Impressive.12/24/2011 2:32:31 AM

Pros: Layout - The layout on this motherboard is near perfect (see cons). The SATA and USB headers are all in the now typical location, with excellent spacing between the USB and control headers (power, reset, hdd light). UEFI! So much cleaner and easier to navigate while configuring system settings. The ASUS AI Suite is actually impressive over the previous versions and various other utilities I have seen in the past, making performance tweaking and monitoring easy from within windows. The on board Intel nic was a selling point for me, it is a massive improvement over typical integrated options usually seen. Plus I was able to fully pair it with my Intel PCI-e Gigabit CT nic using the Intel's drivers. The additional temp sensors, voltage readout contacts, reset/power/simple over clock buttons are all in great spots and look nice, no eye sores on this board. The hdd activity led next to the sata ports is a nice touch as well. None of the leds on the board are too bright or dis

Cons: The location of the EX_Power PCIE 4 pin molex power (extra power to pci-e for multiple video cards) is terrible. Above the PCIE slots, vertical, and between heat-sinks and the on-board audio i/o. I had to modify one of my power cables to be able to cleanly route it to the location and not have a mess in sight. This really should have been placed at the bottom of the motherboard. The motherboard main power should have been set at a right angle, especially considering the target market, gamers and enthusiasts are all over cable management, our cases reflect that, motherboard designers should take it into mind instead of just sticking the usual vertical main power connector on there and calling it a day. Win7 gets a bit picky at times with UEFI and MBR vs GPT partitions. Easy enough to work around and defiantly not a draw back, you might just end up having to delete any existing partitions before installing Windows.

Overall Review: I have not used the integrated audio at all as I own a high end dedicated sound card. I did have one hell of a time getting Win7 Home Prem. 64 to install on my ASUS Crosshair V Formula using a Corsair Force Series GT SSD. After tinkering with the configuration, I disabled all other on board usb, sata, nic, audio, placed the sata ports to AHCI, placed SSD on the 1st sata port, DVD on 6th sata port, and removed all other cables, I was able to get a quick and painless install. The easy install adapter for the control headers (power, reset, hdd light) has the same issue they always have, they don't like to stay attached, so as usual I do not install them. Even with the install trouble I personally experienced, and the two issues with layout, I still think this board fully earns the full five eggs. After years of what I felt were consecutive let downs, ASUS has really stepped up their game lately, I love this moboard! Phenom II x4 955 OC to 3.87 GHz 16 GB RipJaw 1866

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Outstanding Purchase12/23/2011 1:48:35 PM

Pros: Ease of installation - the included 2.5" to 3.5" bracket is low profile and has a nice mat black finish. Drive also comes with plenty of screws. Speed - An excellent drive, the numbers are easy to find, but in my experience, I went from two 7200 32mb cache 160gb HDDS in a RAID0, which had a fresh and fully updated Win7 start up time of nearly two minutes (counting from power on to usable desktop with antivirus and Steam loaded). My boot time on a fresh and updated Win7 install is now roughly 24 seconds. Current - The drive arrived with the latest firmware installed. Simple - These Force Series GT drives do not need any special software or utilities to be run or maintained. I happen to like red so the drive itself was nice to look at while it was sitting on my desk.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Restoring my FireFox sessions are painless, I use a lot of tabs pretty much all of the time, on my old RAID0 FF could take over a minute to restore depending on session content. With this SSD it is a matter of moments. I love it! This is not an issue with this SSD, but I did have one hell of a time getting Win7 Home Prem. 64 to install on my ASUS Crosshair V Formula. After tinkering with the configuration, I disabled all other on board usb, sata, nic, audio, placed the sata ports to AHCI, placed SSD on the 1st sata port, DVD on 6th sata port, and removed all other cables, I was able to get a quick and painless install.

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Excellent Adapter, excellent price.6/29/2011 10:47:39 AM

Pros: The build quality is nice, firm and sturdy, this adapter does not feel like it will fall apart in your hand. A physical, directional antenna, a simple yet key feature for good connectivity, and it is easy to remove if need be, though I would recommend removing it as rarely as possible, so the connection does not wear out. Even more so when you know the location of the wireless access point, turn and angle the antenna for a quick reception improvement. I found the performance with both G and N connectivity strong with excellent throughput.

Cons: The cap is loose fitting and easy to loose, but this is the same story with every capped USB device I and anyone I have ever met has ever owned. Not worth an egg doc.

Overall Review: I do not use QSS as my wireless network at home is a bit more complex than most, so I have yet to test it with this device.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Impressive8/16/2010 3:49:56 PM

Pros: Audio Quality! The sound quality is grand. Impressive audio quality, easy to use and navigate interface for configuring your i/o and audio environment. Quality construction, this card is solid and slick. Very nice looking. Front Audio header - get actual use from your front panel audio i/o on that case you love so much, which has so far, just collected dust or delivered poor on board sound In all its horror. 10 Ft optical Audio cable! (sweet bonus and like the card great quality)

Cons: None that I find as a con for the the card itself.

Overall Review: This card, I am VERY pleased to say was the final death blow to a not so creative monster of poor audio products for me. I have about terabyte of music, which includes more cds than I can remember buying, digital downloads and the like. My records, cassettes, and yes even 8-Track cassettes, which I ripped to high quality loss-less formats over the past few years all sound amazing. Yey warm and fuzzy lowend! I was not much of a fan of the packing material excess, seems a lot of excess cardboard. On the flip side, I am very pleased that they did not bury the card in plastic casing and foam/plastic padding. HT Omega has claimed a spot in my personal builds in the future and builds for my customers.

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Excellent case, don't rush things.3/3/2010 5:50:31 PM

Pros: Looks great! Excellent size and ventilation. Plenty of clearance for aftermarket cpu coolers. Removable 3.5 drive trays with vibration cushions. High quality case fans provided. Very versatile. Easy to remove and clean fan filters. Pre-cut ports for water cooling. The upper hdd rack has a container that provides a good space extra screws and items. Plenty of holes provided for proper cable management. 5.25" bays use easy in/out rails. Plenty of room for larger video cards. (I currently run 2 EVGA GTX275 Superclocked cards, with no real room issues, I did remove the upper HDD bay as I had no use for it as all my hdd's are in the lower bay)

Cons: The cooling fan mount in the power/hdd zone at the bottom of the case probably should have been moved a few cm closer to the hdd rack.

Overall Review: ***PLAN YOUR LAYOUT AND CABLE MANAGEMENT SCHEME*** Give yourself an hour and sit down with the power supply and your drive cables, work with them to find the layout that will work best for your build. Cable zip ties are your friend! This case provides a great layout for cable management, just take the time with your components and figure out your layout. Run your power cables behind the back panel, they will fit. Length maybe an issue for some cheaper PSU's but anything higher end should not have that trouble. ABS Tagan modular PSU 700watt 80 Plus Bronze EVGA GTX275 Superclocked x2 (they both fit fine) CoolerMaster Hyper N 520 Heatsink

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Excellent RAM, rebate slow1/16/2009 8:12:46 PM

Pros: The timing on this ram is great!, system stability has been amazing and performance beyond expectation. The heat sync/spreaders work very well. If my mother board supported it I would buy another kit and make it 8 gigs!

Cons: None, the product is thoroughly impressive.

Overall Review: The rebate took almost two months to get processed, now I will be receiving it "by mail within 15 days." I hope =/ The product its self is amazing 5egg all the way, do not let the possible rebate slowness turn you away, I happily would have paid the price with no rebate had I know the performance I would get. Tips to get your rebate processed correctly. READ the rebate form. Fill the rebate form out completely and clearly. Have EVERYTHING together. UPC (barcode) off the package, a copy of your purchase invoice, a copy of the shipping invoice, and the rebate form. Staple all the items together (I would suggest the upper left hand corner and BEHIND the rebate form.) Most of all be patient. The product is 5 Eggs, OCZ 5 Eggs, NewEgg eleventy billion eggs, but the rebate company.... they seem to be the failed fried egg on the sidewalk.

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Excellent Harddrive!11/25/2008 5:17:22 PM

Pros: Fast throughput, excellent IO, disc access speeds are quite nice. The larger cache that these drives offer is a must have! I was able to copy roughly 580gigs of multimedia data (raw and compressed audio/video/images) from an older box only running sata 1.5 in about an hour.

Cons: None as far as I have encountered.

Overall Review: A very nice drive! I will be purchasing 5 more in the near future to build two different raid arrays.

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Excellent PSU.10/26/2008 1:37:45 AM

Pros: Great PSU! Runs smooth and quiet. Modular design is a huge plus and the running lights are very nice. PSU fan LED is not over whelming but provides a great glow. System temp actually dropped by 3degrees after replacing my 650watt Rosewill with this (even with the PSU in a separate chamber). P1 (motherboard power) provides a great length to work with. I was able to run it from the base of my Antec P182 (psu at the bottom of tower), behind the mainboard mounting, over the top and to the mainboard power. Most importantly, I put it in, tightened the screws, ran the wires and started it up. Beautiful.

Cons: Its not a zero point energy tap...???

Overall Review: *ABS-Tagan should look into providing a way to purchase additional/replacement/special cables for this system (maybe a single lead 4pin molex/sata/whatever). **The PSU Tray vibration cushion would not fit with my case as it already has a lined jacket for reducing psu vibration/noise. So I placed it on the PSU to my file server! >:D I have been building/servicing systems professionally and privately for 12 years now, and purchased this for my own system at home with a bit of "ooo neat" factor its really been worth it!

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