VERY MISLEADING SPECS (part 2)12/23/2008 6:00:52 PM

Pros: see previous review

Cons: forgot to mention in my last review--in regards to what I said about this motherboard only supporting 2 processors out of the whole 5400 series: This information was confirmed after being on the phone with ASUS customer support for an hour or two. The tech even directed me to a compatibility list on the ASUS website (a list which can only be found after much digging btw), which showed plain as day that only two processors of the 5400 series were supported and mine was not one of them (I have the harpertown 5410)

Overall Review: My purchase was made in June of 2008. It was returned within a week because of these problems. As I was writing this review just now, I looked up the compatibility list on the ASUS website, and it would appear that they have since updated it to include the rest of the 5400 series, so perhaps they have finally fixed this problem??'s hard to say. My final advice is just to use caution if/when purchasing this.

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not so sure about this one12/16/2008 8:52:12 AM

Pros: i like the idea of reviving my old hard drive from my dead laptop, and for the price, it's not a huge commitment

Cons: my drive didn't work--although i don't know if it's just my drive or not. also, it was a pain in the but to get the darn thing in--i have no idea how they (the enclosure company) had the end piece on in the first place as there is a cylindrical part on the chip area (sorry, i don't know the technical terms in this scenario) that i practically had to bend to get it back in the case, and then the plastic end of it came off as i was trying to do this--however it did not come off out of force...rather it came off very slowly due to a poor glue job.

Overall Review: get what you pay for? (i guess) :-/

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so glad i bought this!12/16/2008 8:32:36 AM

Pros: first of all, it supports a full sized server motherboard! :D it was the only "stylish" case I could find that supported such a motherboard (at least without going over the deep end in price)--and moreover it supports the Xeon 5400 series!! This is totally a selling point; these are processors that need to attach to the chassis, and this case allows that! other perks: plenty of fans, blue led effects (and if you get sick of blue, all the fans are easy to change out), temperature gauges--one for CPU and one HDD (although ultimately, you can make it monitor any hardware), external fan control using 2 knobs (1 for air going in, 1 for air going out), LOTS OF ROOM, expansion cababilities galore, screwless hardware system makes intallation quick and easy, extra usb 2 ports and firewire on front and top of chassis, extra audio ports on top, very easy to get in and out of chassis, optional lock feature (to keep others from stealing hardware?) may be useful to some (i have no need for it lo

Cons: apevia led logo may not appeal to some, but I don't find it too intrusive, or "loud" so-to-speak, and you can always unplug it

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Pros: I was unable to find out the pros--the reason for which is explained in the cons--however, under other circumstances, this motherboard might have been nice

Cons: XEON PROCESSOR OWNERS BEWARE! The manual - and the description on this site when I bought it - claims that this motherboard supports the Xeon 5400 series, when in fact IT DOES NOT SUPPORT THE WHOLE SERIES; it only supports two processors from the 5400 series (unfortunately, I can't remember which ones off the top of my head). I had a harpertown 5410, and after much suffering, I ended up having to return the motherboard AND my case (the case would be too small for the new compatible motherboard)

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pretty led12/16/2008 7:59:48 AM

Pros: the led was very pretty; case wasn't too heavy

Cons: not much room; only fits an atx/mini atx with LOTS of effort, and then you have to bend part of the chassis to get the drives to fit. I ended up returning this to newegg as the motherboard that I originally got was not compatible with my processor, and the new motherboard was too big to fit, even if I tried.

Overall Review: Bottom line: if you are building any sort of workstation, I would recommend staying away from this chassis. However, if you are building a simple desktop, it's a good case.

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not a bad deal12/16/2008 7:49:07 AM

Pros: blue led is a nice added touch, lots of juice to go around, lots of cables

Cons: though it has lots of plugs and cables, it could use more to power more/various other hardware (at least in my case, but I have an 8-core workstation); does not have an 8-pin cable which is essential for certain workstation/server setups (fortunately I was able to find some converting cables and create my own 8-pin cable); could use a better way of keeping all those wires tidy

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no problems yet12/16/2008 7:39:01 AM

Pros: works good, decent price

Cons: no cons yet

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