Can't get all 4 sticks to work together at the same time5/30/2021 3:25:51 PM

Pros: Potential to be usable

Cons: Order 4 sticks but could only ever get 2 sticks to work at the same time. Didn't matter which 2 sticks. Some combinations would work together while other would. Or some combination would work in certain channels together but others wouldn't. I've never experience this before with any other memory. There's some inconsistency with the memory and I don't have the time or patience to figure out what magical combination between my 4 channels and the 4 sticks that are going to work together.

Overall Review: Would NOT recommend

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Is as advertised9/21/2017 7:21:28 PM

Pros: Fully enclosed Does what it's supposed to do

Cons: Ummm, it doesn't make me a sandwich?

Overall Review: Yes I would recommend this again. I had internal 2TB hard drive that I then wanted to relocate from my desktop to my wifi router. This enclosure made this possible. I now have a 2TB NAS drive on my network.

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Not ok but not great3/28/2013 1:35:28 PM

Pros: Comfortable, good battery life, good audio, wireless, rechargeable. I wore these at work for a week all day when I was sitting at my desk and they never hurt my ears. The audio was just as good as the ear-buds I had before.

Cons: Delay in the mic response. It's like the microphone is trying to help block background noise so when you're not talking it goes to sleep. So if you have a long pause, when you start speaking again the first couple of words are dropped because the microphone hasn't waken up yet. So the mic is kind of useless for fluid conversation.

Overall Review: If I just wanted just a rechargeable wireless headphone these preform the task. Unfortunately I'm returning these because I also need a microphone that works better.

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