The Future Has Arrived!12/26/2020 8:32:49 AM

Pros: Was available to purchase on Monday ordered and then received Wednesday (Pretty good for the week of Christmas) Mine came with an EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 Cost wasn't much higher than parts Able to finally play VR games with good settings and have lots of headroom it seems with my Quest 2 Seems to keep fairly cool and don't even notice a noise from the fans currently (only did when I updated the firmware for the GPU and it ramped up to 100% while it was updating) Cyberpunk 2077 in 1080p runs between 65-90 fps with Raytracing on Ultra when I was testing it running around Night City.

Cons: Not sure if the RGB fans on the case can be configured to match the CPU, GPU and RAM. Will have to investigate that more when I get time but I've never been about the RGB life.

Overall Review: Would definitely recommend. This is my most expensive PC purchase to date (last PC was an i7-8700K with a GTX 1070 so the difference in performance is huge so far). Was originally considering purchasing an i9 and 3090 but decided the small performance gain was not worth almost double the cost. Build quality seems good, and cables looked better managed than I was originally expecting really. Only wish NVME drives or PCs would include mounting screws for m.2 slots, since immediately I added a 1 TB NVME drive from my old PC (with most of the games I had been currently playing) but still have yet to get a mounting screw to hold it better in place.

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