win 106/20/2016 12:31:58 AM

Pros: heard problems with win 10. I upgraded from win 8 on this and it went fine. Not a clean install. but it works and is fast

Cons: none

Overall Review: i wouyld recomend this over m.2 so its off the board and can get more airflow

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The Bad11/25/2010 8:12:39 AM

Pros: Read other thoughts first. Ok Huge! very nice blacked out finish I like da power button door to keep hands off of it. Easy tool free design(1). Thumb screws(2). and dust filters(3).

Cons: Like i said da bad. ok first the Dust filter design is very nice(1) every one likes dat, but the lack of eas in cleaning these is a hastle they do Not come out easy you have to take the mesh off wit a screw driver.(3) Da thumb screws are ot very Thumb Firendly in Fact they are very difficult to screw in and i had to use a screw driver to remove dem when I first started building and just about every tym i had to use them, and be carefull cause the MB tray and the chasis are different threads, US THE RIGHT SCREW! (3) Next the doors well they certainly arnt Tt doors and they dont quite line up so you have to bump it a little, not a big deal, but i like the latches on my armor and would like to see this on more full towers. All they internal covers and acc. are plastic save the graphics holder which should be adj. width. I have GTX 280 and its too thick to fit on the plastic holder part! W/e.... so i just have the lower on it and the top isnt doing much...?

Overall Review: Ok i love this case, dats why i bought it, but you cant read a good review and make a decision on weather you want to buy it so I will be reviewing da bad on this case.. even though i love it, just so you can the real world problem of owning it. anyway ran outa room in cons, the plastic thing that goes infront of the graphics that holds a 120mm fan is sorta usless and doesnt fit really once your dont building as there isnt much room left. I 1/2 ID WC for CPU top mounted 240 Rad is nice but the centered it not leaving enough room for both 120mm fans i had to velcro the 2nd one on cause it wouldnt line up with the screw holes cause the MB heatsink in da way, little heat sink too. Love da case look Ba Get it!!

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once again patriot delivers5/11/2009 9:11:27 AM

Pros: well had to wait a while but when i got this memory it worked wonderfully at factory specification, runs with 790i Ultra really well. Haven't had time to overclock it yet

Cons: soon as i got my new memory for this "wonderful" board i had to have when it was the best thing "or so it would have seemed" I had to RMA to EVGA cause it died..... nut so far with the little bit of testing NO PROBLEMS.

Overall Review: Wow... really that cheap? should have bought more

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Ok... lets go8/30/2008 9:57:50 PM

Pros: Ok very good, but 8 multiplier max...(tear), EVGA 790i ultra... works

Cons: *x multiplier

Overall Review: should have got the qx9770.....

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It Works8/30/2008 9:55:19 PM

Pros: Ok, so there has been a very large controversy over this particular board. People have been talking bad about it and saying it doesn't work or that it won't be stable. Look this is the best of the best, the newest you can buy, So it might be touchy at first. and you bought the best so why cry if you have to change settings... you do it anyway for ocing so stop crying cause you don't bother top read anything or learn to use your new board, its not EVGA's fault you cant use it right.

Cons: People be=otching cause they can't read

Overall Review: OCZ 1600 platinum... Works and have ran it good, but in bios says it is undetected.... dont no but i can still change everthing so no need to worry.

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