10/23/2015 10:56:02 AM

Pros: This case has a lot of room to promote good airflow, which is a must for a lot of people. The tinted side windows are very nice and help make case mod lighting more dramatic. Cable management for this case isn't the best out there, but with some ingenuity, you can make cable management work fairly well. However, decent cable management will require some fan extension cables if you plan on using the stock fans. Speaking of stock fans, they work and look nice, but I recommend looking at replacing them with something that isn't as loud with better build quality. Plenty of room for my 450W PSU to fit under the Motherboard, even with an extension cable attached to my 24 pin motherboard power cable. As long as you only look through the side of the case with the expansion slots, you will never see the mess of cables under the board, which is easy to do if you keep the case alongside a wall of some sort. The case feels like it is high quality and has a lot of thumb screws on the back to make working with the expansion slots and side panels very easy.

Cons: You can't install a 240mm radiator and use the 5.25" expansion bay. I had planned on running a 240mm radiator and installing a 5.25" card reader and fan controller since I use CF memory cards on a regular basis. Well, the 240mm radiator ended up winning.

Overall Review: Despite the inability to use the 5.25" bay and a 240mm radiator at the same time (unknown to me at the time of purchase), the excellent quality of the case makes this a solid choice for a case. I only took an egg off because the description does not give any hint that the 5.25" bay is not compatible with the 240mm Radiator which the case also supports. The black and red theme goes great with the rest of my build and the tinted side panels help dramatize my extra case lighting and keep it from being overpowering.

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