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Inexpensive - does not work with sansa clip11/29/2010 1:16:05 PM

Pros: Expands USB Ports

Cons: Mini USB port does not work with Sansa Clip. I can plug the mini USB cable that came with the Sansa directly into my pc and the mp3 player syncs normally. With the syba, it has trouble recognizing the player and will not sync.

Overall Review: Hopefully it will work for my primary purpose, moving my console around. It seems to work with the couple of usb items I've plugged in (camera and tablet).

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Good quality monitor for the price11/9/2010 11:56:00 AM

Pros: large and bright low parallax (looks good from wide angles - makes watching Hulu from different spots in the room work fine) ~$150 with rebate

Cons: the stand, as others have pointed out, it is not stable (monitor will wiggle for a few seconds if you bump it) and it is difficult to adjust. no usb - had to get a usb port expander and extension to make up for losing my desktop usb ports.

Overall Review: underscan - ATI drivers default to 15% underscan on hdmi output - I needed to install additional software besides the driver to control this setting - this isn't really a fault of the monitor though, so won't complain here.

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No good for PS27/13/2010 12:46:48 PM

Pros: This is a nice mouse over USB with the Logitech Drivers

Cons: Without the USB driver (which has a reasonably large memory footprint), oddly, windows explorer will scroll, but Internet Explorer (firefox, et al) will not and operation is "jerky". This mouse will not work reliably over PS/2 KVMs, using the included USB->PS/2 connector.

Overall Review: This "nice" mouse sits on my shelf collecting dust, since I cannot use it reliably in my KVM setup (Tried three different KVMs). I have an HP optical mouse that came with a keyboard (I think) that I use and it works like a charm. If your setup will allow a single usb connection directly to the MB and you are happy to install the Logitech drivers, then this will probably work fine for you.

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Limited Use Mouse1/7/2010 11:26:44 AM

Pros: Tracks accurately via USB with drivers installed

Cons: Won't work properly with PS/2 or USB KVMs. With a PS/2 KVM, only the movement and right mouse buttons work, with USB, it can theoretically work, but it is unusable in practice as it takes a great deal of time for the switch to occur and the mouse be recognized. Works best with USB KVM WITHOUT setpoint installed. Have hardly used it and all the paint has worn off. Setpoint... Overpriced.

Overall Review: Every time I change my setup, I pull this mouse out, but every time, it ends up back on the shelf.

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Great MB for the money1/4/2010 2:06:36 PM

Pros: DDR3, spdif, DVI, HD4200 + sideport, - Runs all of my apps without need for video card. I'm guessing it wouldn't run the latest games at full resolution, but for what I'm doing, it's perfect. The spdif output is great - one cable, full dolby digital for DVDs, etc. I have it plugged into a 300W receiver :). I'm running a 1680x1050 lcd monitor and 800x600 projector, all off the mb video. :)

Cons: Only 4 back USB ports. Not a big deal for me, since I have two USB ports on my monitor, but is fewer than most mb.

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Nice Case1/4/2010 2:01:01 PM

Pros: Best case+PSU for the money. Easy to install, nice "tool-less" design. Very spacious for a "mid" tower. Plenty air flow. Powerful and competent PSU (plenty for several drives and a decent video card).

Cons: Can't disable neon lights without unplugging them :) Front door covers front USB ports.

Overall Review: This is my second one of these. I had difficulty finding any other one that would compare for the price/options.

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Nice Enclosure for $7/8/2009 10:04:10 AM

Pros: Works, slim, can enable write cache for better performance or leave disabled for hot swap.

Cons: uses 2 usb connections - thus will not work with older laptops, blindingly bright blue led, especially when used in low light (fixed easily with electrical tape)

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Very Pleased1/10/2009 8:15:38 PM

Pros: With the write cache disabled (hot swappable), I was able to achieve write speeds of 62 Mbps and with the write cache enabled, 158 Mbps. Not too bad for USB. I did a control test and my internal drive (same make and model) was only a bit faster (180 Mbps). All the tests were done with Robocopy.

Cons: Not hot swappable with the write cache enabled - but makes sense.

Overall Review: Ok, so it's a bit bigger than a flash drive - but far more useful!

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No good for PS/27/29/2008 8:11:56 AM

Pros: Works great via USB. You only need the drivers and application if you want to customize the buttons. The defaults work without it.

Cons: The mouse wheel works in Windows Explorer, but not in Internet Explorer when using a PS/2 connector (or PS/2 switcher) and so this mouse is not suitable for a PS/2 setup.

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Worked once5/1/2008 7:00:52 PM

Pros: hmmm

Cons: These discs worked about 4/5 of the time for the very first burn, then about 0/10 on the second burn with a quick format, maybe 3/10 on a full erase, which takes donkey's years. Guess I'll buy some that cost a bit more :)

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Nice bang for buck5/4/2007 11:14:05 PM

Pros: nice screen, fast-ish processor, card reader, gigabit lan, decent graphics, good size hd, 1GB memory, fairly robust case (have dropped twice...), fast-ish battery charge

Cons: Vista (had some external hardware and a couple of software programs that would not work with V, backed up V and installed XP for the meantime...), short battery life, especially with wireless on and not using max battery setting, problems with the video after hibernating, but using sleep works fine, integrated video (so can't upgrade), Vista also has a large memory footprint (850MB once OS loads with factory install), so more memory needed for V users

Overall Review: if you have the power settings on max battery and you turn off the wireless, you can watch a 2.5 hour movie on batteries, overall an excellent business machine and will work for older or less performance intensive games

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Not fully convinced3/11/2007 2:08:46 PM

Pros: Plug it in, look for wireless networks, connect to projector-0, download software, run software and connect. Pretty straight forward... works with XP Pro (see caveats below)

Cons: Would not connect with Vista, no response (email) from customer support. Also, it seems to ONLY accept a display setting of 1024 x 768. The control software has a link to your display settings, but on apply or ok, they always revert to 1024 x 768. I can connect directly to the projector (not using the DPG-2100) and select any available display setting.

Overall Review: It may be the software is a bit premature (beta?) The software warns, "if this window won't close, try hitting alt-f4" Not too encouraging. If you just need a wireless connection (ceiling mount, etc), the deviced works for 1024 x 768.

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Hi Res Thief12/8/2006 3:43:52 PM

Pros: If you are a Thief fan, this game is for you. Half Life 2 engine works really well for 1st person melee.

Cons: you need a dx9 video card. dx8 will run, but none of the videos will play and some of the graphics create problems or just don't work. looks fantastic with a 7950gt

Overall Review: this version includes a 20 minute audio cd soundtrack that's not really worth the extra $

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Nice case12/8/2006 2:35:11 PM

Pros: excellent bang for buck, sturdy, 28A +12V 500W PSU, roomy (esp for mid tower), 2 sata power connectors, lots of molex, pcie power, nice access from both sides, lots of fans, nice look without being too ridiculous

Cons: all the fans and leds are on molex connectors with male-female connectors so while they don't use up any connectors, some are kind of flimsy and had to be put back together. Some kind of internal wiring scheme with one single molex connector would have been a lot nicer.

Overall Review: the "tooless" design is a neat idea, but I did have some plastic bits break on me. The magnetic door is nice but it did fall open on me several times when installing components. The case itself is very heavy - thick steel. Although I've had it apart several times (bad video card - some items arrived at different times) and I'm clumsy, it's none the worse for wear. Overall - very impressed.

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Nice mid level board12/8/2006 2:00:05 PM

Pros: easy setup, nice feature set, price, current firmware came installed

Cons: no sli, but you are also not paying for it, raid setup was a bit tricky (for me :)

Overall Review: have not messed with oc but noticed all oc settings are in bios, which is nice, imo

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Good monitor, keyboard switcher11/30/2006 8:17:04 PM

Pros: Worked right out of the box. Fast switching and monitor looked great.

Cons: Did not work with my Logitech MX518 mouse. For some reason, the mouse was all over the place and clicking even though I wasn't even touching it and I inadvertently altered all kinds of settings before I unplugged it :)

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DOA11/25/2006 10:47:27 AM

Pros: Looks good on paper

Cons: DOA

Overall Review: XFX was suspicious of the psu, but it's 500watts with 28A on +12V, so it should be plenty sufficient, especially after reading some of the other reviewers. Will write another review if RMA works out.

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Great Camera!6/12/2006 10:16:41 PM

Pros: Nice lens, nice quality photos, easy to use - my wife loves the kodak software. I'm a novice, but in not time was taking great action shots of my bounding Jack Russel. I took a nice picture of the cockpit controls from about 20 rows back in coach using the two zooms (5x opt 5x dig). In shopping around, this is the best deal for an SLR like camera. 6 months later, I have no regrets.

Cons: None.

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Nice Bang for the Buck11/22/2005 12:06:23 PM

Comments: 1/3 of the price of the card I bought last year, 2X memory, 33% faster processor. Runs HL2, NWN, D3 smooth at moderate settings. Very satisfied.

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Good deal - No rebate required6/2/2005 10:54:28 PM

Comments: I chose this one as it was the best deal, not considering rebates (what a hassle...) I did have to update the driver to get it to work at 54Mbps, but worked at 11Mbps out of the box with my DL524

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