Doesn't disappoint!4/30/2011 1:47:14 PM

Pros: Gracious overclock out of the box; I played some Crysis and Portal 2 before doing any extra overclocking and the performance is fantastic. The fans stay quiet idle and only get louder when the temps get close to 70C, which only happened to me during Furmark and Unigine Heaven after OCing. I was able to overclock the card to a stable 1000MHz at 1.1v, which is pretty amazing. A full 178 MHz above stock speeds is really just incredible. The card looks fantastic. Period. Aesthetically this thing is awesome. Temps stay cool. Highest temperature I ever hit was 75C in Unigine Heaven. Furmark only took it to 70C, and the card idles (overclocked) at 28C.

Cons: The fans do get a little loud at about 60-70%, but this shouldn't happen often. Fans only ramp up when the temps get really hot, and that really never happens outside of benchmarks.

Overall Review: Heavily recommended. Huge upgrade over my old 5850. My system: Rosewill Challenger Mid-tower Gigabyte EP43-UD3L Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 @3.2GHz 6GB OCZ Platinum Series 1066 DDR2 This card.

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Good case for cheap4/26/2011 4:14:20 PM

Pros: Well put together, many fan slots, roomy, quiet, looks nice, bottom mounted PSU

Cons: None.

Overall Review: This case is fantastic for the price. There's a good amount of airflow going through the case as is, and the addition side fans make it even better. If you can't afford a HAF or an Antec Nine Hundred/Two, go ahead and grab this case. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

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Beautiful, cheap, and cool.8/18/2010 7:15:53 PM

Pros: --Pretty (LED front fan is beautiful) --Lots of room to fit whatever you need --Enough expansion slots to make anyone happy

Cons: --None

Overall Review: This is the third case I've used to build a computer and I absolutely love it-- I got it for $35 on Newegg and it was an absolute steal. After taking a look into the case and installing everything, I feel like Rosewill has an amazing grasp on the way cases are meant to be built. The case supports enough fans to keep anything cool (pretty much), the design is beautiful and roomy, and everything just fits...perfectly. I love it; I was budget shopping and I managed to get a case that I'd expect to be double the price. Absolutely 5 eggs. Buy this case.

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