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Very good for what it does

MASSCOOL VF1 Dual Heat Pipes VGA Cooler
MASSCOOL VF1 Dual Heat Pipes VGA Cooler

Pros: This item does attach to the 9800 gt EE (energy efficient ). Fits firmly with no problems.

Cons: The worst part of this item is that it is very bulky, so if your doing SLI or anything like that it may not work out for you. Also because it is a liquid passive cooler you MUST have some kind of fan action to move the heat away from the sink. Once you order this product they show there is a similar version that includes a fan however this is not product.

Overall Review: Very good heat sink, just make sure you have good fan in your case to move air around the card to prevent lock ups.

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Stole my money

seller will not send items I paid for fairly, because they are jacking up the price to astronomical levels.

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