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My Desktop replacement solution!12/16/2011 2:42:31 PM

Pros: I recently upgraded from an old Desktop to a Desktop replacement laptop. I probably discconect and reconnect from this thing several times a day. Hook up is instant! It remembers everything, including screen placements (though that's actually my computer doing the "remembering") So unhooking and taking into a client meeting, then comming back to my desk and plugging in is flawless, instant and easy. I'm currently using dual moniters (the computer and 1 attached screen) but I've tested it with a second monitor attached and it works great.

Cons: I paid a lot more on Lenovo's website, should've looked on newegg first!

Overall Review: Happy as a clam in the mud!

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Great buy for the money!9/20/2010 8:02:03 AM

Pros: Price, size, feel, overall a great mouse. I was skeptical about buying another wireless mouse (I seem to have bad luck with just about any brand out there, I'm where bad mice go when they die) But this one has been great, tiny receiver plugs in great and stays out of the way. I have this in the back of my desktop underneath my desk. Most wireless devices seem to have problems and need the receiver to be on top of my desk. Also very impressed with battery life, even on rechargeable I usually last about a month an a half or more. (though I do turn it off at the end of work each day)

Cons: None!

Overall Review: It's a standard to somewhat larger sized mouse and for me has a very comfortable feel. I don't use the side buttons (on any mouse) but it seems to me that these buttons are in an awkward location, which is good cause you don't accidentaly hit them but it seems unnatural to use them as well.

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Can't Beat the Price5/17/2010 12:51:27 PM

Pros: PRICE PRICE PRICE! Can't believe how much laptop you can get for under $500 bucks. Fast, Not overloaded with freebies & trial software (Other than your basics)

Cons: DVD drive is VERY loud. Only 2 USB ports

Overall Review: I bought this for business use for an employee who sometimes works from home. It was more than sufficent, very basic, "No Frills" but at the same time you can't really say you're missing anything either. Any complaints could all be attributed to "Not Wanting to Pay More" I know what I could get for another $100-$200 bucks or so but this had everything I need. Great Shipping Newegg! (Two days ahead of schedual)

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Phenomenal Cosmic Power!7/10/2008 7:01:56 AM

Pros: I simply can't believe how much storage space is on something so small for such a low price. I'm using it in my Blackberry Pearl. Had to restart the phone to get to recognize the card but other than that no hitches. Also comes with an adapter, which makes it easy to swap photos and so forth.

Cons: A USB adapter would've come in handy but at this price wasn't expected. Not really a Con.

Overall Review: How can you go wrong? Espcially at this price, I've seen 1 Gig cards in the store for twice the price. Easy, Cheap...Get it!

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