Install, get software, migrate data in less than an hour12/17/2018 3:23:01 PM

Pros: Samsung migration software easy to find and download. No software configuration needed at all for migration, just hit 'start'. Data migration took 12 minutes from a 256GB SSD to this 500GB SSD. Transfer was about 240MB/s NvME drive was configured automatically in UEFI to be the boot disk.

Cons: There are better performers for less money.

Overall Review: Ease of use combined with very good performance were the deciding factors. This drive went into my personal machine and I wanted it to be very easy to find data on drive if I ever have any questions.

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Good choice for DP to HDMI12/17/2018 3:21:05 PM

Pros: Connectors felt solid in their sockets No problems with performance

Cons: none

Overall Review: Bought this cable to connect a computer to computer monitor. Worked just fine.

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This is my go to drive for upgrade to ssd12/17/2018 3:18:22 PM

Pros: Much faster than even recent OEM 2.5 hard disk drives Data migration is fast and straightforward Never have had a failure from a Crucial HDD

Cons: You should probably buy a 500g drive instead of 256. 500g from Crucial is a fine choice.

Overall Review: Found out about this product from reading Anandtech's solid state recommendations. This is one of my go to drives when replacing slow HDDs with SSD. You really can't go wrong when replacing a SATA HDD with this unit. I have bought the drives a bit on the small side just because they are for company use that will never need more capacity. Get a 500g for yourself for home use.

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Easy to use product with good instructions12/17/2018 3:12:47 PM

Pros: Artic website has documentation on how to spread material over all generations of CPUs Large amount allows for repeated demonstrations on how to spread material

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you somehow will use 8 grams of this material in a year or so, this is what to get. You don't want to store an open applicator indefinitely. I use this product for teaching my class how to apply paste. Even with over a dozen applications, there is still a huge amount left. Follow the directions, and if in doubt, use less, not more.

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Easiest way to migrate to new drive12/17/2018 2:40:11 PM

Pros: Allows for very easy migration of data to/from bare 2.5'' drive

Cons: None

Overall Review: I purchased the cable to migrate from a hard disk drive to a solid state hard drive. Cheapest and easiest way to do the migration. Don't use a cable for everyday use, get an enclosure. Also, I do spend a couple extra bucks to buy a cable like this that has more reviews than the cheapest cable.

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Never any hangups, migration works every time12/17/2018 2:19:10 PM

Pros: Samsung migration and Magician software tools easy to find, download and install. Migration software can copy from large HDD to small SSD as long as data size is less than target. Reasonable price for a very reliable drive with good performance. Cheap enough to justify replacing any slow, old mechanical hard disk.

Cons: There are other drives that deliver the same performance for a little less money if you watch sales.

Overall Review: I am in charge of my company's computer hardware. I routinely swap out old mechanical hard disks for SSD's like this. Samsung and Crucial are my usual go to brands for SATA replacement.

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Nice thin foam double sided tape to attach network switches to table12/17/2018 12:44:49 PM

Pros: Tape is very sticky. I applied the tape to the wrong area and was able to peel it off and reapply and it stuck fine. Great price

Cons: Took a very long time to arrive from overseas. Take this into account if you need the product right away.

Overall Review: I am using the tape to tape small network switches to table tops. This tape is the perfect thickness to apply to the bottom of the switch then stick it to the table.Makes a nice and neat installation.

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What it was, was just fine5/13/2008 9:31:19 AM

Pros: With the provided parts, you have several installation options. It was an outstanding price considering you get rpm control via a remote, which seemed of good quality.

Cons: Not really a complaint that it's the not the best available. I think it provides a fine solution for the price.

Overall Review: Big fans running at slow speed are nice :) The fans continue to spin.

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I became a diety5/13/2008 9:22:49 AM

Pros: It's an 8800 and it works well. The 5 star might not be justified if I had every 8800 and I could compare. The card is not very wide and fit nicely. It was tested using XP Pro. The computer was a new quad core build, and the machine has never crashed for any reason, including this card. Graphics are stunning. Excellent game play under Crysis demo and Half Life 2 Orange Box.

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: This card was part of my return to computer gaming. I stopped buying cards when PCI-e was introduced and we were all supposed to buy SLI. This card works as I expected, very well in single mode, on a new Intel DP32DP (I think) motherboard.

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*NEWS* RAM WORKS5/13/2008 9:14:50 AM

Pros: The memory recommendation made by the site was right on. The memory worked in my Intel brand D875PBZ at 400mhz without a hitch. The low latencies that successfully booted was an immediate sign that things were going well. Desktop apps have run without any problem.

Cons: I am not an expert on RAM cooling, there is no space at all between modules when installed. It strikes me as a dissipation problem with not even a little air space between modules. I haven't had a failure under *normal* loads, so the product does not loose a star.

Overall Review: I am sick of not being able to find specs on DDR and DDR2 ram that I already have, RAM I had that would only work badly when just installed and adjusted from limited Intel bios. I hate to do returns, so when I cranked THIS ram to max speed for the board (400) and just left the timings at their detected settings....and it just was one less thing to bang my head against the wall about.

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d945gcl4/28/2008 10:25:24 PM

Pros: This was a mission improbable, upgrade a emachine w3609 with the low end and old D945GCL mb at single core 3.33. This graphics board works fine with the supplied power adapters attached to a quality PSU (the emachine PSU is long in the trash). Was able to post 3d6marks and 05pcmark scores. Not even close to bragging rights. But it worked, and I could play Crysis demo at medium and low settings, also Halo at high settings. Will try crysis with 2 gig memory instead of 1 gig. No glitch, no overheat at stock settings. I like using the right size fans, so I haven't modded the case with extra fans, and I might not.

Cons: Strangely difficult to mount, being wide. It has a curved section that seemed to be there t prevent installation. In any event I got it in and have not had any glitches.

Overall Review: These graphics boards are coming down in price, that their performance made it worthwhile to upgrade a machine that was low spec. Kids need a machine for graphics display (video editing). So plenty of RAM and this card and it can finally fight it's way out of a box. I might buy another for my new build. Nice when it just works in something it certainly had an excuse not to.

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Best deal, get duct tape4/28/2008 10:13:09 PM

Pros: Rating of 5 is justified by price, and flawless use under Skype. On one of my computers I installed software that came with the camera, and it worked perfectly also. YOU DON'T NEED TO INSTALL ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE DRIVER from the CD. Don't install the other stuff unless you need it. I will purchase more units, as they work perfectly for my needs. The included headset and microphone works well. They are analog, so you can just use the microphone (on one machine I clipped it to the monitor), and used the computer speakers. Also ditched the included speaker/mic and am using a nice usb logitec headset which also seems to co-exist just fine with the cam.

Cons: Sometimes, with just the right thickness of screen, luck, and magic, the cam will attach well to the screen. I haven't used duct tape.....yet. But it is a small price to pay for a device this inexpensive that works.

Overall Review: The image quality under Skype is acceptable. It is as much a tribute to this cheap product as Skype's ability to integrate it seemlessly. The point is that I did not evaluate under performance conditions, just Skype default settings. And it works. What a nice thing during the year of Vista.

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