Good, cheap, and whines.9/18/2020 8:11:39 AM

Pros: I threw this in a rebuild for a b350. It works, it has rubberized mounts , I'm mostly impressed .

Cons: The RGB doesn't seem to work correctly, but I suspect this is a motherboard software issue. Despite the rubber mounting points, the thing seems to whine and complain under load. For a pretty silent overall build, this fan might get replaced in the current system.

Overall Review: If you don't mind a little noise from a fan, it's a solid 8/10.

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Cheap cases have come a loooong way9/18/2020 8:07:06 AM

Pros: Everything was pretty good for a budget case. It felt sturdy, the fan is pretty decent. It came apart and went together easily . Cable management was good too!

Cons: Mostly mounting. Pci blanks are not replaceable. So if you remove the wrong one, or don't need a card anymore that slot will always have a hole. The 2.5 drive install is not a good design. The optical drive is a little weird in how it doesn't really fit flush. Front ports. There are blanks without ports, but also the USB 3 headers also run a 2.x header. If I use just the 3 headers, one front ports works. If I run both, neither works.

Overall Review: Cheap cases used to cut so many corners, you were nearly forced to spend more either on a better case, or upgrades to make them serviceable. But if it's a build it and forget it build, it's hard to argue with the price.

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Better than the price suggests6/27/2012 8:19:18 AM

Pros: Great sound. Good range, good voice (not tinny / muddy). You can spend alot more and get something just as good. These sound better than the Dre Beats (too much base, muddled) with minor tweaking in my sound profiles (EQ) in Windows 7). With Background noise cancellation turned on, my recorded audio sounds professional from the microphone. These also look great and look like they cost more than they do. The leather cushioned headband looks and feels sturdy as well. The chord feels sturdy

Cons: Occasionally if I grab or move the cable just right I hear a faint thud in the audio (Typical of cheaper headphones, but this is rare and very minute). Its not enough to really even register and is surprisingly good for price. (microphonics) The volume control is upside down on the cable. It runs vertical, but up reduces volume and down increases. Its a small gripe, but it is weird when I reach to make an adjustment for a movie or game with a sudden volume change and it does the opposite of what common sense tells me it should do. Between these two minor cons I would deduct a half egg...

Overall Review: Sadly, it looks like these sold out too. If they come back buy a set. For the price you really aren't going to find anything this good and well rounded.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Good for the money12/8/2011 9:31:01 PM

Pros: Decent sound, decent base for such a small sub. Price makes this a great buy.

Cons: Sound is a little muddy, and the volume control feels cheap and uncertain. I am never sure how much I have increased the volume from how much I have spun the dial, and there is no feedback, it feels like the dial is loose. Everything works, and the sound is good for the price if you care about getting that little bit of base. However, if you want a richer sound and can spare the base, look at Logitech's 2.0 speakers for the same price, many of them have a better sound but without the base.

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Odd issues12/8/2011 9:26:09 PM

Pros: It works great, when it works. Fast swapping, secure fit and a nice release mechanism. The best caddy you can get for the money IMO.

Cons: I bought two of these, and they both failed withing two weeks. One of them worked once to zero a drive, and then never detected another drive. Then the second had the blue LED go out, and some other little problems. Newegg RMAd them both and I have had no further issue. I am chalking this up to bad luck, as we have 3 more of the Blacx Duet and have zero issues over the last couple years with those.

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Great12/8/2011 9:22:01 PM

Pros: Easy to use, fast to swap drives in and out. I use this to image drives and test drives daily, and it has never let me down. It seems to be one of the better caddys we have found at any price, and for ~$40 its a great deal

Cons: Even the newer Intel chipsets don't support multiple drives through the eSATA on these, so if you plan on using eSATA and this caddy, check your motherboards compatibility. This is a chipset problem, not a problem with this device.

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Great4/6/2011 5:57:30 AM

Pros: This is not my first go with Win 7, but I thought another review was in order. Pros? Its Windows, its NT 6.1, its the smoothest operating, fastest (as in productivity) Operating system to date.

Cons: The versioning (Home, Pro, Ultimate, Business) is a little too much for the average consumer.

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A very good case, with room for improvement4/6/2011 5:51:36 AM

Pros: A solid, sturdy case. It looks very good with the LED fans and top vent. My MSI motherboard has a Blue LED to compliment the Fans and the setup looks great! The tool less set up works great for the most part, and the seamless optical bay is a great touch too.

Cons: Expected and OK: Only room for 4 hard drives PCIe and PCI slots are tool less, and the cards wiggle a little too freely. Nothing has come out, but to connect the monitors to my Graphics card I had to hold the card into place. The fans on the side are not built well, as they click against something when they spin

Overall Review: For the money, this is an outstanding case. I can find no reason not to buy this case again (Unless more hard drives are needed).

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Awesome11/30/2009 11:21:34 AM

Pros: Best feeling keys for office use, great mouse. You cannot beat this keyboard for the price.

Cons: For the price, none.

Overall Review: I gave this keyboard to client, and I miss it dearly. I bought a Logitech to replace it, and I like the back button on the mouse of the Logitech. Otherwise I would buy this again. I steered away from this one because of the reviews here and a moment of concern over the reliability others have noted. I had this keyboard under heavy use (2-10 hours a day) and never had a problem.

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Amazing board11/23/2009 9:50:46 PM

Pros: One of the most solid boards I have had the pleasure of fastening to a chasis. It just felt right, capacitors well placed for any mobo, especially one this size. Everything you could want from a full ATX board is here, minus some PCI slots of course.

Cons: What a dumb idea to not include 2 PS/2 ports. I like PS/2, alot of users carry over their old reliable keyboards and mice. ASUS needs to include that second port, thats my only gripe and it cost the board an egg.

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3/5/2009 11:30:06 PM

Pros: If you are looking for a larger MP3 player, then it simply doesn't get any better. More ergonomic than that Apple product the world seems to love all too much. The Zune software is faster than iTunes, and in fact should replace everyones default media player even if they do not own a Zune. Great sound, UI, free games... the list of great features is nearly limitless.

Cons: Its big, but thats half the reason to buy it. Its like carrying a small TV with you everywhere you go.

Overall Review: Just buy it!

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Budget... this fast?1/12/2008 8:18:07 AM

Pros: Fast, fast, fast! And cheap. I bought this CPU, a mobo and 2GB of RAM as an emergency replacement for a socket 939 system that died. For what I spent on all these components, I did not expect the performance gain in day to day activities to be so much. Great CPU!

Cons: I was too cheap to buy an even better CPU is the only con here.

Overall Review: Now is definitely the time to move to Dual Core.

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Great deal1/12/2008 8:12:52 AM

Pros: Rock solid and fast on my GIGABYTE GA-M61P-S3

Cons: none for me yet

Overall Review: For the price, there is no reason to not buy this RAM

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Couldn't be more surprised1/12/2008 8:10:44 AM

Pros: It works, and it works great. No problems with x2 4000, 2GB G Skill #cas 5.

Cons: Only one EIDE channel

Overall Review: I had stayed away from Gigabyte for years, after having many problems with Gforce2 and older VIA chipsets I swore I would lump Gigabyte with PC Chips and never buy again. Until I saw this boards reviews. For the price I felt I could do no wrong, and bought it as an emergency replacement for a dead 939 system. The only problem encountered was a Windows problem, where it had problems with the old SATA drivers. After re-installing Vista Ultimate x64, have had rock solid performance and have seen great performance in all my day to day activities. It also overclocks well from just my basic MHz bumps, nothing serious yet.

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