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Good game overall, but overrated unless you do multiplayer10/20/2011 2:34:38 PM

Pros: It's relatively fun, and the graphics are truly outstanding. I have to admit, the new multiplayer additions they've made are pretty outstanding and it is feature loaded.

Cons: That being said, this game is overrated because: I feel that besides the multiplayer improvements (which I won't use) it really doesn't bring anything new to the table. It's really just more of the same Gears of War, just updated to 2011. One of my major criticisms is that I feel that your squad mates help way too much (on normal difficulty anyway) I don't know if they help any less on the harder difficulties but I found myself breezing through the game on normal difficulty, largely because of the ridiculous amount of fire my AI squad mates were able to put on whatever enemy I chose. Not worth $60 for the single player campaign type of player.

Overall Review: I mostly play games for the single player. The only games that I play multiplayer on are the Battlefield series.

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Does what it is supposed to do9/23/2011 7:07:34 AM

Pros: *It's a nice heavy unit and has the feel and look of quality construction. *Good price/performance ratio. *I like the fan, long shielded cables, and included extras like zip ties, etc. *It currently powers a single XFX HD6870.

Cons: *Would be nice if it was modular but I knew it wasn't going in to the purchase so I can't complain.

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For the price, no regrets9/22/2011 9:54:33 AM

Pros: *After over a month of research I decided to get this card because I think this card gives you a lot of bang for the buck and I needed to upgrade for BF3. Even though the recommended specs for that game say 6950, I think this card will be fine for at least medium specs at very playable framerates. *I bought this card to play WoW, SC2, Shogun 2, BFBC2, and BF3 when it comes out. So far, it's handled all of them at max or close to max settings with ease and at 50~60ish fps (my 2008 intel quad core cpu is my bottle neck). *I read a review on Toms I think that the 6870s were overclocking misers but it did better than expected. Using AMD's autotuner, it stablized at 990mhz core, and 1100mhz memory. *It's a relatively small card and it's cheap!

Cons: *I was concerned with the memory and core clock reported speeds but I think they are an error. Hopefully, they will fix that soon since many people are having the same problem. I knocked it down 1 egg for this. *I don't like the stock fan speed profile... the fan ramp up is way too slow so I use MSI Afterburner for that. *This card definitely gets hot so you want to provide adequate ventilation for it. When playing BFBC2 for a while, it gets to about 78c for me. *Stock fan is loud for those who mind that sort of thing. I wear headphones a lot or the gunfire drowns out the noise so I don't mind.

Overall Review: I put in for the rebate and received a rebate processing message pretty quickly from XFX.

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1/24/2005 12:19:05 PM

Comments: three words. good cheap ram. snapped right into my xxxxxxxx pc and was detected right away by my OS. Great buy.

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1/24/2005 12:15:57 PM

Comments: Great video card. Snapped right in and was detected right away by windows. Now with my 1 gig of ram and 2.4 ghz cpu i can play doom 3 halfway decent. Definitely better than the 128 mb Radeon 9200SE that i upgraded from.

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