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nice successor to the Ergonomic 40003/1/2016 9:00:26 PM

Pros: Keys feel great. I always liked the feel of the apple keyboard keys, but couldn't stand the straight keyboard. The magnetic battery cover and kickstand are very slick. I like that the keyboard has a little port to store the wireless transceiver (inside the battery cover). The footprint is very compact without the keyboard feeling cramped.

Cons: The 6 key layout takes a little getting used to. As others have mentioned the function keys are a bit chintzy - mainly they just wiggle around, the function is not impaired. The fact that you have to toggle a switch to go between function keys and media keys is a bit annoying.

Overall Review: I bought two of these keyboards, from different vendors, at different times. They have completely different media keys. Apparently one is the "business" version and the other the "desktop" version. Buyer beware. Apart from the media keys they are identical.

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