not bad for the price1/14/2016 7:01:57 AM

Pros: giving a good signal through our apartment. (3bd room) both 5g and 2.4g signals working good. I'm connecting my pc and ps4 on the 5G and about 4-6 devices on the 2.4G. decent speeds up and down. it's nothing CRAZY but do feel its better than my N-600 router i had. haven't had to reset it yet have had it up and running for 3 months. install was very easy. i got it for 20$ and wanted to step up from my n-600 router which was giving me problems.

Cons: I'm not a fan of the all white modern space design.... but i keep it hidden so not a big deal.

Overall Review: for around 30-20$ its a good buy.

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working great. has been extreamly reliable even in oc'ing12/20/2015 6:19:35 PM

Pros: was 40$ on flash sale oc'd an fx 8320 to 4.4 easily. (will go higher with liquid cooling) ram imediatly recognized (currectly running 2 8gb hyper fury at 1866) bios is the best i've used yet. so simple and the mouse cursor use ability is great. my gpu is a xfx r9 390... no problems with install and no driver/compatibility errors. running great

Cons: only a lil con with the lack on usb 3.0 (i knew this going in and with all the pci and pcie ports on this thing was easy to find a 10$ 3.0 pcie card (added two usb 3.0 to back of case and has a usb 3.0 20pins for front of case cable) and one more con is minor as well- the sata connectors 2 of them run right inline with the pcie 16 slot.( but im still able to use them with a 90 degree sata cable.) so not a huge con.

Overall Review: for what i paid (and i wouldn't pay full price for this..there are better options) its a fantastic and reliable board. ocing easy and great pcie 16 port. easy bios and recognizes ram/ssds/hdds/br drive/ etc... easily. i must buy for around 40-60$

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working fine on my AM3+ pc12/4/2015 8:52:07 AM

Pros: install easy. no problem. pc recognized it immediately. i did have to go into bios and make sure its set to 1866 and not 1600. i'm running 2 8gb at the moment and will expand to 2 more sticks latter to get 32 gb total at 1866mhz. i'm writing this review in retort to other reviews that says "don't buy this ram if you have a am3+ mobo/cpu." i have an AM3+ cpu (8320 oc'd to 4.2ghz) and a ASUS mobo. this ram is running fine with no problems in my setup.

Cons: none

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GREAT BUY!!!12/2/2009 3:38:40 PM

Pros: for the money its a good buy. For my needs it was perfect because i had an old pc die after 6+years but had an EVGA 8800GT videocard which fit perfectly to this pc and i added 2GB of ram! Even with out the video card its a good pc but with a decent videocard and extra ram and added 2nd hard drive its a respectable gaming pc! very pleases also newegg rocks! p.s. i had to buy separate Power Supply Unit...since the one that comes with this Lenovo is only 280watt...but newegg had a good 530 watt for 39.99 and install was a breez!!!... i found this a cheaper root instead of buying all separate pieces for a gaming pc. bought this Lenovo added videocard, ram, and new psu and now its a smoking gaming rig!

Cons: none yet but had under week.

Overall Review: good alternative for buying a cheep all-in-one pc and upgrading with better video psu.

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Pros: ran all my recent games: STALKER, FEAR, BIOSHOCK, NFS CARBON, on almost maxed out settings. plays halflife 2 and counterstrike maxed out resolution noproblem!..verry happy with this card.

Cons: none really. for $150 its what i expected and some more.

Overall Review: this is a great card for the money. i didn't wanna spend $300+ on the 8800 just wanted a boost in performance from my old 6600. once again very pleased. was up n running in about 15-25min.

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