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Didn't work out of the box4/11/2020 11:30:52 AM

Pros: After 4 hours fighting with it got it working. Now that it's working it works great.

Cons: Didn't work out of the box. All ports were disabled had to reset it and then buy a cable to access the terminal port in back and set it up through terminal to get it working.

Overall Review: It worked but required more work thank I wanted to put in.

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First drive failed after 10 months12/14/2016 5:46:21 PM

Pros: -Cheap -Didn't have any bad drives out of the bag.

Cons: -First drive failed after about 10 months, I thought it was just a loss cable from moving the computer but drive failed again a few weeks later and had to pull it out and replace it. Luck for me it was in raid so as long as the other drive doesn't fail before the raid rebuilds I should be ok.

Overall Review: I would not recommend this drive for anything mission critical. (Or really any data storage unless you have good backups or a RAID 1 or 10)

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Cheap case9/23/2014 2:45:11 PM

Pros: Cheap, decent amount of room and front usb 3.0 port

Cons: Feels very flimsy and there was no motherboard screw hole for the front edge of my motherboard (asus z87-plus) so had to to be careful plugging in the main power cord. I started having problems with the computer randomly shutting down after about a week. Finally figured out the power switch on the case was bad so was causing random shutdowns. If you need a really cheap case and don't mind a few problems this one will work. The front LED power light is really bright which is a slight annoyance since I am using this as a media center pc in the living room.

Overall Review: Might have been better off getting a slightly more expensive case.

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Works5/21/2012 2:30:27 PM

Pros: I have 3 of these at my church and have had only one problem with them (see cons). Overall they work well and have given me no problems.

Cons: Had issues with one and discovered that these do not work at 75hz refresh rate. Set the computer to 60 hz and that fixed the problem of having no signal out of the splitter. It would be nice if it said the refresh rate they can handle on the box.

Overall Review: Wish it came with a cable so I didn't have to buy a male to female cable but for the price can't complain.

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Had to RMA one Stick1/30/2012 7:44:49 AM

Pros: Worked well for 6 months and is really fast when it worked.

Cons: One stick failed after 6 months the motherboard started seeing it as a 2Gb stick instead of 4. I sent it in for RMA thru gskill and after not hearing anything from them for 3 weeks and not having my RAM back I sent them an email asking where it was they told me it had been shipped a week and a half earlier and gave me a tracking number. When I looked up the tracking number it actually showed that it had been issued a week and a half ago but didn't leave there warehouse until the day after I sent them and email. (It took them 3 days to tell me what the tracking number was). I did receive my memory a month after I sent it to them. Just remember if you send it in for RMA make sure to keep bugging them or they will just forget to send it back.

Overall Review: Over all good memory and would buy more since this is the first stick from them I have had fail.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. We are sorry to hear one module has gone bad causing problems. Overall turn around time should be very quick, so it is odd your case took so long. It was surely a one time delay, so any future correspondence should be much quicker. Our goal is to have the RMA returned to you as soon as possible so your computer can be back up to full speed in no time. For any further questions or issues, please feel free to contact us directly and we will be glad to assist you. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
No SLI7/13/2011 6:05:32 PM

Pros: I have 2 of these cards and they are very fast using solidworks 2011, I got them to let me run 4 monitors for drafting and design work.

Cons: They don't do conventional SLI they can only do multi-OS SLI which is one card per OS and requires some other expensive software and doesn't help with running things any faster.

Overall Review: Would be nice if SLI worked just so I could see what these cards could do. Since I am running 4 monitors the lack of SLI isn't a big deal. Adding a second card did increase my WEI for graphics from 7.3 to 7.4 incase anyone cares.

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