Should I be required to apologize?8/25/2009 12:02:00 AM

Pros: I brought THREE of these. And they work like they're supposed to. I'm only kidding here about the apology! But the fact is I saw these after searching for a cable for my Sony DSC-P32 camera. When I realized how low the price was for buying more than one, I brought THREE. I don't know if I cleared out the last stock or not. But all that matters for me is, that I got THREE for less then the price of TWO!

Cons: Sorry they're out of stock. I probably got the one you wanted.

Overall Review: If I took the time to have other thoughts, I'd be without them just like you are!

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Hoping for peace of mind...6/4/2009 3:16:36 PM

Pros: I owned the Tyan S4980 board before this one. I just ordered this one. I was concerned about not being able to find a case for it. But I've found that there are cases available for this board. Some of them simply aren't advertised with this capability. But I think I've found the one I want. The one that had been suggested, was the Coolermaster Stacker RC-810. I think that case has been discontinued, but there are others which replace it. I may look to see if any of the RC-810's are still around. Just a suggestion for the rest of you.

Cons: What kind of cons could anyone really come up with for this board. For crying out loud. It's the same price as the S4980, and yet it gives you all the expansion capabilities the S4980 owner could only hope for. Finally, I'll have a REAL board! The only complaint, has nothing to do with the board. And that's simply finding a case for it.

Overall Review: This system will be used as a community build server for Linux development. My current system is liquid-cooled. And I will be switching my LC over to this board. Judging by the internal size of the case I plan to use, there will be plenty of room for anything this board will offer.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Just couldn't wait any longer...5/21/2009 11:47:11 PM

Pros: I purchased this to sit on top of my Thermalright AXP-140. I specifically chose this one for it's airflow. It was no mistake. My temps at idle are 33-35C, and seldom more than 42C under load. Although, I've not yet fully stressed my system yet. For what I'm doing with it, this combination is more than adequate.

Cons: The sound is like a low hum, or more of a woosh. And I'm running this fan at full speed constantly. So I don't think this is a con. I like my temps too much to think so.

Overall Review: If you need a fan that really puts out, get this one.

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This board is a waste of money!!!4/18/2009 6:45:57 PM

Pros: It's cheap. That's all to be said for it. I made a mistake. Don't do the same thing!! It doesn't even deserve one egg!

Cons: Go to the EVGA forums site. Look for this 730i board. You will find that this board is NOT supported. You will be disappointed if you want or were looking for continuous BIOS updates. The BIOS itself is a joke. I had an Intel E1200 dual-core processor on this board overclocked to 2.7 GHz. Then I decided to buy an Intel Q9400, hoping to get similar results. But the board is buggy. There is NO fan on the Northbridge. So basically, it's nothing more than a radiant heater, and prevents you from having any stability during an overclock. That's something that EVGA cannot change. It's there, and you'll have to live with it. But the fact that the BIOS is not updated frequently, is really the bugaboo here. When I set the FSB bus to 1600, it said the clock speed should be 3.4GHz, when in reality, it should have only been 3.2GHz.

Overall Review: Don't Don't Don't buy this board. Look for something else. And this is my first exclusively negative review. I have nothing good to say about this board. That's probably why it's being marked down as much as it is. They want to get rid of them, before people realize just how bad these boards are.

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I now have mine! Whoopie!!4/16/2009 9:55:31 PM

Pros: So far I'm pleased with it. But then again, I just installed it. It only shut down once. So I upped the voltage and tried again. It's still running, but I'm hoping to see a significant difference in my daily usage. I'm not a gamer, so those performance criterias don't concern me. I just removed my E1200 which I had been running at 2.7GHz. It would be nice to get better performance than I have now at 3.08GHz. But time and adjustments will determine that.

Cons: As most everyone else says, "You must be crazy!

Overall Review: I develop software for Linux. And I'm hoping this processor will increase my productivity. So far, I see some performance gains here. For one thing, my temps are lower now that I don't have a dual-core working at full load. The lower performance levels may be due to my EVGA 730i motherboard. My current voltage is 1.35v. I need to check my settings and make sure I have the optimum options selected.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Fanless possibilities??4/13/2009 1:29:12 PM

Pros: The only fans that will work on my four Tyan S2912 boards.

Cons: Eight of these things would be absolutely HORRENDOUS!!! Please read my question below.

Overall Review: I have four Tyan S2912 motherboards on which I intend to place these. The processors will be 55 watt units. I wondering if these heatsinks can be run without the fans, on processors of such a low heat displacement. I'm also thinking of using only one 120 or 140 mm fan mounted on top of both, since my processors sit side-by-side.

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Discontinued Product4/11/2009 1:14:51 AM

Pros: This board is what I used for a liquid-cooling project.

Cons: Sadly, upon checking Tyan's site, I found that this has been discontinued. Buyer beware!

Overall Review: The time to have gotten one of these was when the price was only $329. Not anymore.

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16GBs of Expanse!1/1/2009 9:33:53 PM

Pros: I purchased this ram for my Tyan 4980 motherboard. It now has eight slot filled with these, using only two of the four processors the board will take. I have not yet started to put it under heavy testing, but I'm certain this memory will have no problems with the many tasks this machine will face.

Cons: Are you really kidding! I would have saved $3/DIMM if I had waiting an few weeks.

Overall Review: I did some research on the specifications of this memory, being dual-rank x8. I wanted to know just how x8 differed from x4. The answer seems to be fairly simple, as a matter of the number and organization of chips on the PCB comprising each DIMM. For all ECC DIMMs, they are 72bits wide. The difference between x4 and x8, is that x4 has 18 chips per side, while x8 has only 9. The x4 are of smaller individual capacity, needing 18, instead of the larger individual capacity of the x8 requiring fewer, at only 9 chips. I may be wrong, but it seems that for 32bit apps, the x4 with it's smaller chip capacity may be preferred. While for 64bit apps having a larger data footprint, the x8 is preferred for it's larger chip capacity. If this analysis is incorrect, please clarify how this should be interpreted differently. Shingoshi

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Oh, what a deal breaker!!10/25/2008 12:37:03 PM

Pros: When was the last time you brought TWO dual-processor motherboards for $120?

Cons: I seriously hope no one else buys these. I want to get more.

Overall Review: Whatever you do, don't do any research to convince you to buy this. It simply isn't worth your time. After all, if you don't see the value in it, you wouldn't know how to use them anyway. Shingoshi

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Comfy with Barbie...9/18/2008 9:04:07 PM

Pros: I saw this unit and hoped it would fit inside a very old Mattel Barbie computer. I just got it today, and let me tell you all, it works! The Mattel Barbie computer uses a Flex-ATX motherboard (the depth of the board must be less than 7.6"@19.5cm), and to say the least, the case is very cramped. I was able to slip this into her without the harddrives stopping the fan from turning. Initially, that was an issue. But I simply moved one of the screws in the drive bay to a different hole, and everything went in just as it should. This hsf could save a lot of computers from the dump. It will fit in places that most will not, while providing a much better means of cooling. Sometimes smaller is better.

Cons: You're going to run out of computers to throw out, now that you have a fan that will fit in just about anything.

Overall Review: The hsf which came with the E1200 left me with doubts when overclocking this processor. And I've set my mind to install a 95W quad in this one's place. I now that I'll have the hsf to handle the higher heat load.

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Absolutely Fantabulous!! #29/10/2008 1:04:21 AM

Pros: Sorry I forgot to post my nickname below. But I think it may be of interest since I've written reviews related to this elsewhere.

Cons: I really might have considered a different board for what I'm doing. This is basically a portable server, complete with two Samsung 1TB F1's in a RAID1 array. 8GBs of memory in two DIMM slots would have suited me better than this board's measly 4GB. But for an Intel solution, I think this was still the best I could do.

Overall Review: If you have a very small machine, with little room (less than 8 inches depth) for a motherboard (Flex-ATX), you'll find that this is the one to get. The original Mattel Barbie computer I'm using only had a 150W power supply, but is sufficient to run a 65W processor and RAID1. So you can go as high as an E3110 Xeon, and still have enough power to run it in something this small. Only if you're running a Linux like I am, where there are no constraints upon maximum memory, might you then want to consider a different board which allows for 8GBs of ram. There's only one board that allows that, and unfortunately, it isn't an Intel system. It does however use a Nvidia 8100, if that matters to you.

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Absolutely Fantabulous!!9/9/2008 12:08:24 AM

Pros: This board was one of the few that I could find small enough to fit in an old Mattel Barbie computer. The chassis has NO expansion slots, so everything I wanted, had to be on the board. I choose this board for the HDMI and Gigabit LAN. I've not been disappointed. I'm using this with an Intel E1200, now running at 2.0GHz (250x8). I also have my ram running at 900MHz. That's a performance gain of 25/12.5% respectively. I'm now considering purchasing the Xeon 3GHz E3110 to replace my present cpu. My temperatures haven't risen at all. I expect the same from the new processor, except running at 4GHz!!

Cons: Initially the setup didn't run. It would boot into Slackware Linux (just past the lilo prompt), reporting that the BIOS check was successful, and then immediately shutdown. Turns out the voltage on the board was set too high. Since this is my first time building a new Intel system, I didn't expect this kind of behavior. Typically, I ran nothing but AMD. Recently, Opterons, but before, Athlons. Changing the voltage to 1.0v got the system to boot completely. I now have it bumped up to a mere 1.0125v to keep the system stable. My only real complaint, is that this chipset apparently won't support 8GBs of memory. That's an issue for me running Linux, since even 32bit will handle that. Otherwise, I would have used these:

Overall Review: Based on my experience with this build, I think I'll be using Intel for a long time to come. The only thing that would possibly change that, would be AMD releasing Barcelonas with two quad-cores on one chip, following Intel's lead using two dual-cores on one chip. That alone is what would save the massive bleeding of AMD's customer base running over to Intel. But then again, Intel would more likely do that than AMD. All of this is kind of funny. I wouldn't have even considered doing all of this, were it not for a close friend giving me that Barbie computer. I was going to throw it out, just as he was. That's until I decided to paint it black. Now she's most beautiful babe on the block! Barbie in black leather. WOW!!!

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A big apology needed...9/2/2008 11:37:19 PM

Pros: Maybe I shouldn't say I have a high-understanding, but I have built a fair share of systems. I am giving the apology for the fact that it wasn't necessarily the power supply's fault. I was perplexed by the fact that the system would boot, but never advance beyond the successful BIOS check. Turns out the voltage on the cpu was set too high by the standard setting of the motherboard ( The setting was for 1.35v. After turning it down to 1.0v, the system has booted properly, and I'm running it now as I type. So I apologize to the manufacturer for my bad review, even though I am not using that power supply now. The one I am using is only 150W, so I'm pretty sure this one would have worked as well. Once again, I'm sorry for the misleading review.

Cons: I should have allowed more time to verify things couldn't work before claiming that they didn't.

Overall Review: Always check the settings of the motherboard to verify that they're correctly configured. If you don't, you'll find yourself facing the same kind of unnecessary grief that I experienced here. Actually, if it weren't for my experience in building so many systems, I wouldn't have attempted to change this setting. I just was caught off guard, and didn't expect this sort of thing. But then again, this is my first time using an Intel chip/board set, and don't know if this is something that must always be confirmed for proper operation. I used these components to rebuild an old Mattel Barbie computer, now painted black, and GORGEOUS. Barbie in black leather. Now that's a sight!!

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Won't work for Intel E1200 and RAID1...8/11/2008 4:59:17 AM

Pros: There are NONE!!! Following my instructions below will save you having to RMA this thing. Yes, I'll now have to RMA this **** myself!!

Cons: My system failed to start using this power supply. It simply DOES NOT have enough power for a dual-core processor and two drives in RAID1. I spent too much time checking to see what was wrong (thinking it was my BIOS settings or memory), before finally changing the supply to a standard ATX 700Watt. Obviously this doesn't fit in the intended case. DON'T waste your time with this thing, unless you have a system with minimal power requirements. But then you'll always be limited to not expanding/upgrading your system.

Overall Review: If you're going to build a Micro-ATX system, get a case that uses a standard ATX power supply ( If you don't do that, you will be severely limiting yourself in terms of expansion card capabilities. Small cases with small power supplies may look nice, but they're mostly nothing more than a gimmick. Build a REAL computer with REAL parts!!

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A workable water cooling solution...8/7/2008 9:24:48 PM

Pros: I have four Koolance CPU-330s installed on my Tyan s4980. The Koolance blocks included every known processor mount. And they are very nice to look at as well. But most importantly, they're all metal, no plastic. Koolance doesn't make you pay for an adapter to use 771, as it is included. The problem is Newegg seems to no longer carry these Koolance cpu blocks, which are now the improved CPU-340.

Cons: Some might foolishly complain about the price. But anyone buying this processor, or any of the other XEONs for that matter, won't or shouldn't be complaining about the price of such an excellent cooling solution.

Overall Review: It's been awhile since the person below requested this information. But I hope this will help with others seeking the same thing. And by the way, use 1/2" tubing. Anything less is really a waste of time and money. There's not enough price separation between the 1/4 3/8 and 1/2 to justify not using 1/2". Besides, it takes no more time to install than either of the smaller two sizes. And the objective here is maximal cooling and nothing else. So don't cut corners, ever!

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Just how big is it??8/6/2008 6:26:27 PM

Pros: This is not a review. I'm asking for any of you who have this case to measure the motherboard tray, and tell me if this thing will hold the Supermicro X7DCA-L-O ( This board is just slightly over-sized, at 10" (254mm) wide. If this case works, it would be an excellent solution for a DUAL XEON system. You guys should check out this board and see if you're not as equally impressed with it's specifications. Did I mention the DUAL XEONs? The board is 10" square, and provides 6 DIMM slots, rated up to 48GBs. Even if you only use 2GB DIMMS, that's still 12GBs on your board. Just try beating that!!

Cons: I can't see anything wrong with this case. The only con would be if it won't this board, and that wouldn't be the case's fault.

Overall Review: This is the size case that I want to use for this board. I'm right now waiting for parts to rebuild an old Mattel Barbie computer (from a friend of mine) with this Gigabyte board ( This thing should be very interesting! I've painted this thing black, and she's beautiful. Barbie will be a hot thang in black leather!! Shingoshi Newegg, Please post this.

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Indispensible7/23/2008 11:16:21 PM

Pros: The amount of space provided by this drive simply is fantastic! I am now waiting to buy the second one to complete my (mdadm created as degraded) RAID1 drive system for my Linux Slackware-12.1 (slackware-current) installation.

Cons: None. But if I encounter any, I'll come back and let you all know.

Overall Review: Replaced a 500GB Seagate which was dead in six days after arrival. Word of advice for everyone. If your operating system will allow it (NO problem for Linux), ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS put your critical system on a RAID1. If you don't, you'll REGRET it!

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
PLEASE IGNORE MY LAST REVIEW!!!4/16/2008 11:32:13 PM

Pros: You can chalk my mistake up to the poor instructions provided by Koolance. It was unclear that the mounting studs for socket-F boards, are supposed to fit in the existing studs on the board (difficult to tell from the pictures). And it was also a matter of the screws being VERY tight. I felt very uncomfortable forcing screws into (and possible stripping) a $700 motherboard! But ultimately, out of desperation, I finally went ahead and did just that. The screws in my set, would not install with simple finger tip pressure. So I had to use my pliers. Once they were in though, I realized these are something you will not want to remove (and you really shouldn't need to). Let's face it. You don't install liquid cooling on a whim. It's meant to stay put, once installed.

Cons: The instructions are really lousy. And the advice from the Support person, wasn't any better. What I was told, only served to reinforce my thinking that the screws were meant to be used with the mounting plates. They are NOT, for AMD. So let me repeat. The studs (those long screws on which the thumbwheels are meant to fit) are meant to be screw(ed) into the two screw sockets at either end of the processor.

Overall Review: Koolance really needs to rethink their instructions. Sorry for the incorrect statements made before. It could have been avoided. But then, I was really annoyed. Maybe I should have waited until I calmed down, and then wrote my review. By then, I would have had the screws and the cooling blocks installed. Oh well!!

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Not too Koolance!!4/12/2008 10:58:48 PM

Pros: The cooling heads fit within the limited space of Tyan boards. Purchased this for my s4980 four-socket board.

Cons: So here's the technical explanation of the problem. Koolance sells these blocks with a backplate (which you already know). Tyan, has a permanently attached backplate to which the cpu mounting hardware is bolted to. So even if you could remove the backplate as this idiot suggested, you simultaneously remove the means to attach the cpu. They have mounting bolts/studs which are supposed to be inserted from the back of the motherboard. They are meant to extend up through the board, to which the thumbwheels and springs are meant to fit over. Looks and sounds all well and good. Until you realize that the bolts ONLY work with the Koolance supplied backplate. Tyan motherboards only have two holes in them per processor mount, in which are pre-installed threaded mounting sockets. The diameter of these are TOO small to allow the Koolance studs to pass through. So, I am left with my $700 board and $50 cooling blocks which WON'T attach to it.

Overall Review: And ALL they needed to have done, was to have supplied 1.5" bolts which would fit the Tyan threaded mounts. The screws which are supplied by Tyan, are too short to attach the cooling block's retaining plate. And that's not even taking into consideration the springs which you should use to prevent damaging the board by over tightening the screws retaining the plate. Simple solution, completely overlooked, because Koolance NEVER tested a Tyan board. And that really shows the level of their stupidity, since Tyan is likely the largest supplier of AMD socket-f boards. And the way to know for a fact that Koolance never test them, is the fact that no where do they say anything about the special procedures involved, like removing the factory backplate, and reattaching the processor mounting bracket to their backplate. They can't mention it, because there are NO holes in their backplate which would allow the reattachment of the Tyan processor mounting brackets.

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Nothing shorter will work in a Chenbro sr107!1/23/2007 8:01:52 AM

Pros: I purchased cables like these for another case, but they were shorter. I forgot to get longer cables when I brought the Chenbro. So now I will be ordering a set of these. Even in the old Gateway P5-2000 tower case, the 24" weren't long enough.

Cons: Like everyone else has said, they're just cables. They won't get you laid! They just look nice.

Overall Review: When in doubt, get more! Longer cables will allow you to wrap them along the edges of your case to avoid fans and the like. Tape them down if you like. Then your computer will look like it sounds. A D@mn Concord on takeoff!

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Make sure you get very long cables!!!1/23/2007 7:55:43 AM

Pros: I cannot stress enough, if you are using ide components like cdvdroms, you'll need very long cables to use them. I am now ordering 36' cables to use the rest to the drives in my system. Other than that, this case is fabulous. There is space in front of the internal drive bays to put air filters there.

Cons: You'll forget to get long cables and be very sorry! Make sure they are 36". Get round cables to take advantage of this cases volume. Don't buy flat cables to compromise the benefit of the air flow this case provides!

Overall Review: I wasn't certain if this case would block the fan of my Thermaltake 700watt power supply. It doesn't. Plenty enough room for the air to be drawn in and evacuated. Besides, the fan on my psu faces upwards, guaranteeing no warm air remaining in the top of the case.

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What should I say!1/23/2007 7:27:44 AM

Pros: I brought four of these back in September 2006. I am using them in a RAID5 setup. I haven't had any trouble with them. they perform very well in this configuration. Using Linux software RAID.

Cons: Maybe a bit warm. Not certain. Could simply have the old drives I had in the same bay as these.

Overall Review: I was concerned about the heat output of these, so I brought a Chenbro sr107 case. I'm quite sure they are more than cool enough now.

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OOOh Baby! Sexy isn't GOOD enough!!!1/5/2007 8:47:41 PM

Pros: Let's face it. Most of us guys wish our girlfriends has a pair as large as these! I mean, are these a pair of double D's or not? And dare I say, she BLOWS! But as some of you have said, be careful, she bites. I just ordered a pair of them. Mercy! If life were only always this easy!

Cons: Stop griping about the manual. If you had a pair of these to come home to, would you really NEED a manual!

Overall Review: I'm going to be grinning all weekend until she comes. It just fits, doesn't it. They leave us all weekend, waiting to get some! Of course if your girlfriend gets jealous, you can always tell her. But baby, you have a nice pair of FANS, too! And admit it. We all know what you're thinking to yourself. Yeah, but baby, if you could only suck like these do!

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This is not a review, but an explanation...11/14/2006 12:15:58 PM

Pros: Servers aren't meant to be restarted. They are specifically intended to run indefinitely without failure. Restart buttons are specifically required by systems running Microsoft Windows, due to the fact of there instability. Servers which run Linux/Unix are seldom shutdown. They also hardly ever crash. It's called stability.

Cons: Too many users attempt to apply the expectations and perceptions of Windows as though it were a global truth. The *truth* is that Windows presents a very obscure view of the world. And the best way to clean that view, is to switch to Linux.

Overall Review: This is one of the best cases I have looked at. Granted I don't own one. But it seems very impressive based on it's specs alone.

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For the right one...10/12/2006 2:55:50 AM

Pros: The right unit is now listed by Dynatron as the A87G.

Cons: As of the time of this post, Newegg doesn't carry the A87G.

Overall Review: This fan looks good and is relatively quite. Though I wouldn't say it is very quiet. It just doesn't buzz me out of the room. I used this to mount a Tyan s3992 inside of a Gateway P5/200 chassis. That's one of those OLD Pentium 200 towers from many years ago. The board is a snug fit, but the fan has plenty of clearance. Works just fine. New life for an OLD dog. The entire setup is really awesome to look at!

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