Great IEMs (on sale)3/11/2013 4:07:04 PM

Pros: - above average sound (for the pricepoint). - metal housing, well built overall and very similar to other meelec designs. - good cable stress relief. - comes with all the usual meelec accessories - case, shirt clip, 4 different earpieces (S, M, L, and double flange).

Cons: - the 45 degree angle makes these bulkier than some other IEMs, and makes it harder for me to get a good seal in my ear. It also makes it nearly impossible for me to use them in an over-the-ear configuration. YMMV. - the cable covering tangles more easily than other meelec offerings, and more noise from the cable rubbing on a shirt or whatever else (microphonics) seems to come through than their other deisgns.

Overall Review: Meelectronics has been known for a while now as a company that makes great budget IEMs, and these are no different. I'm not a real audiophile by any stretch and am not even gonna try to compare details like soundstage or airiness or anything, but generally comparing how these earbuds sound overall to some of Meelec's other designs, they seem pretty similar to the M9s. Construction quality is similar. I'd say they are about 25% larger than the M9's due to the 45 degree angle and a larger housing. I got these on sale for ten bucks each and free shipping, and at that price I'd say they are a steal. Even at 15 they would be a good buy. At full price however I'm not sure they are worth it, when you can buy Meelec's awesome M9 or M6 models with similar sound for about half that elsewhere online. In short, buy these if they are on sale, but maybe look at some other meelec offerings if these are at full price. At ten or 15 bucks these are a 5 star, but at full price they are more of a 4 because of the issues I mentioned.

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Great case1/25/2013 2:36:15 AM

Pros: -Great looks -Extremely robust feeling; carry handles are nice -Quick release side panels allows for fast access to innards -Lots of cooling ability, and good, easily accessible filters (mostly) -Motherboard doesn't require standoffs -Good cable management

Cons: -Front fan filter is tedious to remove for cleaning -HDD trays and holders don't have many cooling slots and don't allow for much airflow through them -massively vented side window obscures internals and allows a lot of dust in. No factory option from corsair currently to replace the vented window with an unvented one.

Overall Review: Overall a great case. I really wish the front filter could be removed for cleaning without taking apart the whole front half of the case, but that's a minor quibble for an otherwise stellar item. I plan on replacing the vented window with a regular sheet of acrylic; the mod is easy to do and many tutorials for the C70 exist online for those interested.

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Good ram7/11/2010 10:17:17 PM

Pros: Works well, no bad modules. Nice colored heatsink that seems to work well. Was able to bring it up to 1600 real easily in the BIOS and haven't had any stability issues. Am going to buy another set to bring it up to 8 gigs total.

Cons: Price seems to fluctuate quite a bit, but that's the market, not the ram so I can't take off an egg for it. It's not blue to go with my other blue components. Timings could be faster.

Overall Review: Great ram for the price. I wish the latency was lower, but I have found no performance problems even with the more demanding games and applications. System: i5-750 Asus P55D-EVO 4 gigs Gskill ram Nvidia GTS 250 Creative Xtreme gamer Corsair TX 750 PSU Antec 902 case

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good card7/1/2010 8:01:49 PM

Pros: Definitely can tell a difference from my onboard sound when I play games, movies, or music. I downloaded the drivers for win 7 x64 directly from creative's website.

Cons: Had a couple of minor install problems where windows wouldn't recognize the device. May have been an operator error though. Didn't come with a detailed user manual, which would have been helpful for non-audiophiles like myself.

Overall Review: I was looking for a decent sound card and got this for very cheap from a newegg shellshocker. For the money, it was a great card. I probably would pay full price if I had to. Windows 7 pro 64 bit ASUS P55D mobo

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