Put these in my Lenovo Laptop7/11/2021 10:54:48 PM

Pros: I put these in my Lenovo Y740 Laptop which came with 16 GB of RAM. The brand and an extra 16 GB of RAM made it only run a little faster but EVERYTHING just runs a lot SMOOTHER than it did before. Cost me $120 but I consider it worth it as SMOOTH as it is running now.

Cons: NONE, except if LENOVO had put 16 GB in one slot and left the second one empty then I would have ONLY had to buy one instead of TWO sticks.

Overall Review: Its' smooooth NOW. The brand and an extra 16 GB of RAM made it run only a little faster but EVERYTHING just runs a lot SMOOTHER than it did before.

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Great & American Made Too7/8/2019 9:54:16 PM

Pros: The quality and sound are top of the line. They come with a very nice case and an adapter to plug into your PC. For the normal (old style) mic and PC sound output. So you can use them as standard headset, and they are great for gaming too. The shape is a little odd. The bud portion goes into you your ear at an angle which is really how our ear canal actually is. However, the angle is a little too steep, but I got used to them with no problem. I have a VERY expensive earbud set by Sennheiser (type w/no mic), which also have this angle but the angle is not so extreme as on the Nixeus. Bottom line: I love them BUT I got them on sale for $9.95, so I bought two pair of them. I use one on my smartphone and the second one on a new Dell 2-in-1 laptop, that has the single (combo) 3.5 plug like a normal smartphone had. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - UPDATE: I now use one of these as my GAMING HEADSET, so I am looking at buying a THIRD set. ALL regular gaming headsets are large and heavy, and really wears on you after 6-8 hours of gaming. I have gamed with these for as long as 12 hours. Most of the time I do NOT even notice that they are there. No one has complained that they have a problem hearing me, so they really DO GOOD as a gaming headset.

Cons: The angle on the earbud is a "little" steep, but I got used to them... One reviewer complained that they hurt when he tried laying on them, that could be very true, but they SHINE as a headset for everything else: music, smartphone use, and even gaming (see above comment).

Overall Review: Before I bought these I researched the company because I had never heard of them. They are an American company committed to HIGH QUALITY. They make other electronic devices such as monitors, keyboards and mice. I read quite a few reviews on their products and the reviews were all 5's and 4's.

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Could be FIVE STARS but Disappointed!! :-(1/18/2019 2:43:08 PM

Pros: GREAT PHONE, the features and ease of use are OUTSTANDING. The phone itself deserve FIVE STARS. The camera is one of the best in the business. I saw a movie that was made with the PIXEL alone. Display: AMOLED 4k 5.5" screen. Sound: I use Bluetooth so speakers don't matter that much, but sound quality is very good even though you only have one external speaker. Storage: There IS a problem with only 32 GB memory storage, and NO SD slot!. (see CONS) Camera: I am a long time photographer, so I really appreciated this camera. However, sadly I have to return it. (see CONS) Software: is great, it comes with Google Assistant built in. I never used it before and did not use it a lot NOW, because I did not take the time to learn it, but I believe it will a great added feature. You will also want to add "Android Auto" (think it is by Google, they recommended it). Watch a video of it. You can use it as a dashboard GPS, that also gives you hands free phone, AND hands free music, hands free texting, and MORE... It is simply an amazing program/app that can DO IT ALL while driving. I bought the Pixel so I could do MORE than I have been doing, like my kids and grand-kids are ALWAYS DOING. I have seen them do LOTS of amazing things with their smartphone, and this Pixel can do ANYTHING, even play AAA games. I bought this FROM Abe's of Main (NJ) through Newegg, if you do not know them they have been around for a LONG TIME 35 years long time. They are one of the best of those you could find selling cameras, and now electronics. I bought stuff from them 30+ years ago.

Cons: My First CON will apply to almost everyone: 32 GB memory STORAGE it NOT ENOUGH. The system was using 8.5 GB when I got it, but then it updated to Android 9.0 PIE. Now the system is using almost 10 GB!! Therefore, there is ONLY 22 GB of storage remaining, and it has NO SD memory slot. I believe that for 70% of the people 32 GB would NOT BE ENOUGH, considering the system is using 10 GB of the STORAGE. The MAIN reason for returning it though is that I CAN NOT get it to activate with my carrier, Tracfone. My wife and I have been using Tracfone for 15+ years. My wife mostly only does SMS texting and I a little of everything. We have gotten by for $250 a year, TOTAL for the two of us. If I go with any other carrier it would cost a MINIMUM of $600 MORE per year. I do not think ANY PHONE SYSTEM is worth more than $400-$500 per year ($40 per month x 12 = $480).

Overall Review: IF I could have gotten it to activate with Tracfone I would KEEP IT, with no regrets. And later on IF I decide to go with a different carrier I will PROBABLE buy the same "Google Pixel XL" with 64 or 128 GB of memory storage. I know one company that if you are over 55 you can get a 2 line, unlimited plan for $70 per month or $840 a year, but like I said that's "$600 MORE" per year than I am spending now. It's not that I am cheap but more it is not worth $840 a year, when we do not use it that much?

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Refurbished - Like NEW9/26/2016 11:44:44 AM

Pros: Well, so far I have had NO problems with this 'REFURBISHED' handy-dandy Logitech keyboard. I got it on 12-28-15 so I have been using it for over two weeks now, and I use it everyday! I use it with a new Lenovo tablet Tab 2 A8-50 8", and two smartphones. *** *** UPDATE: Now NINE months later it is STILL working GREAT. *** *** * I plan on buying another one soon, since they are ONLY $14.99 now. * * The reviews that say this keyboard is heavy and that the keys are noisy * * must be comparing it with other portable BT keyboards? So I will too. * * I have 4 other mini BT keyboards that are smaller, lighter and silent. BUT * * they all have some missing features, like NO F-keys, no DEL, etc. I have an * * 8" Windows tablet that I love. Been using Windows and DOS 25+ years, so * * I know all of the keyboard short-cuts. MANY do NOT work on any of the * * other FOUR keyboards! Plus key spacing is almost NORMAL, so its easy to * * use. THIS is the only one out of 5 keyboards that has ALL of the NORMAL * * features of a normal keyboard (except a number pad). And I NEVER notice* * the noise or the weight? I plan on ordering another one soon at $!4.99 * *** *** UPDATE: Now NINE months later it is STILL working GREAT. *** *** I use this keyboard for writing and browsing on a Lenovo tablet but I also tried using it with a Windows smartphone and and Android smartphone. I had NO problems connecting to any of them. One really NICE thing about this keyboard is that it has ALL of the keys than a normal keyboard has. MANY blue-tooth keyboards are smaller and stripped of some of the keys. Example, I have an 8" Windows tablet, which came with a nice case and keyboard. However, that keyboard is a PAIN! It does NOT have the F-Keys, nor the normal delete key. I am an old time Windows user and I use lots of shortcut keys. If I want to change a file name I JUST HIT F2 on a normal keyboard. But since that Windows tablet keyboard does NOT have any F-keys! I must take my hand off of the keyboard, grab the mouse, right click on the file name and then click on the 'Rename' button! IT is RIDICULOUS that it takes 3 moves, where F2 is only one move. I also use this Logitech keyboard just to hold my tablet, whenever I am reading. Like if I am reading a Kindle book or whatever. That works a lot better than having to HOLD the tablet or using a case of something else to prop it up for you, so that you can use it for reading and viewing.

Cons: The ONLY con I have is that you can only connect this bluetooth keyboard to 3 different devices.

Overall Review: The only other comment is that, YES not all devices may fit in the slot It is 10.625 (10 5/8") inches by 0.5 inches. However, that is true for every keyboard. Most other keyboards do NOT even have a slot to HOLD your device. IFf you have it in some protective case or whatever then it will be to think! Take it OUT of the case and it will probably fit. Also if the slot was wider then the device would lean back to far. Is it perfect? NO, but none of them are, and this is the closest to perfect that I have found.

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Free Game with an ASUS Graphics Card1/12/2016 4:16:05 PM

Pros: Worked flawlessly, I had NO problems with getting a game code from NVidia's Bullets or Blades bundle. Once I got the code it was also simple in Ubisoft (UPlay) to click on "ACTIVATE", enter the code and then to download the game. I got Rainbow 6 Siege, and love it.

Cons: None for when I did this but I have a friend that did the same thing and something happened to his NVidia's Bullets or Blades?? It was THERE when he added the Graphics card to his shopping cart but later when he finished his order it DISAPPEARED!

Overall Review: A great way to get a code to unlock and download a game.

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ASUS ROG Laptop Series G5611/10/2015 11:25:34 AM

Pros: This laptop has a good CPU i7-4710k 2.50GHz with 12 GB of RAM, and a decent GPU, the older Mobile NVidia GTX 850M with 2 GB of RAM. It does a great job with the normal Internet browsing and with games. However, I do a lot of writing (see CONS below).

Cons: I do a LOT of writing, and the keyboard on this thing is the WORST keyboard that I have ever used on a laptop, in 30+ years and 18-20 laptops!! I am a good typist (70 wpm)!! It is constantly missing letters because the keyboard is not registering key strokes. The faster I type the worse it gets. If I slow down to 40 wpm it is still bad. At 20 wpm it is works decently but it still misses a few strokes! So I have to go back and edit EVERYTHING. I have tried everything: cleaning the keyboard with compressed air (10-12 times, keyboard upside down, etc.), using a special electrical cleaner that is #One in the industry DeoxIT D5 (I spray it and then use air on it). Tried using a dry cleaner (CRC) and then air. NOTHING works, or has helped it get an better. NO matter what I do it remains the same, no better & no worse. The keyboard does not seem to be replaceable, and even if it were I would probably have the same issue? I have an older ASUS laptop, a 14" N series and the keyboard on it is decent but if I have a problem with its keyboard I could replace it. But who wants to have to use TWO laptops? Another problem that really comes into play when you are typing is the Touchpad. It is way to sensitive and the drivers did allow me to change that, so I deactivated it. However, I just installed Windows 10 and it reactivated the Touchpad, and I have no way to deactivate it in Win 10. I uninstalled it but every time I reboot it reinstalls the Touchpad. What a PAIN $%^&*#

Overall Review: I bought an external keyboard but I like to sit on the couch and work on my laptop. To use the external keyboard I have to sit the laptop on a small table, and NOT on my LAP! That then puts the screen another 10"-12" away from me. For everything else it works very good to great...

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Ronald, Thank you for your time on posting this review, we are sorry to hear your experience with the laptop's keyboard. Please allow me to assist you. Have you tried to lock and unlock the laptops keyboard by pressing F9? please make sure also that all drivers and utlities of the laptop is up to date to prevent any issues when using the unit. Can we also have the unit's serial number for me to check and verify the unit's warranty in case we need to process an RMA. For further assistance or if you want to discuss this matter with me, please email me at customerloyalty@asus.com and put case #N151161150 in the subject line for a reference. I'm here to help you and all others with these issues, as our customer loyalty department dedicated to bringing a resolution to all issues related to our products. If ever you want to call our representatives please check link below for the contact numbers. http://www.asus.com/us/support/CallUs Thank you for choosing ASUS. Best regards, Jerry ASUS Customer Loyalty
NOT a Review but Warning7/5/2015 7:02:19 AM

Pros: This is NOT actually a review but a warning! I go to Europe every year and and use my cousins Wifi that is like 300-400 from my house. I bought a similar wfi unit as this one, a receiver/extender, 4 years ago and it ALWAYS worked great. So good that I bought a second one for my wife to use over here (in Europe now) at $40 each, not cheap! They worked taking me from 1 or 2 bars to 5 bars, all of the time. UNTIL this year! I bought a new ASUS Windows 8.1 laptop, and IT works great, but it wifi is WEAK.

Cons: I thought NO PROBLEM =. HOWEVER, these devices I have been using do NOT WORK with Windows 8.1 or the NEW BIOS that manufactures are coming out with TODAY!! I researched and found 1. the drivers will NOT work with Windows 8 (old drivers worked great for XP and Win 7 but NONE for Win 8! Also they have come out with a new BIOS that does NOT like any LEGACY (old) hardware, even IF you get a new driver. There ARE some workarounds but they may not work!

Overall Review: I found the workarounds in a Maximum PC article, to reset the BIOS to make IT Legacy friendly! GREAT, I thought. I changed all of the settings they recommended. Also tried some drivers designed for Windows 8.1 but for different but similar devices NOTHING WORKED. EITHER I am forced to BUY new "compatible" devices or to go back to Windows 7. However, in case you have not heard, most of the NEW laptops WILL NOT run Windows 7 because of the BIOS changes! AND the BIOS change will make many OLD (legacy devices) NOT WORK! I had heard about not being able to install Win 7 in new laptops but after reading the article in Maximum PC, June 2015 edition I understand WHY now. There are two articles about installing Linux but discuss the issues involving the new BIOS. MaxPC is a GREAT mag for gearheads.

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Bloody Mice2/23/2015 11:04:19 AM

Pros: I do NOT have THIS mouse but I have THREE A4Tech model V7 Ultra Gaming Gear Bloody Mouse. The oldest one I bought 13 months ago on Jan 21st. 2014, and I have used in continuously on my main computer, also use for gaming and major graphic work. However, they were fairly new, and this model was just being introduced so I got them for $35 The fact that I used the first one for two months and then bought two more should say just how much I like them. I am an OLD gamer and I need all of the help I can get. My eyes, hearing and reaction time is NOT what it used to be! They work JUST as advertised. You can program the mouse to do all kinds of neat things, with macros, for MS Word, Photoshop, and/or whatever you need, and etc. For FPS games you can program it for how the gun responds, so that your gun and the shots do not kick up so much or to the right to much. You can also program it so that the gun, if it is a single shot acts more like a semi-auto, with out continually pressing the mouse over and over. It does that by making the mouse button repeat itself, just like your keyboard does. IF you hold a key down it will continually repeat that letter/number until you release the key. While IN GAME you can turn this on and off, and you can change the adjustments. However, some claim that this is cheating? But hey the keyboard REPEATS keys if you hold them down and that is basically what you are doing here with the mouse.

Cons: I did have a problem with one of the mice. It has cool LED lights in the mouse and after a week the they stopped working. I contacted A4 and I had a replace BEFORE they received the bad one. So I would say they customer support is TOP NOTCH. One other con for me, on this mouse it the PRICE, $90.00! Like REALLY? They may have a hard time sellng them at that price! Hence probably the reason there are NO OTHER reviews here!!

Overall Review: The main difference between the ones I got and the one here is the buttons of the left side of the mouse. Mine have the standard TWO, normally used on other mice as Forward Scroll and Back Scroll, but you can program them to do whatever you want. Personally I don't like all of those extra buttons on the left! I think (but do not know) you could have problems accidentally pressing one. THAT may not be a problem but also I am sure that you can program them to do nothing it you wanted to. So IF I do not have this mouse WHY did I do this review? I also had some A4 RAM that I updated my old laptop with that worked great. I swear I am not affliliated with A4 in any way, but I do LIKE the company. So far I have had good luck with their products, customer is better than 90% of the other companies that I have had to DEAL WITH, and besies, like I said, I love the mice. :-)

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Hmmmm OK !1/10/2015 4:30:56 PM

Pros: They work, MOST of the time. My wife was using one and the tip pushed in so it would not work !! With the metal ring around it THAT could be BAD and scratch the screen. Luckily it did NOT, and I was able to pulled the ring off, and fix the tip so it did not push out any more. THAT only happened to one of the three. However, the other two are lightly used>

Cons: Rubber tip pushed inward and could have scratched the screen, but I FIXED it.

Overall Review: BE Careful if you buy one! And watch that the tip does not push inwards, and scratch you screen!!

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Awesome ! !1/10/2015 4:24:10 PM

Pros: I got this on sale for $8.99, HOW can you beat that for a REAL leather wallet. It is a little wider than most wallets and the quality is EXCELLENT, or should I say Eggcellent? After

Cons: None

Overall Review: After I got this I wish that I had bought had bought TWO, but the sale was over!! Luckily they went on sale again two months later so I bought a SECOND one. You might wonder, "Why two?" Because I carry two. I have so much stuff that it will not all fit in only ONE! :-) Also they say sitting on a wallet is bad for your back and I HAVE a bad back, so I started using two wallets like 10 years ago. It KEEPS you hips level and I can say it DOES help. BUT the quality = GREAT, a 3 fold wallet, real leather, and IF you can get it for $8.99 WHY NOT? Or anything under $20, have you priced wallets lately??? Oh, also my wife is Swiss, and we go to Switzerland quite often, and this has a Swiss Logo-Flag on it.

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Great for the $$$$1/10/2015 4:04:47 PM

Pros: I got two of these one sale for $5.99 each, and have had NO problems with them. They seem as good as MOST 'In Ear' Ear Buds (ear phones). Personally I like the IN-EAR type because they do eliminate a lot of the outside noises. I have owned many over the years and I would say these are as good as MOST. I even have a couple of Sennhiesers I bought years ago ($50 each 8 years ago,probably $100 today, they are one of the best) and these sound almost as good to me. However, I am not an audiophile and my hearing is not as good as it used to be, but I have NEVER seen a lot of difference between a $200 headset and a 'GOOD' (decent) headset? One that is a PLUS, sometimes is the cable is longer than most. Most are only 3 feet or even less, and these are like 4' 10" (4 feet 10 inches long) . However, sometimes shorter is better, depending on how I am using the.

Cons: None, that I can see (OR hear, pun intended).

Overall Review: These do have a nice little clip so you can clip it to your shirt or blouse, etc.

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Great SATA III & USB 3.03/13/2014 5:27:28 PM

Pros: I have other SATA adapters. Some SATA II and some SATA III, but this is the first that is both SATA 3 and USB 3. It is very fast and I like the layout. I have had NO PROBLEMS that others mentioned, like the on/off button or inserting or removing the drives...

Cons: None yet...

Overall Review: I have another SATA III DOCKING adapter that is only USB 2.0, that I have used the most, for the last 2 years. It is a top loader and very small. This one of course loads flat, which I like much better, and as I mentioned above USB 3.0 and FAST.

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Great for the Price (& my wife LOVES IT)2/2/2014 6:57:55 PM

Pros: Great little tablet for the price. Bought it for my wife who is no gadget girl but she said IF I updated my tablet then she would like my old one. With the price of tablets, especially mine (Samsung Tab 2) going UP and not down, I will NOT be updating and time soon, so I bought this for her, for our anniversary (today 2/2/14).

Cons: True this is not the fastest and it does NOT have bluetooth, which is CRAZY for tablets. Most people using tablets sooner or later buy a keyboard because they can then be use a tablet like a small laptop. However, NO bluetooth!! But stull 5 stars, my wife would not use a keyboard any way, she like the Internet and the ability to char on it. One reviewer, RobertB. said he updated the firmware and it works MUCH BETTER and faster NOW. Therefore, we should all try that. It's small for a 7" tablet because even though it has a 7" screen, the bezel (frame) around the screen is smaller than usual and now I cannot find a case that fits well. THAT is NOT a small problem! I know one fellow that had that problem and it fell out and broke the screen on his BRAND NEW tablet! The length is the same but the width is 1/4" smaller! And it is thinner too, so smaller in width and thickness makes it difficult to find a case THAT SMALL, and still hold it secure! It is also a little slower than my Samsung but not by much (see review by RobertB. to speed it up). Also battery life is not that great, I knew that when I ordered it, specs say it is only a 3000mAh verses most come with a 4000mAh bat. Other than those 3 points, NO COMPLAINTS...

Overall Review: The PLUSES: RAM 1 GB (not 500 MB like the cheaper ones) and 16 GB for storage ( 8 GB like so many have); includes a mini HDMI port (no cable included); a micro USB for transfers and charging (some have proprietary plugs, which are a PAIN, I have Samsung, so its nice to have a standard micro USB); includes a 2G/3G PHONE! Like WOW - for $99 (sale price). HOW MUCH are they charging for smartphones these days, hummm? I tried buying a unlocked smartphone to use in Europe, like $500 to $600 for a good one and still $150 and up for a CHEAP ONE.

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HDDs are DEAD1/15/2014 3:50:54 PM

Pros: Have NOT bought this Acer laptop yet. As someone suggested that IF you replace the HDD and the RAM for $90 each you might have a killer 'Touchscreen' laptop. $180 for WHAT? NOT A GOOD IDEA!! BETTER to spend that money on a GOOD SSD. Many make a big deal about a 7200 RPM HDD vs. the 5400 RPM HDD. There is VERY LITTLE difference. I was in Europe last summer and had a brand new HDD 'die' on me in my ASUS laptop. I had the original hard drive with me, a 340 GB 7200 RPM. So I bought a Lacie brand external HDD 1 TB and was thinking about taking the Lacie HDD out and installing it into my laptop but it was only 5400 RPM. So I tested them both (the old original 340 GB 7200 RPMs and the new Lacie 1 TB 5400 RPMs) over and over because I too had heard that they the 5400's are much slower! The results were ALMOST the same, like TWENTY times each I timed the boot and running Photoshop and some games. The results were almost IDENTICAL? The 5400 RPM drive was less than 5% slower, in TIMEs. I did not benchmark them. REAL WORLD timing is much better, benchmarks are often misleading!! I do not have the times available right now but I can guarantee that the differences ARE MINIMAL, irregardless of what the benchmarks might say.

Cons: I too am surprised that this laptop is not faster. I was looking at the Acer laptops and read some GOOD reviews on them, while in Europe (4200 to $400 more in Europe)! They all seemed to be very good, especially for the price and "Touch Screen" as well!! However, IF I got one I would install an SSD [FOR SURE], probably Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB or even a 512 GB, I currently own TWO (one each).

Overall Review: I installed a Samsung EVO 500 GB in my 4 year old ASUS laptop when I returned to the states, and it is literally like a new computer. It is so much faster in EVERY WAY! Boot times 20-25 seconds, even games seem like I am on a new and better laptop?? Then three weeks ago I built another 'Tower' PC, with a MSi Z87-GD65 Gaming Motherboard, Intel Haswell 4770K, 16 GB of G.Skill Trident X 2400 MHz. For the drives I installed a Seagate 1 TB for data and games, and a Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB for the boot drive (large enough for my favorite programs and games). It is ONE SWEET machine... My first boot time was 'Windows' 3 seconds flat! Now TOTAL boot time is 20-23 seconds with MANY THINGS installed. That is "Windows" 10 seconds and desktop another 10 to 13 seconds. The more you install the longer the boot times. OTHER things to do: besides an SSD, and maxing out the RAM, then clean out all JUNKware, that they always install on new PCs, optimize the system and HDD, and then seriously consider installing Windows 7, it can still work as a Touch Screen. I have read numerous articles and reviews of people replacing Win 8 with Win 7 and the differences are REMARKABLE. Win 8 is ONLY faster in the boot time, but it does it by FAKING and CHEATING! It loads the 'Modern interface' or desktop before it has actually finished booting, making it APPEAR to be FASTER. I would NOT USE Win 8 if they paid me, no joke. I have worked on numerous Window 8 systems and they are terrible. I have owned EVERY version of Windows (and DOS 1 thru 6) that Microsoft has ever made. I beta tested Win 3.0 and 95. Windows 7 is by far the BEST OS that Microsoft has EVER CREATED! In 8.1 they only improved the interface A LITTLE!

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A Mouse with All the Right Moves??1/13/2014 12:18:54 AM

Pros: First as one reviewer likes to accuse anyone who gives a GOOD REVIEW on this mouse as a "Paid Reviewer", I want to tell you this is NOT a paid review! I saw it on sale here at Newegg for $32.50 and decided to take a chance. I bought this mouse for the macros that I can create and use with it. Even though it is called a "Gaming Mouse" you can still use it in programs like Photoshop or Word, or ANYTHING. Program a macro to DO THINGS that are repetitive and it then becomes a GREAT TIME saver. However, after over a WEEK I am still trying to figure out HOW TO PROGRAM it to do ANYTHING. I am convinced that it WILL program, macros and for changing how you game. etc., etc., which may or may not be cheating, depending on HOW you use it.

Cons: I gave this mouse a FIVE but with PROBLEMS of how HARD it is TO FIGURE software SHOULD cost them one star! It's not so much because IT IS DIFFICULT but the fact that they do NOT GIVE us clear instructions, videos or a better introduction on HOW TO USE the software! They do give you some but they are totally incomplete! Like they might tell you how to program a macro but are vague on how to implement them, etc. I have tried searching their websites and online for help, like YouTube videos. Lots of product reviews but no real help on the software. One guy on YouTube seemed to know his stuff and said he MIGHT do a video on the software HOW TOs but apparently never did. He said the video would have to be 1 to 2 hours long! SO if anyone has better information and/or links PLEASE post them and let me know. MAYBE we could start a forum for these MICE and HOW TO on the software. THANKS

Overall Review: I bought this mouse to use in games AND! And in Photoshop, MS Word and many other apps. Due to the FACT YOU CAN program it with macros makes it an extremely useful tool in many ways. Someone complained about paying another $20 for the software, which MAY have been true when his review was written back in July, I do not know? I know that it was true and I think still true if you buy the model 4 or 5 but THIS MOUSE, the model V7 version does NOT require that you pay any EXTRA money for the software. They also have a model 8 and I would GUESS that you don't have to pay extra for the software on it either, my guess? Mine came with the software already activated. Also I often see this mouse on sale. I bought it for $32.50. And like I said you can use it for MANY THINGS other than just GAMES. Another thing that the reviewer said was that this mouse does NOT do anything that a $10 mouse doesn't do! Its true that without the software you are limited but even without the software it does have game features that other mice do NOT have, and especially a $10 mouse. I do not blame the guy for being MAD, I would be too if I bought the mouse thinking that I could do all of this stuff ONLY to find out I had to pay another $20. It reminds me of some of the SO CALLED FREE games out there today. Yeah they are FREE if you want to LOSE to all those guys who have an advantage because the PAID for extra guns, and extra armor, etc., etc. These free games in the end are making MORE MONEY for those companies than the companies who charge up front! I am told that the FREE game "League if Legends" is the SECOND HIGHEST grossing game of all time!! FREE? ? I have a Logitech G9X that cost me over $70 that doesn't do MUCH MORE than a $10 mouse!

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**OTHER OPTIONs**1/8/2014 12:51:27 PM

Pros: Great with ANTENNA. You can buy other antennas that are 7 and 9 dba. However, I need one with a LONGER cable and they don't even list the length of this one! But PRICE is right. I WAS going to recommend a Ubiquiti WifiStation, ext USB High Power Adapter that I have used for 3 years. I got it for $15, and planned on buying a second one. IT comes with a 10' USB micro cable, and I bought a 15 ' (tha'ts right 15 feet) and it works great. With the internal Wifi I only get 1 bar and often get none. But with the Ubiquti I usually get 5 bars. Like I said I planned on buying a second, where I had it in my WISH LIST for like $21.95 they have gone thru the roof, they are now asking $34.95! However, considering how good it works I will probably PAY the PRICE because this does NOT WORK for me.! I use it in the summers in Europe where my wife has family. I cannot afford to get Internet service there so use a cousins Internet service via the Ubiquti device. I MUST have one with a cable that is 10 feet long because of the setup there but with a longer cable I can mount it on the wall or even outside (its waterproof).

Cons: Poor design for my need, cable to short, can not mount on wall or outside, and not weather proof!

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GREAT SSD but Small1/18/2012 7:02:28 PM

Pros: I LOVE IT. After 11 months absolutely NO PROBLEMS, its fast and reliable.

Cons: Had to buy a small drive because of the prices being so HIGH. I paid $170 when I bought mine 11 months ago. I am reviewing the PRODUCT not the price, so I would not take off and egg for price. NewEgg get 10 EGGS

Overall Review: Would like to upgrade but prices still to high. You can buy a 60GB for about $1.00 per GB but the bigger ones are running almost double, over $200 for 120 GB. Would like to put one in my laptop but I need a 240+ GB. That would require that I re-mortgage my house. LOL

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BEWARE! of NetGear11/24/2011 1:55:10 PM

Pros: I have not bought this product but was seriously considering it. However, THANKS to reminders by some reviewers that HAD TO GO TO NetGear TechSupport. FORGET IT I WILL NEVER BUY NETGEAR AGAIN!!!

Cons: I have owned numerous NetGear products and as long as they worked, no problem. BUT if you have to go to TechSupport FORGET IT! A few years ago I had a problem with a NetGear router and TRIED to get tech help. Like the other reviewers say English is not tech support's first language. When I tried to connect with them it was mostly by email. FIVE emails back and forth for a total of TEN. I asked 4 questions, and EVERY response from them they asked me questions and NEVER answered any of mine. I repeated the questions and in five emails from them they NEVER answered one of my questions or even commented about them. I questions IF they even READ them or understood enough English to understand them.

Overall Review: IF THE PRODUCTS WORK - FINE, but if you have to go to tech support? GOOD LUCK...... THANKS Reviewers for the REMINDERS. I WILL NEVER BUY NETGEAR AGAIN!!!

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? Need Quality Control3/6/2011 11:59:26 PM

Pros: So many PROS I don't know where to start? I like the black scheme, lots of vents and fans. The design for mounting drives, 3.5” or 5.25” is outstanding, and the different options they give you for routing all those cables is great. Also the front I/Os at the top is ‘right-on’ for these larger towers. I am surprised that some manufactures are still putting them in odd/poor locations. I was surprised at the quality of the case but that price they ought to be good, but that is no guarantee, you can always pay more for something that is not near as good.

Cons: My only problem is, I build this system for my grandson, as a gaming rig AND to teach him HOW TO build his own. Well down the road he was getting temps way to high with the stock Intel heat sink and fan so he decided to go with one of Corsair’s liquid coolers. However, he had to take the motherboard out to install the Liquid Cooler because the back-plate cutout was off-center! It was about TWO inches too high so that he could only reach two of the four mounting points on the mobo. Maybe it lines up with SOME mobo’s but NOT this mob, and it is one of the MOST standard locations of a CPU that I know of? I titled this review “Quality Control Needed” for that reason! Wherever they are designed they need to check this one? I have seen a lot of engineer work over the years that may have been AWESOME designs BUT they did not WORK, and that is what counts, RIGHT? But it is still a great case the reason I STILL give it 4 Eggs.

Overall Review: In spite of the "Cons" I would not hesitate to buy another one, and just might do it. I build myself a new computer 2 months ago but used my old case that has NO CUTOUTS at all. I am a retired Police Sniper and built it with G.Skill RAM titled "Sniper" now all I need is Cooler Master's "SNIPER CASE". LOL BTW, the Corsair Liquid Cooler dropped the temps 29 degrees C, that is over 84 degrees Fahrenheit, or 39% WOW. :-) Now I need to see if I can fit one on my OLD CASE ?

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They WORK3/6/2011 11:27:53 PM

Pros: First time I tried G.Skill and they work great. Been using them for 2 months, posted first time and every time. I looked for RAM in this range and saw numerous reviews that gave G.Skill EXCELLEANT reviews. Then another SELLING POINT is how often I see G.Skill making comments to reviews here at Newegg. That tells me that THEY are interested in ‘Customer Service’ the very thing that SELLS me on Newegg too. I have been working on and building computers for over 28 years now and I “DO NOT do business, IF I can help it, with companies that have poor/lousy or no customer service. I could name a half dozen that I do not do business with ANY MORE because of poor customer service, and 3 companies that are now OUT OF BUSINESS because of bad customer service. However, SOME are so big that even their bad customer does not stop them like Utilities, the phone company and the BIG SYSTEM SOFTWARE Co. You know who I mean. ALL BAD! So HURRAH to G.Skill and Newegg, both get FIVE Eggs.

Cons: ? Don't know of ANY.

Overall Review: Another reason I liked these sticks is SNIPER. I am a retired Police Sniper and one of my favorite games is "Sniper Ghost Warrior!! Cool I got SNIPER RAM, now if I could just get a new case by Cooler Master called "Sniper" but alas I ran out of money on this build.

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Lov'em2/14/2011 12:05:11 AM

Pros: I bought these 3 weeks ago and I am running them on an ASUS motherboard, that has a heat/fan setup. Specs say 2,000 RPM +or- 10%. If I max mine out the ASUS "AI Suite" utility reports one at about 2400 RPMs and the second one at 2308 RPMs. With this ASUS AI Suite I can adjust the RPM's to change with temperature changes. Like COOL. Been doing computers for 29 years now. Built my first one in 1988 - I don't do reviews, this is only my third one ever, so that shows I am impressed with these fans (I am also impressed with my new ASUS "P7P55 WS SC" motherboard - which will be my forth review ever).

Cons: NONE that I can see so far. FANs? What's the big deal? Two months ago I had one go OUT and FRIED my CPU! LITTLE THINGS can be VERY important!

Overall Review: They come with a 3-4 pin adapter and some NEAT rubber mounts to use in place of screws. They come with LEDs, in three colors (very nice) blue, red and green. Newegg does not have the warranty listed in the specs but it is TWO years, many fans are only one year. No dig for Newegg, I cannot imagine how many people they must employ JUST to input all of the data for the THOUSANDs of products that they sell, & BEST Customer Service EVER .... SIX EGGs for Newegg ******

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Microsoft King of Used Car Sales12/23/2010 1:05:37 AM

Pros: Been using computers since 1982, MS-Dos to Windows 1, 2, 3, beta tester for Windows 95, 98 (skipped Millennium) 200 and. SO I know a little of what I am talking about. XP with SP2 has been the best so far. Windows 7 is a slug, a much nicer and prettier slug than Vista but still a slug.

Cons: The code in every version of Windows is bad. They have to do many patches, in the core, before it is even released to make it work, that is why it has always been so bloated! Then they put a pretty face ON TOP of it to fool everyone. Remember the term, "Beauty is Only Skin Deep"? I ONLY us Windows because Bill has done such a GOOD JOB of selling his Edsels. :-) I have 2 PCs and 3 laptops. All but the newest laptop has XP on them (the new one had Vista, then upgraded to 7), and they all work PERFECT, except one XP laptop that I installed SP3 on! Now the Wifi network does NOT WORK any longer! So much for PROGRESS?

Overall Review: One of the best coders in Calif. said he back engineered many of MS programs and saw it was a wonder that it even worked. He agreed that they had broken features that they had to patch to make them work at all.

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N81Vg-X2A1/12/2010 5:26:55 PM

Pros: JUST THE BEST. I have been doing computers for 25+ years, have had 11-12 laptops (hp, Dell, and 5 other brands) and this one is the BEST I have ever had. My model is slightly different ('Vg' instead of 'Vp'): it came with an nVidia graphics card, better in my opinion than ATI, and Vista but I upgraded to Windows 7 (no problem install = 2.5 hours ). I am buying the ASUS X83VP for my grandson GREAT DEAL. And Newegg ? Never found a better place to do mail orders. I have used Newegg for 10+ years now and have NEVER had a PROBLEM with them. Have made a number or returns and/or exchanges, and they were ALWAYS good about it.

Cons: Does get fingerprints on surface a lot but I use car polish on it, which helps. It still gets the fingerprints but it is MUCH easier to wipe off. And I agree with another reviewer, the space around screed is large! IF there was less space around the screen they could make the size of the laptop even smaller BUT all minor problems. All other problems reported by others: keys, touch-pad, speakers have not been a problem to me.

Overall Review: ASUS support ranks among the best. I called them 3 times before I bought this one and I got a LIVE person, each time, in the good old USA. Not out of country like so many others are doing, where I have had problems understanding them. All other manufactures are cutting their support: like hp used to be the best but not any more.

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Good Drives vs. BAD Drives12/24/2008 7:55:17 PM

Pros: SOMETHING to consider after reading 60-70 reviews on 9 different HDs, they average 10-20% bad drives. Most like the problem is the 'SHIPPERS'! Have you ever seen how they handle them? I guarantee NO mfg. is going to have 10% or more bad drives going out THEIR door.

Cons: I like Samsung Products and have had no problems, ever with anything they make.

Overall Review: And NewEgg I don't know why I ever go to any other resellers, NewEgg always beats every bodyelse's prices, when you compare the same product

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