Works great in Dell Latitude D63012/3/2008 9:09:13 AM

Pros: Works perfectly with the latest BIOS upgrade for the Dell Latitude D630. Have run with Vista 64-bit, Windows Server 2008 64-bit and XenServer 4.1 and 5.0. Substantially less expensive than any other supplier of 4 Gig SO-DIMMs.

Cons: 4 Gig DIMMs are a LOT more expensive than 2 Gig DIMMs but the laptop only has two slots.

Overall Review: After installing the new RAM, the laptop was VERY slow to boot the first time. It seemed to hang up, but if I was patient, it finally allowed me to get into the BIOS where it showed that it recognized the RAM. I saved the BIOS changes and rebooted. Again, it was very slow to boot, but after it did it ran fine. Since then, boot times are completely normal. So, two slow boots and now everything is great.

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Very Pleased!12/8/2006 11:39:23 PM

Pros: I am extremely pleased with this eSATA/USB drive enclosure for SATA drives. I’ve had it running now for three weeks 24/7 without a single problem. Fit and finish is very good. Unlike some of the other reviewers, on mine, the stand fits adequately. The fan is quiet and keeps the unit well within heat tolerances. The little blue light looks nice and the red drive activity light looks nice. The power switch on the front works great.

Cons: Some of the other reviewers didn’t like the fact that screws are used to hold the drive in place in the enclosure, preferring thumb screws or some other mechanism. If one needed to swap out drives often, I could see where screws could be a problem. If, like me, you intend to install one drive and use it for a very long time without swapping it, the screws are very adequate and do a very nice job.

Overall Review: I bought this as a combo deal with the Western Digital 5000 SATA II drive. As mentioned, I’ve had it on now 24/7 for three weeks without a hiccup. I ran the Western Digital diagnostic “burn-in” software on it for three straight days after I got the drive and enclosure and it passed all tests without a problem. My laptop didn’t have an eSATA port, so I ordered an eSATA PC Card from WeibeTech to be able to use the higher throughput of eSATA over USB. My testing consisted of copying a folder of 8.12 GB. With USB it took 9 minutes and 16 seconds. Using eSATA with the WeibeTech card in a PCMCIA Type II slot took 7 minutes and 56 seconds. If my laptop supported PCI Express, the eSATA would be even faster. The USB speed is actually very adequate, making my purchase of the eSATA card somewhat superfluous.

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