Amazing Product, with a good product and only tiny cons9/25/2017 11:51:11 PM

Pros: -Great GPU for price; whereas other companies are offering GTX 1050 ti's, Acer is offering a GTX 1060 6 GB -2 storage drives -great cooling solution, with high-intensity fans for gaming -fairly lightweight for its mid-range price tag -IPS display panel (great viewing angles!) -gamer aesthetic not as extreme as most laptops

Cons: -extremely loud fans under load -Slight backlight bleed (maybe just for my model, but it's not really that distracting unless the screen is displaying purely black) -spongey keys -no optical drive :C -only one color backlight -bloatware (not nearly as bad as other brands, but annoying nonetheless) -bad initial storage management, make sure you tweak where things are saved before you start downloading programs!

Overall Review: Definitely would recommend this product to other people, at this price range this beats out ALL other competition for the components you are getting.

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