11:31 AM

Pros: It reads DVDs and doesn't explode.

Cons: None.

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Great Mid-Range Processor1/15/2015 10:10:35 AM

Pros: Great price. Does what I needed it to do. It's not a gaming processor but has sufficient power (and then some) for a development machine.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Bought this to build a rig to replace my old Core 2 Quad rig. It works well and does everything I need it to do.

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Great Basic Case1/15/2015 10:08:07 AM

Pros: Plenty of room for upgrades, fans, etc... Hard drive LED is easy to find. Ports are at the top which are easy to reach.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Simple case. Doesn't act like it's anything else. Does its basic job well :)

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Great Drive8/31/2014 2:46:07 PM

Pros: Sleek design, very fast and reliable. Windows 8.1 loads in about 5 seconds after POST, no joke. All of my games, WoW, Skyrim, LoL, GW2, Civ5, all load within about 10 seconds.

Cons: Doesn't come with a drive bay adapter for 3.5"

Overall Review: Bought this drive to replace an Intel 530 series 240 GB SSD that was causing stuttering in my gaming rig. So far the Samsung has outperformed that drive AND no more stutter!

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Good Ram5/4/2014 3:26:02 PM

Pros: Am still using this ram in my gaming rig and haven't had any issues at stock clock. Tried overclocking it and was having some memory r/w crashes but it works fine at stock clock. Could have been my mobo, though.

Cons: None

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Good, Simple gfx card.5/4/2014 3:23:58 PM

Pros: Needed this card for a dual monitor setup for my workstation. Works well and Windows 7 recognized it and installed drivers right away. Not having a fan is nice, too, if you don't need it. It generates no noise. Graphics are responsive and clear with Visual Studio 2013 and Expression Blend. Solid little card if you want to have a simple dual monitor set up for a workstation or something.

Cons: None

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Nice Monitor5/4/2014 3:21:18 PM

Pros: I've had an AOC monitor I've used for my gaming rig for years and it's been great. Figured I'd buy another AOC product for a dual monitor set up for my workstation and it works great, too. Image is clear, starts up fast, haven't had any issues at all.

Cons: None

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Works Well5/4/2014 3:19:40 PM

Pros: It's Velcro tape... works really well for desks that have a lot of bars to which you can wrap cables and such.

Cons: None

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Good Mobo6/7/2012 1:01:50 PM

Pros: * Plenty of USB ports. * UEFI BIOS is nice and easy to make changes to. * Case connectors (power switch, HDD LED, etc...) easy to connect. * Well labeled I/O shield.

Cons: * UEFI BIOS wonky with some USB devices. * CPU socket comes uncovered. * Second PCIx slot is 4x, not 16x. * No fan power connector on lower portion of board.

Overall Review: I was momentarily stumped when I attempted to configure the BIOS with a mouse, keyboard, Logitech RumblePad, and N64 game controller adapter plugged in. Apparently the BIOS GUI doesn't like that many USB devices being plugged in and the mouse pointer moved erratically and the keyboard didn't work. I removed all but the keyboard and mouse and then it worked fine. Also, I noticed after I bought it that the second PCIx slot is only 4x. This is fine since I am only using one card but buyers who are looking to Crossfire may want to beware. Other than that, the board works well. Recognized my RAM right off the bat and clocked it to 1600MHz. Smart fan settings work well and the board was a good fit. No problems so far :)

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Corsair rocks!8/6/2010 10:03:37 AM

Pros: I put more than 1 year of ownership because I also have been use a 550w Corsair PSU for around 2 years and it keeps on going. These power supplies are a great deal and come with PLENTY of amperage to power some pretty high-end gaming rigs.

Cons: Isn't modular, of course. But certainly not worth taking an egg off.

Overall Review: I've been using Corsair PSUs for awhile now and have always had good luck with them. They run cool, generate alot of power, and are solid piece of equipment. I highly recommend them. Plus, it comes with this cool cloth bag that you can put over your cats head.

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Excellent Value8/6/2010 9:59:50 AM

Pros: This thing is cheap compared to the Core2 Quad in my last build. Handles 1600 MHz DDR3 easily.

Cons: Nothing.

Overall Review: Runs cool, way cooler than my old Core2 Quad machine which is surprising since it runs at a higher clock speed. It idles around 30c and hits 45c under load with the heatsink that came with it.

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Great Fan8/6/2010 9:55:51 AM

Pros: No lights, easy install. Comes with all the necessary tools to install the adjustment knob too. Whisper quiet at 50%, moves alot of air, too.

Cons: A bit noisy at full speed, but that's to be expected. At 50% max speed they're whisper quiet, though. Adjustment knob requires a free expansion slot on the case which can be a bother if you don't have many to spare.

Overall Review: I bought 3 of these for my most recent build and with them all running at 50% the case stays cool and it also is very quiet. I didn't use the adjustment knobs that came with them because I can set the fan speed in the BIOS and I didn't want to give up 3 expansion slots for them.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Lots of room for a mid-tower!8/6/2010 9:50:11 AM

Pros: Tons of room and plenty of bays for drive installations. The power supply mounts on the bottom which is pretty typical of gaming cases. Comes with a single 120mm fan in the back and a 140mm fan on top, both have 3 speeds. Room for 3 more 120mm fans and plenty of space for air circulation.

Cons: The filters on the front are sort of a pain to get to compared with my Antec gunmetal full tower which has easy to open doors and removable filters. On this tower, you have to remove the front bezel and side of the case to clean them. Also, no filter on the side fan which worries be a bit because it's right next to the video card.

Overall Review: Very simple, straightforward, no frills case for those who don't want a case that looks like a UFO and just want it to disappear when you shut off the lights.

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Need some BIOS tweaking but works great.8/6/2010 9:45:21 AM

Pros: Lightning fast. Worked like a charm.

Cons: Latency is a bit high, but the bus speed seems to make up for it.

Overall Review: The initial bus speed was set to 1333 MHZ in my BIOS (MSI 790FX-GD70 mobo). I had to go in and change a few settings to get it to run at the advertised 1600 MHz but that was easy enough. Not really the fault of the RAM, more the fault of the BIOS.

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Great Buy!8/6/2010 9:41:45 AM

Pros: Runs waaayy better than my old 8800GT. Built in fan/heatsink blows hot air out of the back of the case which helps keep overall internal case temperatures low. The card itself is actually pretty small, I didn't have any trouble getting it to fit into my Antec 300 case.

Cons: None, zip - zilch - zero.

Overall Review: I liked this card so much I decided to buy another and SLI them together. Also, from what I've read on Newegg, these cards don't seem to play well with anything other than a single or dual SLI configuration.

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Very simple OEM setup12/12/2009 11:35:16 AM

Pros: Simple, cheap. I just plugged it in and Windows 7 installed the drivers and all of the special buttons work. Its a good setup if your an OEM builder and need to include a keyboard and mouse with your builds.

Cons: None that I can think of. The mouse wheel is a little soft but that's ok.

Overall Review: I was tired of all the keyboards that came with everything from 25 different email buttons to toilet paper dispensers and I just wanted a simple, USB wired keyboard and mouse set.

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Its Windows6/8/2009 10:26:04 AM

Pros: It worked, install went smoothly and havent had any problems since. Service Pack 3 was a definite plus, stable as expected.

Cons: Needed a few drivers, it was installed on a laptop but the drivers were easily downloaded from the Compaq site.

Overall Review: None

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Awesome Case7/16/2008 9:41:39 PM

Pros: Lots of room, VERY sturdy case. Many areas and features thatll keep you saying "wow, thats cool". The fans are pretty quiet or at most have a soft constant whoosh sound. Easy to remove and clean filters Very nice case. Doesnt pretend to be a UFO, just wants to "be". I particularly like the slide in-out drive bays, those are a nice touch and make hooking them up easy. And the rubber insulated HDD mounts help to alleviate noise. The pre-coupled USB and like board connectors are a very nice touch and make installing easy for motherboards which conform.

Cons: Its HEAVY, but thats just an attribute to its good construction. It doesnt come with a built in 120MM middle fan, but thats optional and easy to install. Just remember that when installing harddrives, the larger end of the rubber grommet should be on the inside of the cage, it vaguely mentions this in the manual.

Overall Review: I didnt get this case from NewEgg, I bought it from a retail store but regardless, this is an awesome case!

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Nice Card7/15/2008 4:26:43 PM

Pros: This card was a huge step up from my 8600GT, and it remains fairly cool even with a mid tower filled with other stuff. The face art is really cool, and it runs pretty quiet even at 100% fan speed. Definitely a good card to have.

Cons: I ordered one before and had to send it back RMA. Got a new one about a week later and tested it using 3DMark and it passed spectacularly. Just got a bad card... it happens sometimes.

Overall Review: This is definitely a good deal, no plastic cover and a nice heavy heat sink to help dissipate the heat this card generates. The hottest it got with 3DMark was 74C, not bad at all but just make sure you keep it cool.

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