2/12/2009 2:23:46 PM

Pros: Did I say "small"????? This is the first functional true laptop I had....and my fist personal laptop. Most others (work) I had over 8 years were 6 lb Dells or even Macbook Pro, that were great but too heavy to carry when traveling. It has pretty much all one needs. My model had only 80 GB hard disk (2x40 GB partiitons), but otherwise the same as model shown. I mostly use it when I travel - edit pictures while on an airplane, casual web browsing and e-mail. 1 GB memory is fine for now. Price!!!!!!! I mean <$400 now....I bought mine in August of 2008 for $550. And it's only 3 lb!

Cons: There are a lot of these: 1. Touchpad buttons are stiff 2. Right shift key (Hello Asus!!!!) 3. Fan is noisy when watching videos on you tube and other tubes :-))) 4. After 6 months of use, battery is more like 4 hr with or without wireless. (which is still not bad, but the selling point is all day battery). 5. Forget 20-second boot. It takes more than 2 minutes once you have antivirus and reg mechanic and other security pieces... 6. Atom processor is just too slow. It freezes your browser for scrolling if you watch any online video. Though, it works great for online video conferencing. 7. N instead of G wireless would have been nice... 8. Vertical resolution of 600 is just not enough for most modern web pages.... 9. HD gives some clicking noises....cannot wait for SSD to get in a reasonable price range to swap it out...

Overall Review: Despite cons, I would not go back to a full 15" laptop....EVER! So, get it!!!!

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2/12/2009 1:45:40 PM

Pros: My previous system is Athlon XP2600, about 5 years old, but still rocks. Though it's starting to fail powering USB devices. I bought this one in August '08, but other than once or twice of being turned on, it was in the box till December. Now I started using it more often, still moving data from the old machine. This is a nice, fast system. I don't play games (where do people find time????), but sometimes do video conversions and such, and this system is much faster than the old one.

Cons: Very very very noisy. I mean, my home-assembled old computer is better and it is fairly loud, too....I'm looking into changing the CPU cooler (~$60)....but those tall MB capacitors are very close to the CPU. Second...well, it has VISTA....Hard disk is a bit to desire, but I added in January '09 a new 640 GB HD from Newegg for about $75. Lacks Firewire port.

Overall Review: Other than a noise factor, this is a pretty solid system. Newegg rocks!

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12/25/2006 10:31:14 AM

Pros: Easy to use (just plug in). Readout fantastic - can leave a device on it for hours and see how many kWh is burned over time. I played with almost all devices at home. A lot of surprises: DVR uses 20 W when in stand-by.

Cons: Will block the other (top) power plug on the dual plug home outlet.

Overall Review: Very useful device. Worth every dollar spent!

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12/25/2006 10:26:35 AM

Pros: Easy to install, Software is good. Lots of option formats to record to. CPU usage low (<15%). Spikes to 50% when recording mpeg4 (Athlon XP2600+). Can watch whatever you do (if you have a big monitor).

Cons: Tuner picture quality not superior. Picture freezes on a previous channel if changing channels too fast (audio switches though). Remote use is somewhat unusual (every time need to push TV button before other buttons). If you connect tuner directly to sound card you cannot mute sound. Sharp noise when switching channels.

Overall Review: Despite cons, this is a good tuner card for the price.

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