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No help at all10/18/2015 7:35:17 AM

Pros: None yet

Cons: According to the bottle 3 a day should work. I have been taking this product for about a week with no difference at all. I will admit that I might have been taking it incorrectly. The directions on the website indicate that the product should be taken on an empty stomach. The bottle doesnt mention anything about food. Going off what is on the bottle and the fact that I noticed that I got gassy if I didn't eat before taking it I did. I still have 3/4 of the bottle and will try as the method on the site.

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Worth every penny to me4/25/2015 6:56:01 AM

Pros: I bought three of these monitors during one of Newegg’s many sales. At full price, maybe I would think twice but I am very happy so far. In my opinion, the colors are bright and true, construction seems above average, and I find the overall design sleek. When I bought, I was looking for three matching monitors. At the time, Newegg only had two of this model in stock so I bought a refurbished one. I do not know if I am just one of the lucky ones but it seems to be the same quality as the retail version. If the price of this monitor is too steep for you maybe, a refurbished one is the answer. Great monitor at $279 good monitor at full price.

Cons: The monitor is operated using a small joystick located in the back. It is taking some getting used to and I find it strange. I have the same issue with all three monitors so I have to assume some of what I think is unusual was intentional. The monitor only responds if there is an active video signal. The moment it does not see one it goes to sleep and the controls do not work. I am used to shutting down the computer and then monitor, printers and sound equipment after. To get these monitors to shut off the computer has to be running or in the process of shutting down. That being said, if you are the type of person that lets your computer hibernate or sleep between uses you might not even notice.

Overall Review: I am very happy with the quality and features that these monitors offer. I have only owned them for a short time but so far I and glad I did this upgrade. Worth every penny to me

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Beautiful screen when it works12/11/2009 5:41:51 AM

Pros: This is a big beautiful screen with excellent response time and stunning color that I find perfect for both gaming and office work. Many adjustments to make viewing comfortable.

Cons: Only worked for 3 months then started to flicker uncontrollably. One day it was working perfectly the next it was a hot mess with no warning in between. I am not sure if I was getting responsive customer service or if Hannspree knows that these monitors have flaws but Hannspree gave me an RMA with very few questions and no problem. I guess what I am saying is the person on the other end of the phone didn’t seem to bowled over that I was calling about an issue with this product.

Overall Review: When it worked it was a VERY nice monitor that did everything I wanted from it. I took a chance and bought a 28” screen for a 22” screen price and I was burnt for shipping to have it repaired. If you want to take the chance too maybe you will be luckier than I am and get closer to the end of the one-year warranty before you get your replacement.

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WOW9/9/2009 8:46:44 PM

Pros: I haven’t had this monitor long but I wanted to say how pleased I am with my first impression. I am not running high performance video cards (8800 GTS 320 in SLI) and I was concerned that a screen this size might act funny but I decided to try anyway. I am glad to say that it has beautiful clean colors, games like Dead space, Bio Shock, Crysis play and look flawless, no ghosting or problems with pixels during work or play. It doesn’t seem flimsy in any way in fact it seems very solid and well built. The price of this monitor is ridiculously low for what you get and I am suspicious why they are so inexpensive. Some of the other comments state that the units they received died soon after shipping and I hope that doesn’t happen to me. For now I am really glad I found this outstanding buy.

Cons: None yet.

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N/A4/10/2009 6:32:03 AM

Pros: Aesthetically I love this board and its looks had a lot to do with why I bought it. I have owned MSI motherboards before and never had any reason to doubt their quality and still don't. With this board you have plenty of options in the bios to personalize to your needs. It has a ton of passive cooling, sata ports, usb ports, room for long graphics cards and tweakable features. The pci audio card is a nice touch and has decent sound quality.

Cons: The780a chip has a lot of potential with the right bios. In my opinion bios version 2.3 which is the latest right now needs work. It does the job but is squirrely and unforgiving , one wrong move and you will have bsod, lockups and headaches.

Overall Review: When reading the reviews keep in mind that some of the bad ones are written by clueless builders. If you are following basic ESD guide lines and understand or are willing to research what the settings in the bios do and how they affect the system you will find this to be a good reliable and customizable motherboard. if you don't know what you are doing it will seem like a piece of junk. Some things that made me doubt this board but turned out not to be its fault are the bios don't fully install if you use MSIs auto updater with Vista not cool with a new Phenom my voltages maxed on everything. NVIDIA graphics card drivers come with software to allow tweaking in windows. When you reboot for the install the changes to the memory timings that the software makes might not let you keep windows up long enough to get in there and change them. I took an egg for half baked bios but don't keep let that keep you from buying this board the new ones will be better each release.

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Big and beautiful4/5/2009 2:25:42 PM

Pros: Nice value, it is virtually silent, cools the CPU and surrounding area, Thermaltake is well known for quality

Cons: Comes with a 3 pin fan connector and newer motherboards come with a 4 pin connection. It will work but wont let any programs control your fan speeds. I personally opted to replace the stock fan with a DELTA|AFB1212SH-PWM R and retain the attributes that I like about the heat sink. It is easy to find less expensive fans than what I used . For $55 you have a nice breeze over your motherboard not just your CPU and remote control of your fans. BTW It can be difficult to install with the motherboard in the case which makes the change over take a while but it will be worth it when you see the temperature of your system at full load. Some of the reviewers worn that it is oversized and to big for smaller cases. Well that maybe true but with a Antec 900 I have the room for this cooler and a side case fan and I don't consider my case to be extra roomy. If you have a case over 8" wide you are good to go.

Overall Review: I am an avid over clocker and I have owned one of these coolers for years and never needed more. It has been my choice through three upgrades and I couldn't be happier with it. The clips that are included allow a perfect fit on all of the motherboards I have owned except the latest which is an AM2+. With one phone call and the cost of shipping charges I was able to get the new version of the clip that apparently comes with it now and solve the only problem I have ever had with it. I guess my point is it works very well and fits most if not all socket types out there. I can't compare it to any of the stock coolers because I never use them but I can tell you that because of its height it not only cools the CPU it also cools everything around the CPU. Your memory, north bridge and anything in the primary graphics slot will stay happier and more stable. I have a 10 degree difference between my primary and secondary graphics cards.

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Surprisingly peppy4/4/2009 7:38:56 PM

Pros: nice value, at stock speeds it will not disappoint and over clocking to its full potential is fun and easy yielding nice gains.

Cons: it will bog down if pushed to hard, as long as you keep in mind that it is a single core processor and multi tasking takes multi cores. do that and you will be happy with it.

Overall Review: Bought as a precaution with my Phenom II 940 just in case my new motherboard needed its bios flashed. The Phenom ended up being returned and I was left with this CPU until my RMA is processed. I was shocked to find out that this $30 CPU can handle any light duty tasks I throw its way. It is perfectly happy doing office applications and low demand games like WOW and COD 2 run fine. Just for fun and because of its low cost I have been tinkering with over clocking it. I found out that with the stock heat sink and fan mine hit a wall at 2.6 due to heat but with a aftermarket setup I was able to get a full 1ghz over clock with 1.5 volts. I wouldn't buy this if you are a serious multi tasker but if you want a cool running nice computer for the kids, office or low end games (with the right graphics card) consider this CPU at the heart of it. In my opinion you will be happy and if you need more speed later for some reason will you miss $30.

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