ddv is mistaken5/17/2010 1:57:38 AM

Pros: FAST NETBOOK Unbelievable, I feel like I have a little powerhouse. I can't wait to get 2 extra gig in here to see what else this thing is capable of. I have been playing games on this little thing as well as video. I lower my resolutions, put everything on lowest setting, L4D, CSS, some indy games, everything is playing well.

Cons: Battery life, with powernow disabled which gives me full CPU ability I get around 3 hours instead of 4. That is fine with me.

Overall Review: I just played a 1080p divx file on a plasma screen which was a split file that I had to join meaning it wasn't the easiest file to play. It played perfectly fine on a plasma screen. That previous reviewer is completely mistaken.

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Eh,..6/17/2008 12:34:42 AM

Pros: It works.

Cons: Very quiet and when you turn the volume up on either the device its plugged into or the radio, you get static. I've tried this with several radios.

Overall Review: At lower volumes it works perfectly, but I can't even crack the windows if I'm trying to use this.

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ITS AN AIRPLANE!6/17/2008 12:29:31 AM

Pros: This thing sucks and blows! Hah, this does the job VERY well at a very reasonable price.

Cons: Two cons, neither are a big deal for me because I'm not picky. When you first get the purifier, the first 3-4 days this item will emit a hot rubber smell, once everything is broke in you are good to go. The other would be the noise, this thing is very loud on the high setting, but for it's size and the amount of air that it pushes I couldn't image it being quieter.

Overall Review: It helps me sleep, I like it bunches.

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Not bad6/17/2008 12:24:40 AM

Pros: Fast, versatile memory. Runs at many different speeds and timings as long as I get the voltages right. Currently running four of these in my Striker Extreme, one of the PICKIEST motherboards out there.

Cons: Price

Overall Review: I like PNY, have always received quality from their products.

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Loving this thing!6/17/2008 12:21:32 AM

Pros: Battery life, pictures, ease of use after reading just a few paragraphs (required haha), and features. Oh yeah,.. and the price!

Cons: The screen isn't the greatest display and doesn't do the pictures it actually takes justice. Before you judge, take a pic off and look at it on a computer! Internal memory only allows you to take a few pictures. Not really a con, the auto focus isn't really that fast, but it works really really well.

Overall Review: This camera can also take unlimited videos assuming you have an SD card to store it. The max size card this camera will take at the moment is 4 gigabytes, I don't know if this will change in the future or not. I also don't know how much space/time ratio the videos take. You can also record audio clips to attach to a picture, neat feature that I accidentally did when I was playing with it.

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WOW7/30/2007 9:51:28 PM

Pros: AMAZING,.. very cold, sucks the heat right out of your cpu,..

Cons: Big, but then again if it wasn't how well would it work?

Overall Review: Get this, it's worth the trouble. This heatsink doesnt even need to have the fan on if your case has half decent air flow. It sucks getting this out of a mobo that fails on you, especially when that mobo HAS ITS OWN HUGE HEATSINKS!! hah

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Gigatrash7/30/2007 9:46:28 PM

Pros: Newbie friendly bios/software design, not much of a pro but it is for some,.. Fast if and when it works,..

Cons: Hard to install large heatsinks,.. even harder to remove them after this motherboard fails on you.

Overall Review: I used this motherboard for two days, everything ran smoother than ever. Extremely high FPS on multiple games with extremely low temperatures. I didn't overclock the least bit, mobo failed on me after two days of working flawlessly. Took me an extra day of finding spare parts to swap out to make sure that the mobo was the culprit. Save some time and money and go with a manufacturer that fixes their bios in a timely manner and releases versions that actually work as advertised. I'm sorry it couldn't have worked out better,..

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ACTUALLY A GOOD BOARD7/12/2006 1:03:08 PM

Pros: Comes with many great features. The onboard sound is rather amazing when you use the drivers from their site. Updating the bios is a breeze as long as you aren't a moron and know how to read.

Cons: Main power connector is just slightly slightly cramped. Some people have been having problems saying the mobo will blink and the fans will turn on but nothing else/no post. These morons never checked the power to the mobo.

Overall Review: Support is automated telling you to check the website for tech help regardless of your question. Other than that, their drivers and everything that came with this mobo made me VERY happy.***Much better than the Asus A8 competing "equivalents".

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