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Very good suction6/25/2020 12:06:29 AM

Pros: Very good suction, power compared to size is unbeatable Comes with a good assortment of attachments recharge time is also very good

Cons: Because of the power and suction, the battery doesnt last a very long time Since it has so many filters it tends to shutdown when it cannot breathe I have to clean this vacuum often, with high pressure air, just emptying the debris storage on the unit is not enough, it likes to breathe freely

Overall Review: Very good option for cordless and power If you dont mind cleaning it often, past the dumping of the container

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Price is unmatched for the power6/24/2020 11:58:44 PM

Pros: Pros: Power, runs with the big names, don't understand the bad reviews of noise, this unit is barely heard over my other 6 fans, two on the radiator, 8 total. Price also keeps me from giving it anything less than 5 eggs

Cons: Cons: Not completely modular, 3 permanent motherboard cables, very heavy, doesn't accept a regular universal pc plug, has its own special power cord, nothing I cannot get past

Overall Review: Over clocked AMD 9 CPU Over clocked 3200 Ram 4 sticks of 8GB Over clocked 5700 XT triple fans Auros Master mother board NXT radiator CPU cooling unit with two fans and pump 3 very large chassis fans for a total of 8 fans in a Thor case Power supply doesnt flinch or wine

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Great sound12/1/2017 1:10:18 PM

Pros: Tall, over couch, so no blocking front speaker sound, big sound from music, cinema/sports, gaming They are 8 ohms which mean they will take some power to get them going Catching it on the cyber sale makes these a must buy for music/big cinema/gaming lovers Great cost to performance ratio, hard to beat once I listened to them

Cons: Tweeter doesn't like EQ high range set too far up the DB range, couple of notches down will solve it nothing so far can take a egg away from these I did pair these with a high wattage Denon, they definitely need power to get the best performance, not for weak receivers

Overall Review: They are loud speakers so they will try to play bass too, if you have a sub woofer, you will get the best performance out of these if you have a receiver that allows you to make corrections for where you want these to perform at, mid range sound and not sub woofer

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Excellent for size12/1/2017 12:56:55 PM

Pros: Price to performance is excellent, once you adjust its main settings to your room, and adjust them again at the receiver your good to go, fills any family room size with cinema bass, music bass, and gaming bass that you need, I use a Denon receiver that allows you to fine tune each speaker separately so you can make this guy sound great and the range where he supposed to perform, paired him with 2 Polk tower speakers front left/right, I like that it turns itself off and on with the signal, where I have it placed, would be a pain to have to reach down past my couch to flick the power switch on, automatic is in these days

Cons: Didn't come with a input cord, just a power cord, might be petty, but you should include this with a sub, it only allows Y adapter connections so why not include a starter cord--it fires down which is not bad, but depending on what your floor is made out of, it will enhance or degrade the performance, wood floors are ideal or a hard surface for it to set on--Longer power cord too would help

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend it, cons are just the things I would call a con, but definitely not worth a egg less than five, well made

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Decent monitor2/18/2011 1:55:07 PM

Pros: Good picture quality, bang for the buck is very worth the purchase. Would recommend, if your not wanting to spend 250-300 on one.

Cons: Right hand controls are wierd. No information on how or what, you have to play with them to find out how to use them. Had to bend the mount to get it to sit the way I wanted. Driver installation is more in depth than normal, but once done its done.

Overall Review: Excellent monitor, no issues that would have caused me to rate it poorly, except one egg for the none adjusting stand and the weird controls.

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