My terrible experience with Newegg3/5/2013 10:07:33 AM

Pros: No idea, never opened it. I guess it looks good on paper.

Cons: The 3000 character limit here may not be enough for me to verbalize how much Newegg did me over me with this motherboard. I received this board, did NOT OPEN IT from its bag, and realized that in my last-minute decision to upgrade my processor, I neglected to check the socket again. Honest mistake, I submitted a trouble ticket to have it RMAd, expecting and willing to pay the restocking fee: "I have not used the motherboard at all - the box itself is not open. Is it possible to get a refund? I am willing to pay shipping and restocking fee." -trouble ticket submitted 1/05/13 Newegg offerred to waive the fee since the box wasn't opened. I wish just charged me the stupid 15% or whatever, because of what happened next: Newegg received the board, states that the pins in the motherboard have been bent, and can therefore not issue a refund. A $220 board which I did not take from the box cannot be returned now. I have tried reasoning with them, cited the $5k+ that I have spent with this company, and pleaded them to do it the easy way, without a credit card dispute. To this day, I have this motherboard with bent pins and I don't know what to do with it. Now before you go and say this isn't MSIs fault and the board is not faulty, I will have you know that MSI has been unresponsive to the multiple emails that I have sent them, offering to PAY THEM to repair the board, not even accept it for a refund. Overall horrible service from Newegg - I will not buying from them again. You read these horror stories and think "oh, that's probably inept.. won't happen to me." I thought the same, it really happens.. companies screw people. And after stating that I will file a credit card dispute, they reply: "Please kindly note that we will not be able to serve this account anymore if there is a chargeback or dispute." Well guess what? I don't care - your website has marginally better prices than Tdirect and dealing with this nonsense made up my mind very quickly about which site is more reliable. I've been telling this story to many of my tech friends.. hopefully the more it gets out there, the more cautious people will be to work with Newegg.

Overall Review: Never even opened the board =\

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear bklynleon, We apologize for the issues you experienced with this board. We can replace the board for you. However, there will be a $45 fee since Newegg verified there were bent socket pins. Please contact us at so we can assist you further. Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Incredibly Amazing Case11/5/2012 6:16:04 PM

Pros: It's big. It holds all of my components, a ton of fans, and has room for a ton of extra drives. Nearly every single fan slot comes with rubber grommets to cancel vibration noises, and the rubber grommets around the board keep things very neat and tidy. Incredible build quality all-around gives this case a 5-star applause. Some minor details that push this case to the 5 stars: Rubber feet, HDD drives have holes to mount 2.5" SSDs, bulging case covers allow for extra wire-room in the back, thumb screws stay mounted, exhaust fan holes up top are really thought-out, etc... There's really too many awesome details to name them all - watch the Newegg video review and you'll get a very good picture.

Cons: The Newegg video LIES about the video card they insert into the case. The video states that the card pictured is 12" and it is shown not even reaching the rubber grommets. That is an outright lie. In no way, shape, or form is that video card 12" long. A 12" ruler inserted into the case reaches all the way to the middle of those rubber grommets - less than an inch away from the hard-drive enclosures. This means that if you have a 13" card (unlikely, I know), you will need to take out the hard-drive enclosure. I'm not docking an egg for this because it's entirely Newegg's fault for lying about the size. For a case that could accommodate so many fans, I was disappointed that it didn't come with a 3-pin splitter like many similar cases do. The main (big) exhaust fan is also severely underpowered and isn't reported anywhere in the tech specs - I had to ask Corsair support directly. It's 37.93 CFM at 21dba. I have 120mm fans that cost $2 each that put out 44CFM at 19dba. A 200mm fan should be at LEAST 100CFM. The included 120mm fans are 36.44 CFM at 21dba, which also isn't stellar, but at least acceptable. That same exhaust fan has a power-cord that's a few inches short of comfortable. Lastly, the front I/O panel is a little unreasonable. Props for having USB 3.0 and a fan controller, but the fan controller is a little cheap. Plus, I could be wrong, but I think that an eSata port could be more beneficial up there than a firewire. Minor detail, but the mesh grill on the top for the exhaust fans means I can't rest my knee on the case while digging around in the wires behind it. Totally my problem, but worth a mention for those out there like myself.

Overall Review: Corsair refers to the big side-fan as an exhaust fan, but it was shipped mounted as an intake fan. Not sure if this is an error, but let it be known that it does not have a dust filter, and therefore not as suitable for intake as the other mountable fans are. The front two LED fans and the bottom-mountable fan all should be for intake, given the dust filters, and if you choose to mount two on top, they should be exhaust. This creates a little too much intake, which the CPU fan can rectify. The exhaust fan will therefore unbalance the airflow by creating either too much intake or too much exhaust. Still scratching my head over this one. Either way, I think that the lack of a dust filter will push me to flip it to use it as exhaust. Kinda most upset about the 3-pin splitters not being included. That's an additional ~$10 to be added to the cost. I'm probably going to end up replacing the large exhaust fan with another 200mm fan, simply because 38CFM at 21dba for a fan that large is just unacceptable. A quick Google search will reveal that fans in that size should be 100+CFM.

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Simply died10/10/2012 8:27:25 PM

Pros: It was very fast while it was working.

Cons: Two months into building a new computer and using it VERY lightly (we're talking Skype being the most CPU-intensive task), the computer just stopped booting. I suspected many things, but not a SSD burning out - never even thought that that was possible. The BIOS even just stopped recognizing the drive and doesn't see it anymore, as though it doesn't exist. Nonsense product - I want my money back.

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Manufacturer Response:
We aplogize for the problem. Please visit the link below and create a support ticket to contact our staff. We will be happy to assist you with an RMA for a replacement drive, and suggest setup procedures to insure long term reliability. We care about our customers and want you to be happy with your purchase. Thank you
External Link(s):
OCZ Support Page
runs HOT7/25/2011 12:22:58 PM

Pros: It's small. It is like 60-70% of the size of my 9800GTX. Runs Crysis 1 on max settings at 1280x1024 at ~45 FPS

Cons: Runs REALLLYYY hot. With fan at max temperature, I'm getting >80 degrees. Just bought two fans to mod the bottom of my case to provide more airflow into the gpu fan and I hope that fixes my temperature issues, but it's unacceptably hot right now. I feel uncomfortable playing anything with temps that high and I wouldn't dare OC like this.

Overall Review: 4 display ports is nice. My first Zotac card - never even heard of this company before. Overall, I like it. Maybe a 6850 would be a better value, though.

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Great processor for the price7/25/2011 12:19:02 PM

Pros: It's fast and manages everything just fine. Runs under 40 degrees at full load with my H50 cooler.

Cons: Uneven core load?? I had an X2 6400+ that worked beautifully and I rarely saw core load unevenly distributed. On this processor, cores 1 and 4 seem to take on most of the load and I never seem to go above 50% total load when playing Witcher 2. Still need to check out the results with Crysis and Crysis 2.

Overall Review: Worth the money. Can't unlock any more cores unfortunately, but I wasn't going for that when I bought it anyway.

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Best Motherboard Yet!7/25/2011 11:55:54 AM

Pros: Really great board for the price. Onboard SPDIF out and 1gbps ethernet. I guess things like this are standard on today's boards but not for this price. I am a MAJOR fan of this EPU thing. I didn't even know the board had something like this but check it out - when the computer goes to sleep, the motherboard shuts down everything on the computer. It literally consumes 1 Watt of energy according to my kill-a-watt meter. Then, as soon as you hit a button on the keyboard, the thing springs back to life exactly as you left it. AMAZING! 1600mhz RAM standard - very nice VERY easy OCing

Cons: Only one video card slot but you can't ask for everything... This board will NOT support 16gb of RAM no matter WHAT. Even the manual that comes with it doesn't have a 16gb setup listed anywhere on it. I'd knock an egg off, but alas I'm only using 4gb.

Overall Review: Ordered an open-box board first. Biggest mistake ever - never order that s***. Came without anything - not even an I/O shield. One of the RAM slots was also destroyed as though someone slashed it with a knife. Only uses 6 screws to hold down. Seems a little flimsy on the back end - be careful when connecting the power adapter.

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