Case is ok, seems too big for matx5/30/2017 3:32:20 PM

Pros: - I like the design to have motherboard horizontal and have all video card, component weight downward to the board - Come with some colored fans - Plenty of room for matx - Screwless hd drive bay

Cons: - Power supply area is a bit crowd since it's close to the hd drive bay underneath - Front fan doesn't seem to push in a lot of air, heat accumulates fast, so I added couple more fans to the top to help pushing out hot air - One of the top fan slot doesn't line up with the screw, so I couldn't screw it all the way in, really have to jam it hard. This happened on both of my blue and green cases. The second slot works fine. - Hard drive led doesn't work on this green case, my other blue case works fine - Side panel seems flimsy and cheap, unlike the DIY D480 side panel, really solid - Due to the horizontal motherboard layout, the width is approx. 10inch, so make sure you do some measuring before purchase. It looks unusal big - You might need to remove the 5.25 drive bay at the top to have room for big video card, since the bay might get in the way to plugin the video card power Update (5/30/2017) The front headphone jack gives low volume on left speaker and high volume on right speaker. * Tried it on different computer headphone jack, no problem * Tried it on an iphone headphone jack, no problem * Tried it on the back headphone jack (direct attach to motherboard), no problem I didn't use headphone until recently and realized that it's not working right, I might have to get an external usb sound card for workaround.

Overall Review: Overall it's an ok case, this one actually cost more than the DIY D480 but feel like quality not as good. I only recommend it if it's a good sale. Otherwise find other company model at similar price such as NZXT S340, Fractial Design

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Great case for the price1/28/2017 10:38:56 AM

Pros: - Plenty of room - Comes with a lot of fans, and fan control - The side panel is solid, overall great quality box - Shiny blue color

Cons: - Because of the control fan, sometimes I forgot I'm in low level mode and play game, and the box gets hot, simply turn it to high speed mode to cool off. Or else you might end up connecting it to the motherboard system fan for auto speed control. - There was an issue with rebate processing, but newegg contacted me and corrected the issue, so awesome job there.

Overall Review: Overall it's spot on solid case, I'm not sure how long the fan will last, since they're just generic fans.

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Cheap and powerful for 1080p gaming1/26/2017 11:34:06 AM

Pros: - Run at 1270 MHz out of the box (using hardware OC switch) - Fan seems durable - Backplate is nice - So far run pretty much all games near max setting 1080p at 60fps - Fan is idle (not spinning) when not gaming - Cheapest card comparing to other RX 470

Cons: - Packaging is cheap, just plain cardboard holding the video card - Temperature can get to 75C - 80C in OC Mode (1270 MHz) when I'm playing overwatch. Case has several fans for ventilation. Perhaps I need more fans. - Warranty is 2 years, while other manufacturers provide 3 years. UPDATE - This is another card that I have issue with the rebate center. I cannot get through the rebate process. Filled out rebate form online, print, email confirm, cut the upc, physical mailed it. One month later, they emailed and said they haven't received the mail. I sent them an email and ask for confirmation and try get a hold of them, but no response. I had enough with all these rebate issues. Now it declined because they claimed they didn't receive the documentation.

Overall Review: - Power sometimes go over 150w, ensure you have plenty power and it's not always 120w for RX 470. This is probably due to OC Mode and that's why the card has 8-pin to draw more power. - Overall is a great card. I noticed some other reviewers mentioned about bad VRM. Since I don't plan to overclock this card, hopefully is good enough for several years lifespan? Beware of the rebate! It can be a gamble and you might have to go through the hassle to get the rebate money back. At least it happened to me. At this point I have to determine if I need to waste more time to contact that rebate center.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Although it is a plain box, we ensure you that the packing method is correct and secure for the video card inside. Regarding the rebate, please email and we'll have someone to help you with the rebate issue. Thank you, PowerColor Support
Great card, a bit hot, very trouble with rebate processing1/26/2017 11:26:19 AM

Pros: - Fast - I like the idea of modular fan replacement, though it's not broken yet so haven't went through the fan replacement process - Runs all my games so far at minimum 60fps 1080p

Cons: - Runs a bit hot, can get up to 80C Huge Cons - I couldn't get through the whole rebate process deal. I have the same problem on the other card when the Rebate Center originated from Athlon Rebate center (* I cut the original upc, filled out rebate form online, print, send physical mail, got confirmation email. After a month, they sent an email saying that they didn't receive the required document. I sent them an email to double check. No response. Now I checked the claim online and it declined. This is happened on both of my PowerColor and Sapphire cards, because they are from the same rebate center. I had one issue with rebate from computer case, and the rebate was from newegg. However, newegg actually resolved the issue and refund the amount. This time the rebate center is from 3rd party manufacturer, so seems like I have to deal with that rebate center, which I already spent too much time battling this issue. It's to the point that my wasted time cost more than the rebate amount.

Overall Review: Really nice card, buy it if no funny rebate going on (especially that place). I had other cards from MSI and Asus and I don't have rebate issues.

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They're ok for the price12/25/2016 1:54:28 PM

Pros: - All 5 fans work - Quiet - Has 4-pin molex that you can chain 2-3 fans together, then you only need to use one 3-pin to the motherboard

Cons: - One of the molex power pin falls out as soon as I try to connect the molex power together. Luckily it's the 3rd pin that is not being used for power, so the fan still work. So watch out for the molex pin, they're flimsy. - The screws are hard to screw to the fan. The screw headers starting to break.

Overall Review: Overall it's ok for the price. We'll see how long it last. If you'll willing to spend a bit more, the arctic f12 5 pack is also great alternative.

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Sweet spot for 1080p gaming 60fps at max setting12/20/2016 1:31:22 PM

Pros: - Packaging is great, card is in styrofoamish container - Run games at 1080p, max setting, on average 50-60fps - Quiet when not gaming, since fan is in 0db mode (not spinning) - Temperature is at at 45C idling, 65C while gaming - Free Hitman game I didn't have thermal throttling issue nor temperature goes beyond 75C like other reviewers mentioned.

Cons: - Hitman game won't be refundable (check policy before buy). So if you need to refund this card, it will be the purchase price - $59. - From other reviewers' comment, if you cut the box for rebate, you won't able to refund the video card either. So now I'm testing the card before dealing with rebate. - Fan will spin at 60% (1700rpm) when temperature at 65C and the noise is a bit loud. Though I like how the card keep the temperature at 65C at the moment. - GPU Clock is 1250 MHz (gaming mode) out of the box. You'll need to install the util software to change it to 1270 MHz (OC mode). Perhaps 1250 MHz is safer so I'll stick with gaming mode for now. - No backplate - I now just notice that the back fan screw has a red circle sticker. Meaning you should not tamper unscrew the fan / heatsink and it can void your warranty. So no no for fixing any thermal paste issue yourself. - Fan does look more flimsy comparing to other RX card I bought after

Overall Review: - This is a good card with the performance between Gtx 1050 Ti and Gtx 1060 3gb. It can delivery 1080p gaming with consistent 60fps at max setting. Sometimes RX 470 is close to Gtx 1050 Ti's price, so no brainer grab this card, unless you need the 75w power efficiency from 1050 Ti for mini computer. - I had bad experience with AMD cards in the past due to driver issues and bad quality product. I decided to try AMD product again this year. So far no driver issues. Let's hope Asus can delivery great quality. Quick Gaming Results ----------------------- CPU: i7 3770 Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz Hitman: DX12, 1080p, Ultra max everything, consistent 50-60fps (about 80% cpu usage average, very high cpu game, so watch out for cpu bottleneck) Tomb Raider: 1080p, Ultimate max setting, easy 60fps Rise of Tomb Raider: DX12, 1080p, Very High Preset, SMAA, consistent 50-60fps Guild Wars 2: 1080p, Best Appearance Settings, easy 60fps. Though I haven't tested on extremely crowed world event yet Overwatch: 1080p, epic preset, easy 60fps

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Great game12/20/2016 1:18:25 PM

Pros: - Comes free with the RX 470 promotion

Cons: - Be sure to check the policy before taking this promotion. You won't able to return the game. If you need to return the RX 470 video card, the refund price will be your purchase price minus $59. - This is from AMD Reward support, that "There is a limit of 3 redemption per household on each of the promotion. " I just want to share this information. Since I'm refreshing several gaming PCs in the house, this is very crucial information to know. - When i'm claiming 2nd redemption from the same amd rewards account, the code is locked and I need to contact AMD support and provide proof of purchase. This takes several days to resolve. So be aware that this can happen to you.

Overall Review: Read the policy carefully before buying product with promotion game.

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Cheap, quiet and low temperature12/20/2016 12:55:21 PM

Pros: - Enough power for watching movies and lightweight surfing

Cons: - Nothing so far

Overall Review: I wouldn't use this for heavy gaming, get at least an i3 or i5 to avoid CPU bottleneck.

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Cheap and works12/20/2016 12:52:49 PM

Pros: - Plenty of power for HTPC, lightweight use, watching movies. I don't do external video card.

Cons: Nothing so far.

Overall Review: Will see how it goes for a while. So far I only use it for lightweight computing. Also this is not modular so prepare for a bunch of extra wires. If you're gaming, ensure it meets power requirement. Google PSU tier list to get the rough idea of the PSU quality tier as well.

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It works for HTPC computer setting12/20/2016 12:35:34 PM

Pros: - Small, compact - Able to use full size ATX power supply (easier to replace power if it's blown out)

Cons: - Will be very tight space if you want to add a video card. I built this pc for watching movie so I don't need external video card, and the cables already all over the pci-e area. - Still waiting for the rebate, it's been 2 months and status is still in progress. So beware of long rebate wait.

Overall Review: - Look careful inside and plan your cable management before buying, make sure it has all the space you need. - If you want a compact gaming case, consider looking for a bigger case for better ventilation. However, this is great for HTPC watching movie.

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It works out of the box12/20/2016 12:26:37 PM

Pros: - Compact ITX, perfect for HTPC in tight space

Cons: - None so far. Also this pc is only for watching movie, very light weight work so i can't comment on heavy duty use.

Overall Review: There is an M.2 slot on the other side of the motherboard. I thought it didn't have one so I use normal sata drive.

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Great little card, fast and power efficient8/14/2016 10:58:32 AM

Pros: * Require only 120w and one 6-pin power connector * Run all games that I've been playing recently at max setting and over 60fps, 1080p. Games are: Tomb Raider, Rise of Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution, Bioshock Infinite. * Fan is quiet when playing games

Cons: * The DVI connector screws are loose when I received the card, I have to screw them back in so I can secure the DVI cable. Something about the DVI connector that it doesn't fit as good as my other card. * Card cover seems like cheap plastic * Heatsink is basic, no copper pipe * Need to register zotac to get 3 years waranty? Otherwise it's 2 years * Did not read the refund policy until I already purchased. There is no refund, only replacement. I'm so used to hassle free return from other place.

Overall Review: * Furmark stressed test the card for 20 minutes with stock setting and temperature is steady at 79-80C and 70% fan speed. There is noticeable noise increase but not that loud. Since I don't plan to overclock, this is ok. * When I played games, the temperature only goes to 65C. My games are old titles like Tomb Raider and it doesn't use full gpu utilization. There are other competitive options out there that can provide better cooling, such as cards with 2 fans, or EVGA 1060 SC 1 fan with copper pipe. So if you want better cooling, seek for other options. Reasons that I bought this card * Low power * RX 470 would have been ok for me, but RX 470 has ridiculous price $199 (with similar power 120w), and GTX 1060 only $50 more * Every GTX 1060 ran out except for this card. First time buying Zotac card. It's not too bad, but if they can improve their future product, I'll be sure to check them out next time!

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Reasonable fast4/1/2014 10:49:43 AM

Pros: * Run games smooth at 1080p * Low temperature, around 50 C full load * Much more quiet than my previous GTS 250 * Low power consumpsion, ~ 100w

Cons: * 1gb memory instead of 2gb

Overall Review: I picked this over 260X or higher mainly because of the low power consumption and afraid my power supply can't handle higher end video card. Then I will have to replace the power supply ... maybe next computer! This card performed reasonable well, frame rate is smooth for 1080p. If you have higher resolution monitor, you might need to do some research on whether or not this card can play smooth at resolution higher than 1080p.

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3/21/2014 8:22:03 PM

Pros: * Great card, run most games at 40-60fps with moderate settings

Cons: no cons

Overall Review: * I need something better than integrated graphic from Intel CPU. This card runs all recent games just fine without breaking my pocket. I tried hit man absolution and it runs at 30-60fps at moderate setting. You don't want to crank antialiasing up to the max, it will kill the framerates.

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3/21/2014 8:16:24 PM

Pros: Fast, stable

Cons: no cons

Overall Review: Boy I'm glad I got this before the ram prices increased. My only regret is that I didn't get 2 order of this to complete 32GB of RAM lol.

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Fast3/21/2014 8:10:13 PM

Pros: Fast Running cool even with stock heatsink

Cons: no cons

Overall Review: I'm doing a lot of CPU intensive activities and I'm glad I got this. This CPU will last me for a long time.

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Great board3/21/2014 8:04:59 PM

Pros: * Has usb 3.0 * Plenty of sata * Still running great * BIOS user interface is very nice

Cons: * Somehow everytime when I install the usb 3.0 driver from the cd for my windows 7, the windows crashed and blue screen. After restarted the computer, it shows the driver is installed. Weird. This shouldn't be a problem with windows 8 or higher because it support usb 3.0 natively.

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Great monitor3/21/2014 7:58:54 PM

Pros: * Great contrast * Great angle view * Very thin * Two HDMI Inputs * Big 27" screen 1080p. Great for everyday use, reading, surfing web, playing video games, watching movies. If you are a graphic designer or into graphic details, 27" maybe too big for 1080p and you might need to look for 1440p instead. * Good price

Cons: * No manual switch input button. I really like this function from previous monitor, allowing you to switch between HDMI inputs from one button. This monitor does perform auto HDMI switching. However, one device needs to be off in order for it to auto switch to the 2nd running device. You can manual switch input by browsing through the monitor config screen, it's not quick an efficient. * Cannot adjust the monitor height up and down. You can change the monitor viewing angle up and down. * The built-in speaker sounds horrible. There are absolutely no mid and bass frequency.

Overall Review: Great monitor for the price. It's still running great.

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cheap and quiet fan12/22/2012 8:31:10 AM

Pros: cheap and quiet.

Cons: Not really a con ... I bought 2 and 1 was DOA. So probably just bad luck.

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