outstanding product for its price5/22/2017 9:57:56 AM

Pros: This is a review for the MSI MSI PE60 prestige, recently purchased from newegg. I am NOT a professional reviewer, but always like to give a fair review to a product, especially if it was not previously reviewed, as this was not when I bought it. I did read some reviews online, and not all of them are correct. Some of the reviews have glaring inaccuracies. I wanted to correct these reviews for buyers, so that you are aware. The number 1 issue reported here by online reviewers is that there is a slight purple tint to the screen out of the box. I can confirm for you that this is true. However, I can also confirm this is a problem easily solved: the off color tint is related to the MSI true color technology. I thought at first this tint might be related to the display or some problem with the video card… until I plugged it into my HD television. Upon doing this, I immediately noticed the tint also went through my TV, which I know is a fine display. That is when I started to play with the true color addition. It turns out that this is one of the most outstanding features of this laptop. It has video presets based upon why you are using your computer, and the moment I switched from the factory preset to “gaming” mode, the tint went away instantly and the display functioned normally. Once I knew this, the beauty of the true color became apparent to me. It allows my laptop to be used for more things than just gaming. Its built in flexibility to use it for other purposes. On to the more meaty review. The first thing I noticed out of the box is that, unlike other computers from MSI, this does not look like a gaming laptop. It lacks the badges and extras of other MSI products that I have seen and or used. However its not as important to look like a gaming laptop as it is to function like one (more on this in a moment). The brushed aluminum look looks a lot like the cheap laptops that my company buys for workstations. Indeed the only evidence that this is not some standard sight of notebook is the letters MSI added prominently to the back of the screen. If you handed this to 100 people who use laptops regularly and asked them what this computer was meant to function as, probably more than half would not guess it’s a gamer laptop until they opened up the screen and looked at the sticker to see what is inside. Other than the MSI label, it looks like a dell or HP office computer. Similarly, this game does not “feel” like other MSI products. Other products from MSI that I have seen are more heavy duty. You can feel it when you pick it up, they are normally built with a very sturdy construction. However, with this computer feels much less sturdy. It feels lighter weight. This is not a huge problem for me, as I plan to take care of my investment and treat it well. Once again in this area how it feels is less important than how it works. So how does it work? The benchmarks on line are all pretty much confirmed here. This product functions very well, and in line with a lot of other laptops I could have paid much more for. I noticed immediate improvement over my old computer in how well the computer performs. The GTX 1050 card works great, and provided improved performance on the software I use. Other, similar products testing in similar ranges, with similar hardware features started at around 1100 dollars. Through newegg I paid 850 and they sent me a back pack to haul it around in, given as a bonus by MSI. Once the true color was adjusted, I found the visuals crisp and seamless. I was able to, for instance, play world of warships on max settings with no performance problems.

Cons: Part 2. The outputs are all fine. This product features modern USB ports, and an HDMI port, all of which worked perfectly (except for the one I didn’t have the necessary cables for so I didn’t test it). I did wish it had an RGB port, as I like to use my HD TV as a monitor, and when you use the HDMI out on all computers there is generally a slight loss of the very edges of the screen. I have not been able to change the output to eliminate this, but know from my desktop that this isn’t an issue if you have RGB out. This lacks this, presumably as a weight saver. Its not a big enough issue to dissuade me from buying this product. The keyboard is nice and functional. Its fully responsive when I type on it. I like the bright backlighting on the keyboard, especially when I am in a place where its dark. Battery life is mediocre. I think part of the reason it feels less heavily constructed is that they may have saved weight on battery. This is not a huge concern for me, as I normally have it plugged in, but it is something to be aware of if you go places and want to use it without your cable. My bottom line on this product? You could spend a lot more money on an MSI product that looks more like a gaming laptop. You could pay 1200 dollars or more for a computer that functions in about the same way, that has the same or very similar components, and even that is made by the same company. But, if you want a computer that is under 900 bucks but functions like competition that costs over a thousand? If you want that, then this product is for you. I give this product 5 stars based upon cost to performance ratio.

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