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Awesome speakers6/10/2013 8:37:34 PM

Pros: These speakers are some of the best speakers I have heard. I questioned the bi-polar aspect of the speakers, but now I am a believer. These have a very balanced sound, slightly on the bright side, but I like it that way. Very clear and open sounding. Bass response is good for a 5.25. Never boomy always accurate. They have their limits, but will go pretty loud without distortion. They are small and good looking, no fake wood vinyl wrap stuff here. They are heavy for such a small speaker(good construction) and being small adds to the placement options. you can have these 6 or 8 inches from a wall and still stick out less than other bulky speakers.

Cons: Nothing too bad, the specs for all Definitive speakers seem to be exaggerated note that they don't give the +/- x db rating with the frequency response. The low range of these is definitely overstated just look at other speakers with 5.25 drivers, cross them over at 70 or 80 and get a good sub. They do a decent job at 2.0 channel, but you miss the extreme low frequency stuff. The tops will fall off when you tilt them to connect the terminals on the bottom. Not able to bi amp. placement is tricky, but not as bad as some people say.

Overall Review: In my opinion these are the best speakers newegg sells. They usually have a great price when they are in stock. I want to buy another set for surrounds as you can place them sideways on the back wall and get good dispersion of sound. I have these matched with a mythos 3 center, or mis matched rather. Sounds good to me, but I believe the appropriate matching center was too large and out of my price range. I believe they share the same tweeter, but the midrange drivers are a different size which gives them a slightly different tone. Def Tech is known for their supertowers with built in subs, but I'd rather have these and a separate sub. I wish the egg had the 6.5inch woofer version, but the bottom line is these are very nice speakers.

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Not a good Home Theater Speaker6/10/2013 8:06:17 PM

Pros: They sound OK in 2 channel stereo with music. You can play them loud and they don't complain except for boomy bass.

Cons: Used in home theater the vocals were very hard to understand. The bass is boomy and the treble is muffled. They are very big and the appearance is questionable.

Overall Review: I wanted something that was good in 2.0 channel as well as home theater. I own 2 other sets of speakers that the egg sells, and these just don't compare. If you don't mind EQing them you can get decent sound, Just the vocal frequency range is bad for spoken material. I was really disappointed in these. They are currently in my basement used for 2 channel music and are OK for that.

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