Light Bleed and Dead Pixels4/15/2020 1:08:33 PM

Pros: - It's a good resolution, low response-time monitor for a low price

Cons: - There's no value to having speakers on this monitor; they are worthless and become un-muted every time the power cycles. - As soon as I took the monitor out of the box I had extreme light bleed. - After a week of operation I started seeing dead pixels.

Overall Review: Despite Newegg's review of this product, it is clear the manufacturer doesn't take QA seriously. Most likely the light bleed issue was caused by whoever put the device in the box squeezing or bending the monitor frame. If not, whoever QAs these monitors needs to actually see it in white and black to make sure monitors aren't getting shipped with these sorts of obvious problems. I literally just threw out the box the monitor came in a couple days ago; otherwise, I would be returning the monitor because the light bleed is soooo bad and the sudden appearance of dead pixels.

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Very Happy10/13/2010 10:14:55 PM

Pros: - No brand names to cover up - Easy installation - no screws! - Awesome front panel - Top-front holds game pad perfectly - Plenty of room for expansion - Compact and boring... perfect for custom jobs!

Cons: - Tight squeeze between HDD cables and case - Had a little trouble getting the front plate off - Side needs unscrewed to open - Metal a bit on the thin side

Overall Review: Too maximize airflow, I suggest a modular power supply, SATA instead of IDE and a small video card. I will probably reuse the case from machine to machine. I prefer this case over my old full tower since cables are always too short.

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Better than I hoped2/10/2007 5:55:55 PM

Pros: Spacious, 2 removable HDD slots, screw pins to fit mostly any motherboard, easy to open, power supply & external drives seperate from HDDs and motherboard. Place for 3 80mm fans and one 92mm fan. Plenty of PCI openings. Cute little legs to keep from tipping. Top is flat - perfect for later installation of water coolers.

Cons: You have to remove the front cover to add front external drives. Door falls off but is easy to put back on. comes with tons of screws. Power button outside of locked door (just tell the OS to ignore the power button). Slightly heavier than I hoped. Metal panel between top and bottom means wires need to stretch further.

Overall Review: I was a little confused how to put in the external front drives. I am a little new at this size case, however. I was glad there were no LEDs and no front USB, etc. ports. This is a little better suited for a server, but it makes an awesome ATX case as well. Psst . . . a great deal of over-priced cases just add on to this one. Get this one if you want to fully customize and avoid annoying LEDs.

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