As much a Joy as it is a Challenge!5/14/2015 9:48:40 AM

Pros: Pure eye-candy, this case is one of the few that are packing tempered glass for a side-panel, and the case's build is very solid despite being made out of brushed aluminum. There's a considerable amount of configuration options that are available for the components you're going to quite literally squeeze into this thing, and I have to applaud Lian-Li for the Power Supply bracket that allows you to position your PSU into one of four different locations (three up top, one on bottom near the HDD basket). There's also 35mm for cable management space behind the motherboard tray, making cable routing a breeze. The top of the case is built to accommodate water cooling, unlike the other tempered glass cases on the market, and should be considered a huge selling point to anyone looking for a case of this caliber who need a top mount for AIO's or Custom Loops. There's also a filter that's easy to slide in and out, though it requires you to separate the top from the rest of the case to access it. Overall, this case is extremely unique and presented a wonderful challenge in terms of build process. While I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with an intro-level building experience; anyone who knows their way around a computer build will surely enjoy the fruits of their efforts! It attracts a considerable amount of attention at LAN parties, which can both be a good thing and a bad thing in some circumstances!

Cons: -Radiator There's roughly 60mm of depth for radiators, but that also includes your FAN'S THICKNESS! Check Lian-Li's website for the dimensions. Most AIO's shouldn't have a problem, but if you have a Swiftech H220-X like me, the only way to mount it is to position it as far right as possible - with the pump closest to the faceplate. -Power Supply Your PSU can be mounted facing one of two directions - but you have to consider space for your power plug too! There's a mounting bracket for the PSU, and it can be installed in one of four locations (three up top, one above the HDD Basket). Due to my H220-X AIO and the fact that its pump is attached to the radiator, using the bottom mount was the only way to get it to fit and it will be a close call. Under normal circumstances however, the case will support PSU's about 220mm long. Also note that your PSU's color will bleed through the front panel if its not black. -Graphics/Add-on Card(s) The back panel shield is cut oddly; its going to be nearly impossible to attach any cables to the slot that faces closest to the glass UNLESS you remove the back shield. Lian-Li could've made the cutout a little bigger but this shouldn't be a deal breaker. You're also going to need PCI-E riser units for any additional cards you're going to install. The case supports 4 risers, but only ONE riser is included with the case. Its also relatively short, making it impossible to reach the top most PCI-E slot of most motherboards; which can cause some incompatibilities. If you're using an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme board like myself, do NOT install it in the bottom most PCI-E slot, as its only 8x and could potentially cause POST problems! -Cooling The case isn't very deep, so air cooling is limited. There's roughly 85mm of space between the board and glass. It's fairly compact inside, so you should expect some heat to bleed through the case itself. Your PSU will heat up the front panel and while it might be warm to the touch, it shouldn't damage anything. By default, the fans on top are set to blow air OUT of the case from the top. This negates the purpose of the filter that's installed there. If you're mounting an AIO, don't forget to flip those fans. That way, you're making use of the filter as well as utilizing fresh air from outside the case versus pushing heated case air through your radiator! A 140mm fan can be installed on the aluminum side panel opposite of the tempered-glass side. This will help blow cool air into the case and also includes a filter. Remember, your PSU WILL BE EXHAUSTING HOT AIR into the case's interior. Position your cooling solutions accordingly! -Case My biggest gripe about the case is that there's no reset button on the case's front panel. While superficial, this can become an overclocker's nightmare as there's no quick way to reset the system without pulling the physical plug! Accessing your PSU's hard-switch is impossible since its fully housed within the cas

Overall Review: The included instructions should be given a good reading, as a lot of the cases features need to be accessed in specific ways. This will also help you in figuring out how components should be installed as well. Besides, how many cases give you instructions these days? Also, when I first received this case, it arrived in a damaged state as the tempered glass was chipped in the upper right-hand corner. The glass didn't shatter, but the chipped damage was very evident. While Newegg instructed me to RMA the WHOLE package, I instead opted to ask Lian-Li for a direct replacement. The next business day I received an email reply from Lian-Li stating that a new pane of tempered glass was en-route to me free of charge. Absolutely incredible support from them, and I'd strongly recommend any of their products to anyone who's interested. Thank you, Lian-Li, for designing yet another show-stopping piece of gear and for your incredible customer support!

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In all honesty, I expected this...2/13/2009 11:56:05 PM

Pros: Well... it cooled the harddrive decently when it still worked... Don't be tempted by this, the frustration is not worth the price.

Cons: Oh where to start... First off, Thermaltake must have perfected the fine art of planned device failures, cause this enclosure bit it a week after its 1 year warranty expired. More in "Other Thoughts". To resume, when I first received the device and began to drop a harddrive in it, I took immediate note of the flimsy exterior metal. One can easily bend a plate with their hands, or by accident on who knows what. Heaven forbid if you remove both plates at once, chances are you'll either break or lose a piece of plastic trying to get the thing back together. Both side plates of the enclosure I received are relatively bent inwards, making it an annoying endeavor to put it back together. Another gripe I have about this is that its power adapter box is so close to the outlet plug (less than two feet away) that it would've made more sense for them to put the plug and adapter together so that the rest is just one solid cord. It's cheap (or was when I bought it), and definitely feels che

Overall Review: Allow me to explain how the product failure went. So, I go to turn on my external and out of the blue the switch will not "click" all the way. The enclosure itself turned on (somewhat), but the fan didn't work and the harddrive wouldn't even spin up. I unplugged the enclosure and worked the switch a little bit, getting it to click completely like usual. So I plugged it in and tried again, but still got the same issue. Enclosure on, no fan, no harddrive. Whats sad is that the enclosure worked just fine the day prior. I've also tried to get in contact with Thermaltake Support via their homepage support form, but that was about three weeks ago by now. I was kinda hoping they'd give me a "grace" period, since the enclosure failed so conveniently after its warranty expired, but I haven't even gotten a single word back. Heck, not even binary. I'm extremely dissatisfied with my experience with this enclosure and I'd advise you, potential buyers, to reconsider a better alternative.

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Manufacturer Response:
Skie, We are sorry for your experience. For help in the North American market please visit and not our global site at You may also email us at Also, this enclosure has a 3 year warranty.
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jealousy inducer1/6/2006 3:46:24 PM

Pros: Modernly stylish Good Airflow Fan Controller Cool looking guages and LEDS

Cons: Somewhat Flimsy material. Just be careful with it. Only two 80mm fans included with case. No included instructions. Short Temperature Probe.

Overall Review: First off the case looks WAY better in person. This thing looks great in the dark with five fans, illuminates my whole workstation in a nice neon blue. When you have five fans, it can be a bit loud but thats what the fan controller is for. Put the fans down to 50% and you'll hardly notice them. My friend had recently upgraded his gamer with some new parts, however he didn't upgrade his case. When I showed him this baby I could see the jealousy in his eyes. Its pretty much the same story for everyone who's seen this case.

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