cool and great6/23/2012 4:37:14 PM

Pros: First intel build i ever had and i am LOVING it :p, definetly a step up from an AMD phenom ll and best ofall consumes alot less power

Cons: Stock coolerlooks fragile but since the cpu is not a power hog the cooler gets the job done

Overall Review: Wont overclock it and dont think it will be necessary

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not too bad6/23/2012 4:32:18 PM

Pros: Stable once you update bios, love msata interface, my windows boots in under 7 seconds (intel 80gb ssd) i installed an i5 3450s with anevga gtx 670 and is an excellentgaming low profile rig

Cons: This motherboard wont regulate the memory voltage as good as uwould expect cant make it boot below1.5v and tested the memory on another rig and it doessupport 1.25v

Overall Review: This mobois really good once u get to know itand update the bios with 0095

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A wholenew level6/23/2012 4:23:39 PM

Pros: This card is basically unbeatable on price to performance ratio, havent overclocked and itcan handle crysis 2 in ultra and dx11 withhigh res patches I paired it with a i5 3450s cramped in a lian li Q11 l small and cool and great for gaming ajd lan parties

Cons: None, in a review they said that the heatsink wa not as good in the quality, but i took of mine off to replace the thermalpaste with arctic cooling mx-4 and mine had a nice quality finish

Overall Review: I used to be an AMD fanboy since Rage LT pro but prices on the 7000 series needs adjustment and the other fact to know whats so good about NVIDIA finally i bought one and an core i5 and i amGLAD my computer is cool,low profile and fast as hell

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Amazing6/18/2012 3:57:43 PM

Pros: what a Case, tiny tiny and yet an airflow without match , just fitted and Intel i5 3450S witha EVGA GTX670, and nothingt goes above 60C, video card is kind of tricky to install but believe it this is the longest card u can fit

Cons: maybe they coul have made it at least 1 inch shorter but no biggy

Overall Review: my favorite cpu case ever Mobo: intel Dh77df mini itx H77 cpu: intel i5 3450S Ivy Bridge Mem: Gskill DDR3 1600 9-9-9-25 sniper SSD: intel 310 80gb OS HDD: hitachi 500gb Storage VGA: EVGA gtx670 PSU: Pc power & cooling Mark lll 600Watts Modular optical: bluray lite on

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dissapointment6/18/2012 3:44:23 PM

Pros: 1600 mhz 9-9-9-25 run great, no errors (see cons)

Cons: can make mine to undervolt to 1.25, just boots at 1.5

Overall Review: expected more from gskill, but still wont RMA sounds kind of unnecesary, just next time sell it as a normal memory stick

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer We are sorry to hear the memory did not work at the rated specifications. For ultra low voltage memory, keep in mind that it is only compatible with certain platforms. Some platforms will still need 1.50V (DDR3 minimum), due to the CPU design. As you experienced, with sufficient voltage, the memory can still work just fine in your system. Should you have any further questions or issues, please feel free to contact us directly for assistance. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
so Happy6/18/2012 3:41:45 PM

Pros: bought 2 toghether one for an AMD system and another for an Intel , both work Flawless as espected from a grat company as Seasonic

Cons: not free :P

Overall Review: buy it, pc power and cooling just rebranded it, its a seasonic for 20 dlls less

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As Expected From Zalman6/6/2012 5:54:12 PM

Pros: Thermal Dissipation is Extremely Good, overclocked my AMD FX8120 to 4.2ghz on stock voltage(turbo core off) and never goes above 50 C under load, Idle it stays at 30 C

Cons: installation is a pain, in AMD if you want airflow going horizontal, their is no possible way of installing the Fan without taking out the motherboard which in a forum said i could use the AMD stock backplate, but nooo dont believe that, the backplate from AMD is too low to use it

Overall Review: once installed it works like a charm, ive had many zalman products and none have come to fail my expectations i tried overclocking the FX8120 to 4.6ghz @1.425V and still this baby could manage easy, but from what some benchmarks said, there was no palpable benefit from 4.2 at stock voltage, so i returned it to 4.2

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patriot time5/24/2012 10:57:15 AM

Pros: does what it says no trouble, got it on discount

Cons: not free :)

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not too shabby5/24/2012 10:55:48 AM

Pros: excellent core, i really got dissapointed from reviews but then i made a i5 ivy bridge and this baby and this computer is not showing to be slow at all, overclocked it (if you can say so) turned off turbo core and just got it to 4.0ghz stock voltage and runs like a dream

Cons: stock cooler is horrible, i initially had to underclock it to 2.6ghz to keep it cool since i couldnt undervolt on my mobo, this was till i got my ZALMAN CNPSX10 Performa which i chose over the fact that i didnt had to pull the motherboard out such as coolermaster hyper evo 212 or arctic cooling A30

Overall Review: just get aftermarket cooler, overclocked or not it really is a step up from a pentium dual core e6500

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You Get What you Pay5/24/2012 10:49:11 AM

Pros: solid motherboard, fairly tweakable bios (see cons) and FX 8120 completly compatible, windows installation and bios updating is a breeze

Cons: voltage tweaking in the cpu was useless in bios, doesnt work at all, i was hoping to undervolt my FX8120 to keep it in stock cooler but ended up buying a aftermarket one

Overall Review: you really should expect not much overclocking, as my title, you get what you pay, ofcourse is a solid NO overclocking motherboard Some whistles and enough to keed you happy, anyway i paired it with a seasonic PSU (pc power & cooling MKlll 600W) so no Voltage issues come around

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what a deal12/13/2011 10:53:52 AM

Pros: a 5970 for 300dlls is amazing, i dont really care if diamond is just finish inventory to make room for the new 7000 series, games are not getting better in at least 2 years and this card will play those games in at least high settings for at least 3-4 years

Cons: power hungry and amazingly long, what a beauty

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Great12/13/2011 10:50:02 AM

Pros: amazing prices amazing performance

Cons: not free but close to it

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Great12/13/2011 8:17:07 AM

Pros: GSKILL does it again, great price and great reliability

Cons: not free

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Adatalicious12/13/2011 8:15:12 AM

Pros: ingenious msata gives you an extra space for dual hard drive configurations in notebooks i had my doubts that 30gb wasnt going to be enough for a boot+apps configuration and a HDD as storage drive, but i installed windows+every app, and still have 14gb free (look other thoughts for tips) Fast, not the blazing fast experience every first SSD buyer expects but then again SSD's are notoriously faster and almost all brands are far more reliable, i had some different brands around like intel,crucial, ocz and this is among the fastest and more reliable

Cons: not free

Overall Review: I installed alot of SSD's and always procure this tips 1- run ssd tweak utility to turn some features SSD's dont use 2- turn system restore off and delete every mb of this 3- turn hibernate off,run cmd as admn prev and type "powercfg.exe -h off" without quotes 4- install every program in C: but games, user library folders and STEAM valve (and big huge programs that go in gigabytes)are to be installed in the storage Drive (HDD) keep in mind i like to use the Boot drive (SSD)+ Storage Drive(HDD) configuration which i find extremly fast,reliable and money wise

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No BOOT12/13/2011 7:44:06 AM

Pros: Excellent Price for an Excellent Drive, very fast read and write, and a very cool drive. as long as you dont use it as a boot drive cause its low cache. this was the perfect deal this black friday for 50bucks

Cons: 8mb cache, obviously but like i said

Overall Review: this will be a great in a 1SSD (boot)+ 1HDD (storage) scenario, i paired it with the ADATA msata 30gb ssd and amazing duo for a low price remember to just tweka a little if you follow my advise and use the ssd tweak utility that goeas around in the internet if your not so tech savy

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The Best10/4/2011 7:27:44 PM

Pros: so much, Cable managment, Finish, airflow, price, Tinted Window awesome look, lights are not that bright i know this bad boy was not built with a super thick metal sheet as a silverstone or a lian li i had, but for the price you totally cant beat it, the quality is not of paint job, materials and everythind exceeds the price

Cons: fan controller doesnt work and im not the only one

Overall Review: NZXT is by far making it as they should, and this PC case looks like a Totally AlienWare-Crysis 2 PC and i have a Zalman 9900 that makes you think of the Cryengine 2 logo installed an LED white fan in the back just for looks and looks great

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