Respectable Micro-ATX Case Option5/14/2021 7:19:06 PM

Pros: (2) ARGB fans (as pictured) with options to connect directly to an ARGB header on the motherboard. Physical ARGB controller included for motherboards without an ARGB header. Power supply shroud with flexible mounting options for SSDs and internal 3.5" drive bays. Plenty of space above the motherboard for AIO or additional fans. Mesh front provides sufficient intake for cooling purposes. Reasonable footprint. Ample tie-down points on the rear for cable management. Good clearance behind the motherboard. Magnetic filter for the top.

Cons: Punch-out expansion slots. Metal on the rear of the chassis isn't the most structurally rigid when compared to other cases in this class. 3.5" drive cage may need to be removed if a sizable modular power supply is installed.

Overall Review: The MasterBox MB311L is a pretty solid value for the dollar. As noted in the cons, the only things that felt lacking or deficient involved the punch-out expansion slot covers and the lack of rigidity for the rear of the case. Building a system using this enclosure presented minimal challenges and ample room exists for routing all cables. While the dimensions are on the small-side compared to prior cases I've owned, it hits all of the right marks where it matters most. No clearance issues were encountered installing a Sapphire Radeon RX 6700 XT. Openings from the backside exist almost exactly where you'd want them for front panel connections, EPS12V, 24-pin power, and GPU power feeds. The ARGB splitter included and pre-wired in the case has provisions for "everyone other than Gigabyte" and Gigabyte. Not having to manage those cables was appreciated. The install of an EVGA 650 G+ modular PSU with Cablemod cables benefitted from removing the internal 3.5" drive cage. Overall, it's a good value case.

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Price/Performance MVP5/14/2021 6:57:17 PM

Pros: Keeps the Ryzen 7 5800X well cooled. Not extremely tall. Viable for smaller cases. Aesthetically pleasing. Sufficient quantity of thermal paste included. Fan mounting brackets are less likely to bend fins.

Cons: Mounting system is slightly inferior to competing products (Be Quiet!, Noctua). No ARGB variant.

Overall Review: Having prior experience with the value MVP Hyper 212, I decided to go with the RGB Black edition since AMD has stopped including coolers with Ryzen 5000-series processors (7 and 9). The directions were sufficient for configuring the backplate and heatsink for an AM4 processor. It took longer to snap or screw the miscellaneous parts together than it did to install the finished product. The fan mounting brackets are superior to the wired clips that competing products utilize. The lower vertical height of the cooler will be beneficial for smaller tower builds. In a micro-ATX case, the top of the cooler isn't coming close to making contact with the window. The one egg reduction is not related to the performance or value of the Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition. Once you've experienced any other cooling solution that uses the stock backplate, having to modify the configuration of a plastic backplate and connecting it to threaded bolts feels rather archaic by comparison. The lack of an ARGB model presents its own challenges if part of your design goals includes consistent visualization patterns. The 12v RGB headers don't sync perfectly with ARGB fans or internal illumination (motherboard, memory) that is enabled. If an ARGB edition exists and Cooler Master works out a method to use the stock backplate, it would be a five egg product. However, there's slight room for improvement. Overall, I'm happy with the price and performance offered in this newer revision of a timeless, air cooling classic.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Fills the nostalgia fix!9/7/2019 1:21:33 PM

Pros: Price Experience using the built-in screen and joystick

Cons: Power supply not included with International version

Overall Review: I've been impressed with the games on the integrated screen. It's a real blast from the past to play the included library of titles.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great value for a FreeNAS build!9/7/2019 1:18:47 PM

Pros: 8 core Atom HSF does its job well (4) 1Gb NICs AsRock management interface uses HTML5 or Java for the KVM No licensing costs for remote management 13 SATA ports total Includes SFF-8643 cabling

Cons: Requires adjusting BIOS to utilize all 13 drives Sole expansion slot reduced from x8 to x4 when enabling Profile 2 (to use all SATA ports) Header for power/reset/activity lights is in line with the expansion slot and may be problematic to use depending on dimensions of installed adapter

Overall Review: The AsRock C3750D4I-4L almost matches the competitors offerings at a decent discount. After confirming on the manufacturer's website that none of the SATA ports are serviced by a Marvell or other non-Intel adapter, I purchased this board as the foundation for a FreeNAS build. Performance has been very solid. The CPU fan can be loud when operating at or near full speed which would be expected based on its size. Operational temps in an Antec P101 silent case are exceptional and the fan cannot be heard. With 13 SATA ports available (after going into the BIOS and selecting "Profile 2", it's possible to build a comprehensive and solid performance storage server/solution. The board had no issues accepting 128GB of DDR4-2400 Registered ECC memory. Excluding potential challenges related to the front panel header (if this would be paired with a long GPU), no issues were encountered. Firmware of the unit I received was fully up to date. AsRock did very well with this board and I'd recommend it for low-power or storage-related applications!

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Very Solid Case for Storage Applications or Sound-Sensitive Builds9/7/2019 1:10:03 PM

Pros: Sound deadening materials applied to side panels Sufficient room for cable routing and management on the backside Single 5.25" bay hidden behind the front panel door Decent mounting system for 3.5" drives Very sturdy Includes all fans and a fan controller

Cons: Sound deadening materials may be slightly loose on the edges (YMMV) Molex connection required for fan controller

Overall Review: Purchased this case as the foundation for a FreeNAS setup. Assembly of the system within this enclosure was uneventful. Cutouts behind the mounts for the 3.5" bays make it fairly easy to establish data and power connections with the drives installed. There is less room behind the motherboard in comparison to the P110 Luce (which I also own) so a bit of time and effort will be required to route everything if you're loading this case up to the gills with storage. I equipped the 5.25" bay with an Icy Dock 2.5" drive hot swap enclosure to provide a total of 12 bays of storage capacity. The only thing I hear when the system posts is the initial ramp up/test of the 40mm fan on the CPU of the installed motherboard. During normal operation, you'll barely hear any utilized hard drives. While this case is much larger than traditional retail NAS units with hot swap bays, it's a pretty solid compromise when considering that the drives will receive ample airflow to keep within the desired specification for reliable operation. The lack of windows, RGB and other flair on this case make it a solid contender for builds where the focus is on quiet operation with good airflow.

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Solid Performance from a Reference Board Design8/4/2019 8:47:04 AM

Pros: Draws less power than the outgoing Vega 64 Draws a LOT less power than the outgoing Vega 64 Fits well in a Mini ITX Case Additional space next to the 6-pin power connector allows the unused pins to remain attached for a clean look Very impressive performance from a mid-range card

Cons: Card does not come in an anti-static bag Current "game bundle" adds minimal value

Overall Review: While I've had great luck with my last few AMD GPUs, the power draw and heat generation of a Vega 64 resulted in a new all-time high electric bill. As I game at 1440p, the RX 5700 series cards appeared to fit the bill with the right level of performance at a considerable electricity savings. Initial reviews showed solid performance at a much lower power draw. The combo deal involving the CPU that I selected cemented by decision on the 5700 over the 5700 XT. Using Furmark to stress test the GPU, the blower kicked in and did its job well while generating less noise than the Vega 64's blower. Gaming in all titles I've tried thus far have produced 60+ FPS with the settings cranked. For a balance between performance and power draw, the 5700 is truly the sweet spot if you're in the AMD camp. I'm so impressed with this card that I'll be buying another for the Razer Core X attached to my 2018 Mac mini once the driver support for Navi is officially included.

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Fairly good value for the price7/27/2019 6:54:39 AM

Pros: 32" Display IPS Panel Price Pre-attached monitor stand

Cons: Uneven backlighting Anomalies with FreeSync enabled which require power cycling the monitor

Overall Review: Grabbed this monitor when it was on sale to replace a 1080p widescreen display. Build quality is solid for the price point and the display had 0 dead pixels. Overall colors are good. The backlighting is a bit stronger in the corners but will only be noticed on an all-black screen. There's some errant behavior present when enabling FreeSync. Coming out of sleep, the monitor will occasionally go all white. This behavior also manifested in the middle of a game. In these cases, powering the monitor on and off restores the picture. However, it's a bit slow to initialize (8-10 seconds) and may result in a loss of progress or a game depending on what you're playing. Turning FreeSync off on the monitor prevents this issue from occurring. Sans FreeSync, I'd give the monitor 5 eggs.

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Incredible value for the money!2/5/2019 2:06:07 PM

Pros: The P110 Luce has a clean appearance and a price tag that is hard to match. The feet are incredibly sturdy and provide an ideal gap for allowing fresh air to reach the power supply's cooling system. The combination of the full length PSU/hard drive shroud provides ample room to initiate the basis of a clean cable layout. The cable management x GPU support bracket shares come commonality with competing designs (primarily NZXT's solution in the H500 series cases). The adjustments that can be made to the GPU support element will accommodate non-standard adapters that may sag due to the weight of the attached cooler. Support for up to three fans on the front, two on the top, and one in the rear of the case will meet all practical cooling setups which would be required to support the installed hardware. The backside of the case is incredibly generous with how much room you'll have to route and manage cables. In addition to the previously mentioned bracket and cable channel, there are a generous number of tie-off points for zip ties to further streamline the cable management process. The overall depth between the back side and the associated panel would allow mounting of various controllers (RGB, LED lighting, powered fan splitters) via double-sided adhesive with virtually no risk of problems reattaching the panel. Removal of both side panels was a pleasant experience thanks to the use of proper thumb screws. Support for up to (4) 3.5" hard drives is paired with a custom mount for up to (2) 2.5" drives on the back of the case. Mounting provisions for the 3.5" drives is most similar to what you'll find in a Fractal Design case. The rubber supports and associated screws do an excellent job of muting the sounds of drive access. The 2.5" drive bracket and the two 3.5" hard drive brackets that reside on top of the power supply shroud slide and lock into place via raised tabs. A thumb screw completes the process of securing installed devices. As this case lacks a reset button or drive activity lights, the front panel header connection consists of a cable for the power button. That's it! Simple as can be! I did not use the HDMI cable included in the case to reroute the output to the front panel. While this would be beneficial for a VR setup as noted in the marketing materials, my use case for this computer case didn't warrant routing and connecting the cable. The included dust filters hold firm and are easy enough to access and remove when cleaning is required.

Cons: While Antec did an exceptional job with the design and noted benefits in the Pros section of this review, there are some minor deficiencies that may not be readily apparent when looking at the pictures or reading the professional reviews that are available on external technical websites. While the case does provide capacity for four drive bays, the two caddies that sit on top of the power supply shroud may not be usable without making concessions if a standard ATX motherboard is used. The inverse mounting of the drives within the caddies will result in undue stress on the drive connections if the corresponding front port header cables are attached (HD audio and USB 3 respectively). This would be less of an issue if the caddies provided an alternative method to secure hard drives in a non-inverted manner. Additionally, the Antec logo that is illuminated on the power supply shroud is not RGB capable. This feels like an odd design choice as the front logo is RGB capable and can be adjusted via the LED button next to the power button. While the simple bypass involves not providing a molex connection for the shroud logo's power source, the multi-port RGB controller that is built into the case would provide a better value if it controlled both points of illumination that are native to the case. Finally, it was a bit of an adjustment to not "pop in" the I/O shield as is standard procedure in every case I've used over the past six years. While it can be installed in this manner, you'll be scratching your head as to why a 1" or greater gap exists between the shield and the motherboard. There are two guides that allow the shield to be aligned properly. The floating design itself is not a real deficiency; it's simply counterintuitive if you've been building systems in other brands of cases.

Overall Review: The last time I purchased an Antec case would have been the Nine Hundred model back in the late 2000's. While it served its purpose, other manufacturers have produced cases with the desired features sets from a storage, expansion, form-factor, or cooling capability perspective. I'm simply blown away by the P110 Luce case at its existing price. Antec hit a home run with this solution. Ample room for just about anything you'd want to install. Incredibly solid construction.

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An Idea Vega6412/2/2018 10:59:59 AM

Pros: Much quieter than the reference blower design Solid construction Great performance for the money

Cons: HEAVY card - it came with a support bracket to handle the weight

Overall Review: Purchased this to replace a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti for video editing purposes. While it's not going to produce 1080 Ti framerates from the gaming perspective and may consume more power under load (sans WattMan tweaks and optimizations), it has been a champ for Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Strange Brigade, and other newer games at 4K. Now that Vega64 is back down to MSRP (or less), the value proposition is very real. This is a rather beefy card with a well designed cooling solution. For those that do not have reinforced PCI-E slots on their motherboards, it would be recommended to use the included support bracket. I've since moved this card into a Razer Core X TB3 eGPU enclosure and it's been providing great professional workload acceleration and gaming experiences on a Mac. It may be difficult to find these cards in stock, but the low noise level and solid built quality makes finding the Nitro+ a worthwhile endeavor.

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Best Price for DDR4-2666 SODIMMS12/2/2018 10:53:11 AM

Pros: Works perfectly with the 2018 Mac mini. Price G.Skill quality

Cons: None

Overall Review: Purchased these to upgrade 2 2018 Mac minis without paying the Apple Tax. Both systems were happy with the memory. Newegg's current price is $50 less than competing Crucial memory. Taking the time to execute on the 18-step tear down of the mini to install this kit results in an almost $400 savings. Quality product from G.Skill!

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The Cadillac of Monolithic Tower Cases7/9/2018 5:15:51 PM

Pros: While full tower and larger cases may not be everyone's cup of tea, those who may be building a workstation or require ample cooling or large storage capacities will be well served with the Cosmos II. The "two person lift" label on the top of the package is a solid recommendation due to the weight of the product. Unpacking it took a few minutes, as did gathering up the myriad of cables that are available. The integrated fan controller is fairly robust and relies on Molex connections to power the fans. The various configurations and options supported by the Cosmos II will meet or exceed all use cases. Transferring components from a prior case to the Cosmos II didn't incur any challenges. The front panel digital fan controller supports 3-pin fans and provides 2-pin connections for compatible LED cooling products. Adequate ventilation is present throughout the design. The hinged and easily removable doors provide a comfortable process, even for those with large hands. The sliding door on the front covers a generous amount of 5.25" bays and the two included hard drive docks. There will be some exceptions as to what can be easily used in these externally accessible bays, but most single-bay products should fit without issue. With the generous quantity of fans that are included, no excessive noise was encountered. Cranking the fan controller to maximum speed results in a barely audible noise level, which is appreciated after briefly using a Chenbro server case. The incredible amount of tool free 3.5" hard drive mounting bays will enable provisioning of a RAID array that can accommodate the largest of Steam libraries. The cooling solutions surrounding the lower drive section and the middle of the front of the case provides adequate cooling for 7200 RPM disks.

Cons: No case is perfect. The quibbles are minor and don't necessarily warrant a score reduction if this form factor is required for making an expandable and fairly quiet workstation-class solution Height should be double checked depending on install location. The handles on top barely prevented this case from fitting underneath my desk. I've rearranged my office around this case and have received very positive comments from those who have seen it in person (friends, contractors, the cable guy, etc). The width of the 5.25" bays are strict in tolerance and prevented the installation of a multi-bay hot swap cage. You may be able to do some shaving/sanding to get "slightly wider than normal" items to fit. LED attachments for the fan controller add additional clutter that needs to be tied off/managed. As this isn't a windowed case, the only appearance of LED cooling solutions will involve a subtle glow through the vents. Many of the full kits come with a dedicated controller that connects to an internal USB 2.0 port. The value add of RGB support versus allowing higher voltage fans per channel is left to personal tastes and requirements. Minor inconvenience if you're not going to use these connections

Overall Review: Purchasing this case is truly an investment. You won't _need_ another case for many years to come. It's been years since I've owned a Cooler Master case, and the Cosmos II fulfilled all current and future needs.

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10 Gb Ethernet and Dual NVMe M.2 Drive Slots in a single card solution!7/9/2018 4:39:04 PM

Pros: The QM2-2P10G1T provides a reasonable gateway to adding dual NVMe SSDs for caching and a 10Gb Ethernet adapter to compatible QNAP NAS units. The instructions provided were easy to follow. Removal of the heatsink/fan combo simply involves removing the screws in each corner. The included support attachments and thermal pads ensure the appropriate space exists between the NVMe drives and the PCB, as well as provides a way to achieve the necessary thermal transfer between the SSD controller and the heatsink. The three included brackets enable support for all installation use cases for this adapter. The length of this card prevented its use in one of the half height slots in a QNAP TS-1277. Replacing the half height bracket with the full height bracket enabled an easy install and attachment in the middle section of the NAS. Considering that an Aquantia-based 10Gb NIC is at least $100 on its own, getting two NVMe slots and a solid cooling solution makes this a pretty amazing value.

Cons: While the thermal pads for the SSD controller are the correct size, use of the smaller pads for the memory modules and cache may require some creative trimming. This isn't worth knocking an egg off of the rating, but should be noted.

Overall Review: Newegg quelled my concerns when the third party seller provided the wrong tracking number for the order. The QM2-2P10G1T makes a fine addition for all compatible QNAP NAS models that do not have an integrated 10Gb Ethernet port.

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Incredibly Powerful QNAP NAS7/9/2018 4:18:52 PM

Pros: This unit is a BEAST! Purchased the TS-1277-1700-16G from Newegg after that other large eCommerce retailer never shipped me the newer version of this model. The primary difference between the TS-1277 and the TS-1277X is the native inclusion of 10Gb Ethernet on the X model. Replacing the stock 16 GB of memory with a 16 GB x 4 G.Skill FORTIS kit and adding the 10Gb Ethernet/Dual NVMe M.2 PCI Express adapter resulted in exactly what I wanted at a considerable savings. There is ample room inside the NAS to address upgrades, and the locking mechanism for the 2.5" and 3.5" bays are nice. While not as secure as a keyed solution, it's more than adequate for preventing drives from arbitrarily being ejected. The actual upgrade process is fairly intuitive. After approximately 20 minutes, I had the new memory and the QM2 adapter installed and the cover reinstalled. While the completion of my storage pool is going to take at least a day to complete, the initial performance encountered while flinging things between my system and the NAS is a huge upgrade over bonded interfaces on competing products. The Ryzen 7 is more than capable of handling intense workloads (i.e. Plex DVR + streaming + other apps being used). The best part is that this all happens within a lower noise footprint than my computer or the prior combo of dedicated host + competing NAS product. QNAP certainly did well on balancing the noise profile and cooling capabilities for this product.

Cons: While the price may be considered a con since it's in a completely different bracket than the majority of consumer-oriented NAS offerings, there's enough value add between available apps and the generous quantity of externally addressable hot swap bays. Attempting to build something with equal or greater expansion capacity can be done for less. Doing so in the volume of space that this NAS takes up won't be a reality until some Tier 1 OEM offers a Mini ITX board with an adequate quantity of SATA connections. The other feature that may be a con (but can be disabled) involves the voice notifications for NAS activities that come from the integrated speaker. This may be helpful when a drive or other adjunct component fails, but a verbally announced reboot at 4:00 a.m. that has not had the notification suppressed may be an issue for light sleepers. These are the only things that come to mind with respect to what could be evaluated as something negative and are purely subjective.

Overall Review: QNAP continues to innovate and provides NAS solutions that addressed any potential use case. If you need ample storage and expansion capabilities while moving to a hyper converged solution (Virtualization Station + 8 core Ryzen + 64 GB RAM = run some VMs without worrying about degraded performance), the QNAP TS-1277 should be on your short list of COTS NAS solutions. Continued refinement of capabilities, the enhancements in the newer versions of QTS, and an ever growing app store make this a purchase that will serve its user well for years to come!

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Amazing air-cooling solution for a Core i7-6700K CPU7/6/2018 2:12:42 PM

Pros: Very reasonable price. Lower profile than competing offerings. Push cooling method dictates alignment of the heatsink. Better-than-expected temperatures for the size and number of fans. FIRM mounting methods with a stable mounting bracket.

Cons: Wasn't free. Doesn't tell me I'm handsome. I didn't find this one sooner.

Overall Review: Based off of the other 5 egg reviews that other customers had given to this cooler, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. Initial research on the predecessors to the Freezer i11 were favorable, which reduced the potential for remorse on going with a brand that deviates from my experiences with products made by competing manufacturers. Upon opening the box, carefully separating the included hardware, and reviewing the included directions, I knew this was the right decision. The quality of construction is absolutely fantastic. No major blemishes or unevenness was noted on the base. The setup for attaching the mounting mechanisms to the base was a pain-free endeavor requiring the installation of four small screws. The plastic backplate feels solid enough to support the weight of the cooler, and the 3M adhesive required no explanation. Initial concerns about the support bracket touching the capacitors around the CPU socket were unfounded. Installing this unit was far easier than my last experience with an aftermarket cooler (Cooler Master 212 Plus). Upon power-up, the fan began spinning without issue. Adequate clearance exists for using standard-profile DIMMs without issue. If your memory has excessive heatsink bling, you may have an issue using one or two slots closest to the cooler (again, depending on how you mount it). The Arctic MX-4 paste comes in a mess-free applicator with more than enough to cover the area of the heatsink identified in the directions. As many others have noted, do not place copious amounts of paste on the heatsink. A light coating was all that was required. With the system in operation, light loads average around 23-25 C and intensive loads (gaming, video transcoding) peak at 43-46C. These numbers are even lower than what I had achieved using the Hyper 212 Plus with 2 120mm fans. The single 92mm fan does its job well. Under load, the fan is barely audible with the computer is sitting next to me. I've aligned the cooler so that it exhausts toward the rear, directly into the 120 mm fan on the back of the case. With proper installation, this cooler does not move or wiggle - you will know it's installed and will stay in place for the long haul. The capability to support a 150W TDP for both Socket 2011 and Socket 115x processors make this cooler a winner with longevity!

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DOA Card which Newegg No Long Carries Directly5/9/2018 10:18:40 AM

Pros: Solid build quality Heatsink is visually striking Switches on top to adjust the colors of the GPU Tach LEDs

Cons: Dead on arrival Unable to be replaced as Newegg no longer carries it directly

Overall Review: My luck with AMD-based cards over the past three years has been very hit or miss. I encountered an early life failure with a Sapphire R9 Fury (died in two weeks), had great success with the XFX cards (R9 Fury Nano and RX Vega 64), and have now experienced receipt of a dead on arrival Radeon Vega Frontier Edition. Update (5/9/2018): Newegg refunded me on this purchase and explained that they will no longer be carrying the card.

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Beast of a processor4/30/2018 9:11:18 AM

Pros: More cores and threads than one may know what to do with Processor and underlying motherboard ecosystem enabling building a computer that will stand the test of time Slick packaging, specialized torx wrench for install, and Asetek bracket for AIO coolers

Cons: Price

Overall Review: I've been astonished with the performance of the Threadripper 1950X. While the initial motherboard I received experienced an early life failure, Newegg took care of it through the standard RMA process and provided replacement components in a timely manner. I've paired the processor with a Gigabyte Aorus X399 motherboard and Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 cooler. This system has delivered performance beyond expectation. Workflows for video transcoding, video editing, and gaming have been incredibly smooth and quick to execute. Batch queues in Handbrake fly, and seeing all 32 threads being taxed at 80% or greater utilization is impressive. While the Threadripper is not going to win every benchmark, it represents a fantastic value for a processor that can slice and dice multi threaded workloads and still offer plenty of performance in the gaming arena. The only recommendation I'd have is to be sure you've done sufficient research on the memory and motherboard that will be used with this processor. The increase in available cooling solutions for the TR4 socket, when combined with a newer BIOS that contains the updated AGESA code base, makes the system build and tuning process easier than it was at launch.

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Defects abound and Samsung will NOT support their product4/30/2018 8:47:08 AM

Pros: Large screen real estate 100Hz refresh rate

Cons: Developed multiple dead pixels Developed a "popping" sound while in sleep mode that was similar to water dripping on a surface Samsung support portal will not recognize valid serial numbers Extreme flickering when using the most aggressive FreeSync setting Dead pixels are normal and do not warrant repairing or replacing an almost $1000 monitor

Overall Review: I purchased this monitor as part of a Radeon Pack along with an XFX Vega 64. My last Samsung display, which was a 40" LCD TV set, developed burn-in that is more commonly associated with with plasma technology. Initial adjustments to the 1500R curvature of the display took some time to get used to. Framerate with the Vega 64 at an ultrawide 1440p resolution were very reasonable. However, the highest FreeSync setting incurred significant backlight strobing and flickering. Continued use of this monitor with a lesser setting was fine for about sixty days. This is when the dead pixels started occurring. Over a six month period, two dead pixels manifested. One is in the center of the screen, and the other is over on the right hand side of the screen. A few weeks ago, while the monitor was in standby mode, I heard a sound coming from my office that was indicative of water dropping on a solid surface. I scrambled to determine if there was a leak in the roof that was coming through the ceiling, only to find that it was the monitor making this noise. A power cycle solved the issue. I contacted Samsung today to have the monitor serviced as these types of behaviors and the dead pixels would not normally occur with competing products. Their website refused to acknowledge the serial number of the monitor as being valid. The alternate path to obtaining service required calling in and speaking with a customer service representative. They followed their script and asserted that there's nothing wrong and I just need to live with the problems with this unit. If we're talking about an inexpensive refurbished monitor with a very short warranty, I'd accept the dead pixels and call it a day. As this was a non-trivial purchase that is used for media editing and gaming, I can't "unsee" the dead pixels and all freely available "pixel unstick" utilities were unable to bring them back to life. The combination of poor support web site functionality, a problematic monitor that will not be fixed under an alleged three year warranty, and the inability of Samsung to do the right thing results in a 1 egg score. I would not recommend this monitor in any way, shape or form. If you like setting piles of money on fire and are willing to accept a subpar product with no support in the event of multiple flaws, feel free to purchase this. If you value your technology investments and have a reasonable expectation that a display with multiple errors would be covered under a standard warranty, pick any other brand and enjoy a more reliable display that is covered by a higher level of support.

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Incredible Bargain!4/24/2018 9:29:31 AM

Pros: Sub-$400 price on sale No dead pixels FreeSync support 4K resolution Vivid and fairly accurate color reproduction out of the box Deep Color Support (HDMI connections) Easy to assemble and attach adjustable stand

Cons: Potent GPU will be required for gaming Didn’t buy this sooner

Overall Review: A co-worker highlighted the exceptional price for this display. I’ve always had fantastic luck with LG monitors. Newegg’s deal was too good to pass up. Setup of this display was very easy to complete. No dead pixels were encountered and the customization options with the OSD are easy to navigate with the central joystick-style controller near the bottom center of the monitor. Disabling the buzzer in the monitor’s settings will disable the slightly annoying beep that occurs when leaving sleep states or powering on the display. Colors were very rich and natural looking by default. The integrated speakers are sufficient for basic external listening, but won’t come close to a good set of headphones or speaker system in terms of volume or clarity. While the overall ppi of a 4K display at this size will be lower than 24” or 27” options, the upgrade from QHD is still noticeably better. Gaming has required making some concessions from the eye candy perspective, but this was expected. No noticeable lag or ghosting with the titles I’ve tested thus far. Very pleased with this model and the value that it represents!

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Amazing AM4 motherboard for the price!2/4/2018 6:09:46 AM

Pros: I purchased this board in an effort to build an AMD Ryzen-based hyperconverged solution using ESXi 6.5 and a virtualized instance of FreeNAS. The included configuration of slots was appealing, as was noted ECC memory support. The board does support headless operation, which came in handy due to the fact that ESXi 6.5 with all of the updates would freeze during boot when a PCI video card is used in the system. Newer BIOS releases have greatly improved the features and configuration options, specifically related to memory adjustments. I've paired this board with a Ryzen 7 1700, 64 GB ECC DDR4-2133 memory, a LSI 9305-16i controller that is passed through to the FreeNAS VM, an Intel i340-T4 quad port NIC, and a Zotac GT710 PCI-Express 1x slot video card to retain console access. This setup was paired with a Chenbro SR107 case with all available hot swap cages, bringing a grand total of 13 3.5" bays to exceed requirements. The inclusion of a switchable dual BIOS setup was the icing on the cake. Biostar has released an update that uses an even newer AGESA code than, which aided in resolving some of the initial memory teething problems for the platform.

Cons: The potential incompatibilities when using the PCI slots that were previously noted were the primary con I've found with this board. The minor nitpicks involve the CMOS reset jumper location and the spacing of the PCI-E 1x slots. This may be less of an issue when populating the 3.0 x16 slot with a traditional dual-slot GPU. However, use of single slot adapters with sizeable heatsinks may result in adapters that have millimeters of room between one another.

Overall Review: The support and continued updates provided by Biostar are pretty incredible for the price and feature set of this motherboard. While the checkered flag silkscreen may clash with design intentions in a windowed case, this board offers a LOT of bang for the buck.

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Unbelievable Value!12/9/2017 5:02:11 PM

Pros: True quad-core Core i5 CPU SSD boot drive and 1 TB HDD for bulk storage Serviceable screen with ample brightness Excellent key travel and adequate illumination nVidia GPU Responsive trackpad Came with a free Mixed Reality Headset

Cons: Number Pad uses smaller keys than the rest of the standard keyboard Battery isn't going to last all day (but this is by design based on the included components)

Overall Review: Having had an exceptional experience with my prior Acer Aspire R13, the combo deal Newegg was offering on this specific laptop was too good to pass up. It came with a Mixed Reality headset, and the model that Newegg carries has an SSD boot drive at a lower cost that what other vendors are offering. Overall build quality is excellent, and it's an absolute dream to type on. While the screen may require some calibration to get the best picture possible, there aren't any glaring deficiencies with respect to bleed or uneven backlighting in most use cases. The system is well geared for eSports titles and other games at various settings. The unit I received came with BIOS 1.09. 1.10 is available, and the release notes simply state "improved performance". Who doesn't like more performance? As this laptop can handle just about anything that would be thrown at it from a productivity or gaming perspective, it doesn't get much better than this at the given price point.

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Quiets UniFi Switch Gear without a compromise in cooling performance8/28/2017 3:20:18 PM

Pros: Quiet Even more quiet with an inline low noise adapter Superior solution for 1U form factor gear that has a noisy/whiny <insert brand here> 40x20 mm fan

Cons: Wasn't available sooner Didn't make me breakfast or tell me I'm handsome

Overall Review: This fan was noted in the UniFi community forums as an excellent option to replace the incredibly loud stock Delta fans in the POE switches and USG Pro. The prior exercise of reducing the noise from this rackmount gear resulted in procuring the NoiseBlocker BlackSilentPro-PM2 fans, which were not quiet as muted as desired. Sitting in my living room, I could still hear the switches on the other side of the house. The NF-A4x20 FLX comes with all of the goodies and accouterments that Noctua provides to enable an installation for just about every application possible. With the 4400 rpm low noise adapter installed, I no longer hear the switches. They remain operating at Fan Level 1 with no notable uptick in operating temperature versus the prior fans. Build quality is excellent.

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Last Gigabyte Motherboard I'll Buy8/28/2017 3:11:13 PM

Pros: Plenty of RGB Bling (if you're into RGB and/or have a windowed case) 3 M.2 Slots Intel Wireless built in Packaging feels heavy/premium

Cons: Killer Networking and the associated Bloatware Gigabyte's Apps and the gdrv.sys BSOD are terrible The Foxconn bracket for TR4 doesn't work as advertised/intended Extremely particular about memory; latest AGESA code update not available yet 8 pin + 4 pin CPU power connectors results a partially exposed/dangling connection (depending on PSU) Does not acknowledge/recognize SPD for Memory XMP profile was unsuccessful Inadequate protection for socket from the factory (compared to other manufacturers)

Overall Review: As an owner of a Ryzen 7-based system, I endured as the initial teething problems related to memory compatibility were being addressed by AMD through AGESA updates. While I was expecting some minor/initial headaches as the code base and platforms supporting Threadripper were launching, I was not expecting to encounter the problems I've had with this motherboard. I took my time setting everything up and selected an approved CLC to address the thermals of a 180W TDP processor. Components used in conjunction with this system included: Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Corsair RM1000x PSU eVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Samsung 960 Pro 512GB M.2 NVME SSD eVGA CLC280 Cooler 64 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4-3200 memory I skipped the connection of the front USB 2.0 ports to an onboard header to enable permanent connections for the CLC and other peripherals. The eVGA Flow Control Software (2.0.3 - Most current of this writing) was never able to determine the temps of the CPU, even though other utilities (HWInfo, Corsair Link, etc) either displayed the temperature or the temperature + offset. The memory's pattern could not be adjusted as it appears SPD is disabled in the F1 and F2k BIOS with no option to enable. Within 72 hours of operating, the pump and fan controllers went nuts on this board. The system locked and a reboot resulted in the CPU light turning on for the motherboard. Early/premature failures do happen, but there's a number of poor design choices/decisions that were made by Gigabyte to hit the price point they're at. Aesthetic issues such as the location and layout of the 8 pin + 4 pin headers for the CPU are subjective and minor. Missing baseline elements within the BIOS are not minor. Baseline functionality that exists within the BIOS of current Ryzen product lines needed to be present, but may not appear for some time (if at all). The utilities that have a recommended prerequisite of Gigabyte's App Store should be skipped at all costs. They create far more problems than they're worth. If you watch a number of install videos for other Threadripper motherboards, protection exists over the LGA socket. Gigabyte does not provide this. The install videos show the 3->2->1/1->2->3 unscrew/screw method for securing the processor once the cartridge has been placed correctly in the guide slot. If you follow directions, screw 2 will not go down. As this is a Foxconn component, it's not necessarily a problem with Gigabyte's design - but it is a problem that has been seen on various TR4 motherboards. I'm hoping the replacement board and processor I receive fare better than the initially purchased product. I'll stick with AsRock, MSI, and Asus moving forward for future builds.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. We apologize for your difficulty with your GIGABYTE product. Please contact us at with the case number LAJJ0829171 in the e-mail subject line. We will provide personalized service and analysis to help solve your issue ASAP. If the matter is urgent, please send us your contact number, and we will contact you. GIGABYTE VIP Support Team
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Incredibly spacious case8/28/2017 2:44:25 PM

Pros: Ample space for building and using just about any component you'd like Plenty of room behind the motherboard for any cable management needs Solid air flow Integrated fan controller

Cons: Lack of 3.5" drive slots/bays Screw for the front air guide/splitter isn't a thumbscrew.

Overall Review: I performed extensive research before deciding on this case as the foundation for a Ryzen Threadripper build. The installation of all components was a pain-free ordeal. I've owned many cases from Fractal Designs, Cooler Master, Corsair, and lesser brands over the years. This case has an overabundance of room, which lends itself to simplifying cable management. The handles feel very durable and have made moving the system assembled in the case a simple ordeal. Absolutely no problems were encountered with the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 card that is part of the system; no drive bays, fans, etc had to be removed to accommodate a card of this length. The additional controllers for the fans and lighting system fit on the backside without issue. The latches for opening and closing the side panels work very well and do not feel flimsy. The sticker on the PSU shroud is removable, with minimal (if any) adhesive remaining. The integrated fan controller is simple to operate and includes more than enough headers and splitters to address every possible configuration. Had Newegg not been offering a Shell Shocker that was too good to pass up, I would have bought a second one of these cases to transplant another system into. That's how impressed I am with the design!

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Fast external expansion option for the XBox One9/16/2016 8:51:20 AM

Pros: Price when it's available as a Shell Shocker Warranty listed on box No external power connection required

Cons: To get warranty listed on box, a support case will need to be opened with WD

Overall Review: This drive provides room for growth for my Xbox One library. As its the Ultra, the faster spindle speed helps cut down on load times. As noted in other reviews, the WD warranty was "off" by a year. Opening a case and providing the necessary proof of purchase allowed customer support to correct this issue on the back end.

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Excellent value with a great stock cooler9/16/2016 8:43:20 AM

Pros: Performs in line with expectations for AMD APUs New quiet cooler isn't as flashy/drool worthy as the Wraith cooler in AMD's higher end offerings, but it is certainly quiet in comparison to prior generation stock coolers Price to performance ratio

Cons: For the intended market and use - none

Overall Review: I'm impressed with the enhancements AMD has offered in the box with respect to the cooler. The case fans in my build are louder than the CPU cooling solution. Performance is solid for this price point, and the integrated R7-series GPU is serviceable for light/casual gaming applications. Certainly worth the price of admission, even when considering the end of the line for the socket used by this processor.

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