Outstanding AC Router Performance2/5/2021 2:42:58 PM

Pros: I've owned two other Asus routers in the past with mixed results (i.e. - overheating and 2.4 GHz stability issues) but the Asus AC2900 has performed flawlessly since replacing our TPLink router. The AC2900's speed, range, and stability have been excellent and we're now able to receive a good wifi signal in every room of our 2200+ sq. ft. home without an extender. Throughput is at the max speed of our internet service (200 Mbps) at distances of 50+ feet. This router handles multiple device connections without buffering or "glitching" and has not required a reboot since I configured it 3+ weeks ago. The AsusWRT firmware is highly configurable, but definitely less intuitive than the other firmware interfaces I've used (Netgear, Linksys, TPLink). That said, once you become familiar with the AsusWRT interface, it's fairly easy to find your way around.

Cons: The AsusWRT firmware check & upgrade functionality didn't work for me so I had to search for, download, and apply the latest firmware file manually (from within AsusWRT). This is more of an annoyance because automatic firmware updates are generally a one-click deal with other router brands. Also, configuring the router for remote/wireless administration can be a bit tricky so be sure to read through the procedure carefully beforehand and save the generated remote admin URL if you choose to enable this option.

Overall Review: Although I can't (yet) speak to its long-term reliability, the Asus AC2900 is definitely a great choice for speed, stability, and long-range connectivity.

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