Economical perfomer9/16/2007 7:21:21 AM

Pros: I have built four boxes using a combo ECS 761GX-M754 moboard and an AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU with no problems at all. I highly recommend a PCIe video card, preferably an inexpensive nVidia card with 128-256megs and 1 gigabyte DDR memory for the moboard and you have a very inexpensive but excellent performer. I own one myself and am pleased with the speed and very reliable. I really prefer the SiS chipset over the more common VIA chipset.

Cons: The onboard video is very poor partly because of how the memory is shared by the CPU - ECS 741GX actually has far superior onboard video despite being older technology. This is why a PCIe 16X video card turns this mobo into a winner.

Overall Review: Lots of features at a dead low price. You can get better performance but you are4 going to pay more. I have installed many ECS motherboards over the years with a very low return rate. My high 5 rating is based on good performance at a very low price. Look for combo sales with CPU and memory and then score an nVidia PCIe video card.

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