Mediocre at best1/19/2020 12:03:32 AM

Overall Review: The chair itself isn't horrible- its great for the price. But the material is fragile and easily damaged, and issues that occurred in production or shipping are largely ignored. I bought this chair 7 weeks ago now, and there is a gaping hole on the back. I sent a message, but after the first response was ignored. If you want a chair that will last a while, you might want to invest elsewhere. If you buy this chair, and it comes with minor scuffing, frays in the stitching, or other defects, report it immediately because if the problem worsens, they will quite literally ignore your complaints. I owned this chair for a relatively short period and its now severely damaged and customer service won't so much as reply. You can put your money elsewhere with people who will assist you within reasonable expectations.

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