So far so good.6/5/2016 10:53:46 PM

Pros: Price & capacity. Perfect for an affordable, large, speedy game drive.

Cons: Newegg shipped this in an envelope.. Not a fan of that. Box was a little dinged up.

Overall Review: To the reviewer complaining about size and speed.. Hardware manufactures use the decimal system (1000). Operating systems use a binary system (1024). This drive is 960,000,000,000 decimal bytes, but divide by 1024/1024/1024 and you get 894GB by the time your OS allocates it. All drives are like this, since forever. Regarding speed, drive manufacturers advertise max speed, not average or sustained speed. Your speeds will vary based on many factors. I am getting 528/497 read/write with crystal on a 5 year old z68 board. Not bad for a budget drive on a dated controller.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Very Disappointing5/4/2013 9:12:03 PM

Pros: I can't find a pro..

Cons: See below..

Overall Review: I decided it was time to replace my Creative T3000 system after 7 years of use, they were quite beat up. I purchased these T3300's, expecting same-class performance, but NO, these are not even close to the T3000, which were the same retail price 7 years ago. I am no audiophile, but these sound downright lousy and I can't live with them. I could tell within a few seconds that these were going back. I have a hard time understanding all of these good reviews! I tried them through a Creative X-Fi Titanium and onboard Realtek ALC892, bad and bad. The build quality is also poor, very light, cheap plastic, very disposable. The shiny surface on one speakers came scuffed. Creative seems to be slipping. These speakers would make more sense at the $20 price point. If you are wanting quality sound at a budget, get some decent headphones. Headphones will always have better frequency ranges than computer speaker systems. If you spend the same amount on a quality set of headphones you will be blown away. If you want good desktop/entertainment system speakers, avoid these and spend more..

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Important fan control info!8/23/2011 4:28:42 PM

Pros: Great card (as you can see from my previous review)

Cons: Must install software of it will overheat (see other thoughts) Not a con, just something that is easy to overlook. I see people complaining about high fermi temps all over the internet, but I do not think most people realize that you need fan profiles..

Overall Review: MAKE SURE THAT YOU INSTALL EVGA PRECISION!! (or any fan controller) The fan will just stay at one speed and the card overheat if you do not. I typically just avoid all manufacturer drivers/programs and just install the NVIDIA drivers. In this case, that was a bad idea. I was getting high temps around 85C while gaming. I then relized that my fan was not adjusting. I installed EVGA Precision, and now the fan throttles properly. Temps now rarely go over 70C.

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So far so good...8/18/2011 12:57:42 AM

Pros: Appears to be a quality board and has been stable for several days of stress testing. Overclocked my 2500k to a modest 4.2ghz, with plenty of room to go. 8-phase power and high quality transistors are favorable.

Cons: I am docking this one egg for poor driver support. When trying to manually download the drivers from the MSI site, there is one cryptically labeled zip with no OS description. When I try to run setup, it says "does not support your version of Windows". I am running Windows7-64. At least they could tell you what it DOES work on. MSI Live update is VERY junky software. I tried to get the drivers, but it was impossibly slow and encountered many errors. I gave up and had to use some of the drivers off of the disk.. My BIOS temperatures are not correct. I used Real Temp and Coretemp, and their temps agreed with each other. The bios is about 10+ degrees warmer.

Overall Review: OC Genie seems pretty gimmicky and worthless, but I used it anyway. It simply sets the sandy bridge multiplier to a predetermined 42 (4.2ghz), it is not smart in any way. I could have set the multiplier in two clicks, but I just hit the OC Genie button instead.

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Buy these..8/18/2011 12:14:24 AM

Pros: I do not think you can beat the sound for the price. Freakishly good for under $40. I am not an audiophile but these are the best headphones I have heard. I thought they were better than my friend's $70 Seinnheiser set. Also, very comfortable, no pressure points.

Cons: These are HUGE and look ridiculous. Don't get these if you want to look cool. My girlfriend laughs at me when I wear them lol.

Overall Review: Headphones put out a wider range of sound than most speakers. If you want an improved gaming and music experience these are a steal! Be sure to mess with your audio drivers, they can greatly enhance the sound, particularly with headphones. I plugged mine in and thought they sounded great, but after tweaking my drivers I was slightly blow away.

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Update..8/14/2011 6:39:03 PM

Pros: I might be able to sell it to some fanboy because it has the Lian-Li name on it.

Cons: The panels are the cheapest junk plastic. They fall off. Do not carry this case with the panels on, they will break. This case is too weak to hold my build.. just carrying it has tweaked the case. I have to wiggle and bang the case to get the side panels back on. The tool-less aspect is mostly a gimmick. I did not use any of it, I like to secure my parts with real screws. I also noticed that after taking the protective wrapping off of the window, it is scratched in several places. In my other review I mentioned scratches and flaws on my front panel...

Overall Review: I wrote a review a couple of days ago, but I would like to drop it from 3 stars to 1. I have convinced myself that this case has so many good reviews because many of these people have little experience with cases. I have built somewhere around 30 computers in the last 12 years using every brand around, and this is the worst case experience I have had. Pure JUNK. I could rant for a half-hour about why this case is horrible. Way overpriced for the quality.

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Slightly under-impressed2/23/2010 5:45:55 AM

Pros: Stand is nice if, you need it. The gloss finish and overall look is nice.

Cons: Everything is just mediocre, the viewing angle, display quality, text visibility... all just sorta "OK". Not horrible, but I guess I was expecting better. I keep playing with the settings trying to make it better. I can't find any setting that makes me really happy. The menu is also very poorly designed and annoying to use.

Overall Review: I got this to upgrade my Chimei 22" (1680x1050) monitor that I have used since 2006. It really doesn't seem like an upgrade at all. My main beef is the 16:9 aspect ratio, which makes no sense to use on computer monitors to me (but it sadly seems to be the new trend). The width to height ratio is way too high. This is actually 1/8th inch smaller height wise compared to my old 22". I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, but I cannot get adjusted to it. I thought that a 1080 23.6" would be slightly taller than a 1050 22", even given the fact that is was 16:9, but no.. Newegg's measurement line in the picture is a little misleading, the viewing area itself is only 11.5" tall. For browsing and text work, this ratio is bad. Vertical comparison is better than horizontal comparison I need more height to view lines of code and stack windows. I also don't find it good for gaming, about the only thing 16:9 is good for is movies. Spend $100 more and get a 16:10 1920x1200 monitor!!

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Just what I needed!6/28/2009 7:26:20 PM

Pros: It works. Exactly what I needed. The length is great if you need to reach a nearby television.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I wanted to connect my 9800GT to my Sony Bravia so I could dual display and watch videos on it. My TV is about 7ft. from my computer desk, so this was perfect. Rosewill always seems to make the oddball stuff that I need... and the price is always excellent.

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Solid after 9 months - but runs hot.6/22/2009 7:09:35 PM

Pros: Overclocks easy, stable so far. Been running an e8400 at 3.8ghz for over 9 months. I was able to get above 4.0 stable but I wanted to leave the voltage alone.

Cons: Northbridge gets pretty warm even when not overclocked. It runs hotter than my CPU and easily climbs over 45C. If you use the ASUS pc probe the heat alarm starts going off after about 1 minute of gaming. It hasn't really been a problem though. From what I understand these just run warm.. My case has proper ventilation..

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Get fans with ball bearings....6/16/2009 7:00:47 PM

Pros: The LEDs are a bright vibrant blue that haven't faded.

Cons: Loud.. 3 out of the 3 I ordered have failures. These can't be 24dba. I have fans rated at 29dba and 32dba and these are louder. The motors seem very flaky. It is like they are fighting to spin. It looks like they aren't getting enough power but I tried them on a separate power supply and got the same results.

Overall Review: I wrote a review on these in 2008 saying they were decent but loud.. I have had them for about eight months now. ... I ordered three of these. One is dead, one is dying (it works only in pulses), and the other rattles loudly. Maybe I got a bad batch? I don't see how these have such high ratings. These are some of the worst running fans I have ever used. The Antec fans I am using that were about the same price are SUPERIOR to these fans. Avoid and get some ball bearing fans.

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Manufacturer Response:
You can do an RMA through us for the case fans to get an exchange on them if you are still under our warranty period. You can contact Apevia's customer service at or call at (909) 718-0789. We try to reply to all calls and e-mails as soon as we can.
It is decent6/12/2009 6:18:33 PM

Pros: Sleek simple look, small, quiet, sufficient ventilation. Build took well under an hour. There is a chamber under the drives to hide all the cables.

Cons: The reset button didn't make contact with the switch. I had to super glue some plastic to the back of the button to get it to work properly. Also it took some tweaking to get the hard drive to fit right. The screw holes didn't line up perfectly, so I had to bend the cage a little to get the hard drive to set lower. The fan runs into the hard drive power connector so I had to bend the fan a couple millimeters out of the way. This wasn't a big deal and was all easily fixed.

Overall Review: I used this for a budget build for a friend who didn't want a huge case. Overall its pretty cheap but I would buy it again for an HTPC or anyone else. It gets the job done in a small space, although it is pretty DEEP for a desktop case. Make sure it fits lengthwise where you are putting it. Its hard to find better microatx desktop cases for this price.

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Ok for the price but not great.6/12/2009 5:57:07 PM

Pros: The price. No dead pixels on arrival.

Cons: The screen bleed around the edges is pretty substantial.

Overall Review: I got this for a build for a friends mom. Its good but not great. The screen is bright but you can tell its a pretty cheap display. The screen bleed on the edges is very noticeable even on lighter backgrounds. If you don't use your computer for heavy duty gaming or graphics work then this would be fine for you. You kinda get what you pay for.. I personally prefer a higher end display.. There are differences.

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One of the most luxurious mice on the market,.2/28/2009 4:30:25 AM

Pros: I've had experience with every mouse on the market and this one is my personal favorite. I do a lot of flash work, graphics editing, and gaming.. I am on a computer well over 80 hours a week (work and play).. This mouse and I are like one.

Cons: Installing the software is pointless. Most people aren't use to the sensitivity and speed. Everyone who uses my computer is like "Geez! how can you use this mouse?"... It does take some getting use to for a newbie but once you get the hang of it you become an elitist.

Overall Review: The weights actually do make quite a difference.. I though I would prefer a heavy mouse but actually after some use I learned I don't like much weight at all. I only have 4 1.7g weights in the cartridge. I never take it off the 2000dpi setting.

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Loud loud..10/26/2008 10:52:45 PM

Pros: Moves air like crazy.. Very bright LEDs. Would be good for a hot case - If you can deal with the noise.

Cons: Loud.. I have to turn my TV up 3 more notches.. They are that loud.. Sounds like a microwave running on my desk.

Overall Review: I have 3 of these in an Antec 300 case. These fans are LOUD.. I purchased these based on the reviews of people saying they were quiet... These people must not know what they are talking about.. I've owned over 30 case fans over the years ranging from 80mm to 120mm, In many systems.. These are the loudest. I can hear my computer running several rooms away. They are so loud I am going to have to look for other alternatives.

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Highly recommended.10/22/2008 6:09:13 AM

Pros: Amazing clear sound. Takes some load off your CPU.

Cons: The software and drivers are way too large... Bloated feeling. They need to simplify and streamline their software.

Overall Review: I upgraded from on-board Realtek HD 8 channel audio.. I've had experience with Audigy and older SB 5.1 cards... The depth of the sound beats anything I've heard hands down. You don't need very fancy speakers either. Games and movies are simply amazing. I hear sounds I've never heard before. Tons of sounds and crystal clear. REGISTER your product and Creative usually has great support - At least better than most sound providers.

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Good psu10/16/2008 4:38:10 PM

Pros: Affordable, Brand name, Efficient, Plenty of steady power.

Cons: Ugly finish and horrid pink sticker. The cables arent loomed either.. Probably not the best choice if you have a windowed case.

Overall Review: Powers my rig: e8400@4.05ghz, 9800GT, 4GB ram, 3 harddrives (one is a velociraptor), 1 optical drive, X-fi Titanium, 5 case fans. The cables reached my P5Q board fine in an Antec 300 case.

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This board is a breeze.10/16/2008 12:03:07 AM

Pros: Too easy. This board was a pleasure to do a build with. Overclocked an e8400 to 4.05ghz stable. Stable on Vista64 with not one problem..

Cons: I am not a fan of where the power connectors are at.. But most boards have it located there anymore..

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Great cooler10/15/2008 11:53:30 PM

Pros: 34c idle 54c full load e8400 @ 4.05ghz (According to Asus PC probe II)

Cons: Pretty flimsy. The fins damage too easily but that doesn't effect how the product works.. Its also has a huge footprint.. make sure it will clear your board sinks. Barley cleared my P5Q.

Overall Review: I used Arctic Silver 5 instead of the Tuniq grease included.

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Worthy9/30/2008 9:13:46 PM

Pros: Finally another MMO worth playing. It really is well done and will get better with time.

Cons: You have to set through the intro screen and user agreement EVERY TIME you start the game.. What a horrid design flaw. Hopefully they will patch this out.

Overall Review: I've played WoW for 4 years.. I have done everything and started to get really bored.. I needed something new and this is it.. Done with WoW for now. Its quite refreshing. If you are still into WoW then just stick to it for now.

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Fantastic mouse.. one of the best.9/26/2008 6:46:59 PM

Pros: One of the best mice on the market..

Cons: The black paint on the Logitech logo wore off within a year... maybe they have upgraded since I got mine?

Overall Review: I've had mine for about 3 years. It has survived thousands of hours of gaming. I have no intentions of getting a new mouse anytime soon. When I use other mice it reminds me of how nice this mouse is. You can't go wrong.

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Nice laptop for the price.5/18/2008 1:10:58 PM

Pros: Awesome laptop for the cash. Runs 95% better if you install your own OS and add another GB of ram.

Cons: Needs more ram. Both ram slots are full. No external volume control. Buttons are not very firm.

Overall Review: I installed my own OEM version of Vista Home Premium with the laptop's key. It runs WAY faster than HP's bloated Vista. Whatever you do... Install your own OS! I also upgraded it to 2BG of ram later. That made it run even faster. 1GB is not enough for Vista unless all you do is browse the internet. Its only costs $40 for 2gb of this ram.. You must upgrade. It plays Wow at about 35fps on medium/low settings. Not great but its playable. I see everyone talking about the hinges and the LCD being crooked in previous reviews. I am not sure what they are talking about unless compaq has fixed this problem. My LCD is straight and the hinges are solid.

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Perfect4/27/2007 11:37:56 AM

Pros: Quiet, Looks nice (the paint is shiney black chrome), casts a nice deep blue behind my case, the cables are wrapped.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: Feeds my system - 5600+, 2GB ram, 8800GTS, 2 Sata hdd's, 1 optical drive, 3 120mm system fans.

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Good stuff4/27/2007 11:25:39 AM

Pros: Great price/performance ratio 4-4-4-12 800 at 1.9v. Passed all stress tests and memtest.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Scores 5.9 on Vista. The heat spreaders are different from the picture. They look better than the pic. They are chromey blue with a shiney logo and stripe. Booted as 5-5-5..

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Great4/27/2007 11:03:23 AM

Pros: Solid, easy install, nice bios, overclockable, great price/performance ratio, looks good, Vista found all the drivers.

Cons: none

Overall Review: The onboard HD audio is the best onboard I have ever heard. There is really no need for a fancy soundcard. EVGA is new to motherboards but this is a quality product.

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Won't fit in my 3.54/27/2007 10:13:51 AM

Pros: Good too fill an empty 3.5 bay. If it will fit.

Cons: Will not fit in my CoolerMaster Centurion 534. The casing is slightly wider in the rear than a floppy drive. The whole case in as wide as the front bezel.

Overall Review: Otherwise it seems to do what it is suppose to.

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