Amazing PSU!!!!4/5/2021 1:53:47 PM

Pros: -Small @ 130mm-Fits in 90% of cases-High Quality-Universal Plugs-Very Quiet-Pushes enough power to run a Overclocked i9-10900k, Overclocked Sapphire 6900XT, AIO Corsair Radiator Pump with 4 ML120 fans on it "Push/Pull", Plus another 3 ML120 RGB front case fans, 2 RGB light bars, 3 USB hubs with alot of stuff plugged into all of them.

Cons: -Not one thing...

Overall Review: I bought a Corsair Rm1000x and had it for a few weeks and wasn't happy with it. I got this and sold my Corsair PSU. I run this now and it has allot of power with no hitches...

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Didn't expect it to be easy lol3/15/2021 12:57:41 PM

Pros: -Better Airflow Through Case -Looks freakin Neato lol

Cons: -Doesn't Fit Perfectly without Modification, But I knew that

Overall Review: First off I wanna say that my case had the finger spaces that I had to remove. I purchased this one because it resembled the V1 Cooler Master Version. I wanted my GPU to sit up as high as possible and not down 2" because my case uses the spaces between PCI slots. I removed them and still had to bend some metal for a decent fit. But then again I knew that going into this. My case makes the motherboard sit 90' Counter Clockwise and the window is on the opposite side. It's a Darkflash V22...

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