Poor soldering for additional components. Absolute nightmare customer service.11/22/2021 7:47:17 AM

Overall Review: As I was organizing the cables, I found that one of my fan color cables was just dropping out of the little controller card that comes with it. I opened up the controller card and found a mess. The power connectors are well supported with big pipes coming off the back. They're rock solid. However, the color changing cables are not blocked in the same way and aren't supported in any way, ensuring that the moment you put anything in them with even light pressure, they move back and have a high potential of snapping off. Their website has deflection mechanisms everywhere, they absolutely do not want you to get help online from any kind of real person. I called them up even though i hate calling anyone and got this guy reading a script and demanding personal information before he even confirmed that it's within policy to just replace a part like this. He literally couldn't function without the information, it was pretty pitiful, when all I was asking was "if someone purchases this just now and his cables are just dropping right out of this component, is that something you would just replace or do I have to rip the whole thing out". Well, because of his incompetency when all I wanted was a simple answer, I'm ripping the whole thing out.

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Just plain amazing.6/21/2009 4:18:29 PM

Pros: This thing is crystal clear and absolutely gorgeous. I was soooo worried that I would get dead pixels but it's entirely clear! The enormous resolution is the biggest I've personally seen The price is right-on; years ago when I bought my last monitor you couldn't find *21 inches* for this much. If you're used to a laptop this thing will be leaps and bounds above your expectations. It is just beautiful.

Cons: Gets dirty really easily (like all LCDs) - make sure you get an LCD cleaner package or you can use 50/50 pure iso alchohol (you'll find a 90% mix at any pharmacy) and DISTILLED water. Spray that on a MICROFIBER cloth (I got my cloth cheap at officemax but you can use a really old t-shirt too - don't use anything else) and any oil lifts right off.

Overall Review: I had never heard of the company before this purchase. From what I can see the craftsmanship is exceptional- there are no defects whatsoever and the thing is *solid*. Buy this monitor!

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11/8/2007 7:44:16 AM

Pros: Seemed like a sturdy little thing.

Cons: Don't do anything to it that will wiggle it in the socket. The innards are VERY cheaply constructed. With regular use- non abusive;(as though the company would ever say it wasn't)it broke.

Overall Review: Get something that wont break for your money.

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Bad Fan6/29/2007 9:16:05 AM

Pros: Interfaces very well with the PC. Doesn't scratch.

Cons: Within a month the fan went bad. Got extremely loud. I sent it in and got it back (to the manufacturer) and two months later the new fan went bad. Looking at it, it's really cheap. Recommend avoidance.

Overall Review: Give me what I paid for, please.

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4/22/2007 2:09:26 PM

Pros: Simple, cheap hard drive

Cons: Haven't found any

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Like a sun at night3/15/2007 3:33:19 PM

Pros: Stylish as hell, simple, comes with a thick usb cord. Dead silent and seems to breathe well.

Cons: This thing is like a blue sodium lamp like the orange ones over parking garages. It is BRIGHT and kept me up at night until I disconnected that part.

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2/26/2007 7:57:22 AM

Pros: This thing is amazing for dorm use, and I would expect, any office setting. Nice and compact, my papers are printed in a flash and the performance beats my previous 10 inkjets hands-down.

Cons: If I had a "con" I would list it in a hurry. I have enough experience with bad printers to know what to expect.

Overall Review: I wish it worked perfectly for my girlfriend's mac. So far, all the tutorial sites that say you can use other drivers have failed.

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Watch out for the fan2/1/2007 8:43:06 PM

Pros: Nice solid case large hand compatible attractive

Cons: Fan went dead after a month. Keep your packaging!!

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6/30/2005 12:01:42 PM

Comments: Overrated reviews. This thing is *almost* as good as having just a plain table under it :P Not worth the money imo. Did come very very fast; I don't have *anything* bad to say about newegg.

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Effective and Efficiant6/30/2005 12:00:04 PM

Comments: Very decent for the price. The printer has a setting where it will turn on when it recieves a print job and turn off when done. Goes pretty fast. Also, has the rcy-b catridge system like the epsons. One thing I didnt notice, the paper feed can either be from the top or from the cartridge mounted underneath the output tray, with a switch for the two on the front.

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