One of the best games I ever played11/27/2005 7:12:33 PM

Comments: 'nuff said. But if that isnt enough to convince you, I'll say that this game FREAKING OWNS and was worth every penny. Graphics are awesome, great story line, just...awesome. And you know what? I dont even have the greatest system in the world. Laugh at my specs- i815e solano motherboard 1 GHZ P3 coppermine Sapphire Radeon 9800 SE 512MB PC133 SDRAM WD 160 GB Hard Disk Gateway case DVD burner CD burner 420W PSU

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Will my laptop work w this?11/27/2005 2:31:18 PM

Comments: Idk if my laptop will work with this. It is a Toshiba 1415-S115. Windows xp. I have 512 ram right now but i cant run City of Villains very well. lastly is this easy to install? Do you plug it in the motherboard somewhere? Or do you have to pay some expert to install it? thanks and plz respond.

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not too bad11/27/2005 11:04:46 AM

Comments: Not too bad. It has a relatively fast data transfer, and does what I need it to do. My only complaint is the cheap plastic construction. But for the price, it's worth it.

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Awsome Graphics Card11/26/2005 1:14:41 AM

Comments: This card runs BF2, CS:S, and CoD2 great! The graphics make me melt in my seat and this was a great investment.

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Good for the $$$11/25/2005 5:47:11 PM

Comments: We built two identical PCs for a friend using this motherboard. Assembly was straight forward, and the machines powered up fine. Everything worked fine until I used Windows Update to update the sound driver. That killed the audio so I rolled back the driver and that fixed it. I found that this motherboard doesn’t auto-detect the processor and I thought it was a bit unusual having to crank the clock speed up manually in the BIOS. But that fixed the speed issue. The Sandra benchmarks were all in the expected range except for memory, which was about 10 % slow. Whether this is the motherboard or the pqi Power Series memory I don’t know. Overall this is a good board for the money. If I build another bargain machine soon I will try a different brand of memory to see if that’s what cause the slow memory benchmarks.

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Superb For The Price11/23/2005 2:47:48 PM

Comments: I've been using this case for about 2 mnonths now. I was bought to get the parts out of a cramped Compaq mini tower to a more roomy home. Everything fit perfect. Thanks NewEgg.

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overclock11/23/2005 10:46:56 AM

Comments: This Barton is amazing. Hand down, amazing. Popped it on my Abit NF7-s rev 2.0 jacked the fsb to 225xstock multiplier locked at 12.5 and yes i am running 2.875 ghz air cooled holding at 37c/42c thats a 875 mhz OC.

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11/22/2005 9:28:26 PM

Comments: This is a response to the below message. The reason you are only seeing 480MB of RAM in windows is because the onboard video is locking up 32MB and not allowing the OS to see it. It is there just reserved for the onboard video.

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n/a11/22/2005 4:43:59 PM

Comments: This is a great memory, my dimension 2400 easily detected it after i installed it. I recommend this over corsair-which i had problems with -_- The shipping was a day earlier then expected...i give 5 eggs to Newegg =D

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Great Case Good buy11/22/2005 3:08:23 PM

Comments: This case is sweat i love the blue lights and the 450w power supply. It is a little thin in some parts but it is not going to dent easy unless you think everything should withstand being thrown off the empirer state building. It has great cooling too. I have : 2.1 ghz 64 bit AMD processor Yamaha sound card 1gb of ram Nvidia Nforce 4 video card

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11/22/2005 6:21:59 AM

Comments: This is a great card, for all the fan boys out there, please don't say anything. I replaced my 7800GTX for it so I could utilize a brand spanking new 30" @pple Cinema HD Display. Thats why I got the card, because it can support future monitors, and huge resolutions!

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11/20/2005 11:43:54 PM

Comments: Tried the Prince of Persia video game that came with it (on an athlon 64 3200+ with 1GB system). Tried 1600x1200 resolution in the game. Suddenly the video card went dead (the monitor went into power saving mode as though you had disconnected it). When I restarted the computer and tried the game again it asked 'Do you want to run in safe mode' as though it had recognized that something went wrong the last time. I said 'yes', but the same problem happened even before the game started. This seems to be a video card problem, but I'm not sure. Seems to be working ok otherwise (for non-game use).

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Excellent KVM11/20/2005 11:04:13 PM

Comments: Works great with many OSs (Win XP, Fedora, BSD). No keyboard or mouse loss.

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Close Call...11/20/2005 9:40:21 PM

Comments: I think this motherboard is a good little thing... I just built my fiancee's budget system with it, and it runs great! (I had some problems starting up the computer, but that was due to a dying hard drive...) After fixing that, everything is working great, and she loves it like crazy! I only have one problem... When installing the cpu/heatsink/fan, I found a major design flaw... First of all, the socket is a bit sideways to all the other mobos I've worked with in the past, no biggie, but strange... Well, In order to clip the heatsink onto the socket, you get DANGEROUSLY close to the capacitors. The screwdriver BARELY fits in between the socket and capacitors... For a second, I thought I had snapped of the capacitor just trying to snap the HSF into place... I didn't but I REALLY wished there was another way around it... Other than that, it's a pretty good mobo... The only reason it didn't get 5/5 is because of the axiety from the capacitors being so close to the socket and there are better mobos out there... But this is an EXCELLENT mobo for beginners and/or budget systems... Just be careful with that screwdriver!

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11/20/2005 7:44:06 PM

Comments: My case came with a non-working powersupply too. Of course, I found out after installing everything – very frustrating. To anyone who buys this case: test the powersupply first! An ATX PSU tester is easy to use, doesn’t cost much (less than $10), and could save you a lot of time. The case itself is impressive, well made and sturdy. The stealthed drive covers work perfectly, and the hard drive suspension is the best I’ve seen. The bands hold my drives securely and really cut down on noise and vibration from 2 IBM hard drives in a RAID 1. I put a single 92mm fan in front to help cool both drives. Overall a nice case but a horrible value, considering the price I paid for the case, plus the cost of a new powersupply.

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pretty good11/20/2005 12:42:01 PM

Comments: The pictures dont do it justice, it looks awesome and gets good ventalation. has room for up to 9 fans. the front panels are a bit flimsy.

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11/19/2005 5:58:03 PM

Comments: I had to get this after a returned a defective deluxe edition of the same motherboard. It is basically identical to the deluxe, only fanless. Mine is running pretty at low temps, but I have tons of airflow. I saw other reviewers say it was running hot. It has every single type of I/O you need (plenty of it), and the onboard sound isn't bad. This is basically the be all end all of mobos.

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11/19/2005 5:53:54 PM

Comments: Great hard drive, very fast. Some reviewers complained of noise, but it's quiter than my PSU fan and my DVD drive.

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11/19/2005 5:52:33 PM

Comments: I, too thought that this was a flared tube that attaches to a fan. I don't think that anybody really needs thing. A giant duct isn't going to improve airflow...

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11/19/2005 5:50:37 PM

Comments: Yes, you have to build it yourself, but it didn't take me 3-4 hours as one other reviewer said. Takes about 1 hour tops. The case looks absolutely incredible, but do yourself a favor and buy at least 2 UV lights. It's stunning. Also, I've noticed that the case can "shift" slightly if I apply pressure to it. I have to press the side panel in if I want to screw in a particular corner. No big deal, the case is inexpensive and now I have the coolest looking computer in town.

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11/19/2005 5:42:52 PM

Comments: An excellent cable, very solid. Doensn't react very well to UV, though.

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11/19/2005 5:41:29 PM

Comments: Wow. I have two of these in an SLI config and it rocks!!! You might want to splurge for the 7800, but... well, I would splurge. You're going to need one in a year or so anyway. But this is still a kickaxx card!!!

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11/19/2005 5:39:00 PM

Comments: Really cool effect, especially in an acrylic case. Like other reviewers say, buy 2!!! Drawback is that the velcro stuff doesn't stick well to the tube if you're hanging it upside down.

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11/19/2005 5:34:25 PM

Comments: Nice power supply. Plenty of juice and great for SLI. I couldn't mount mine upside down like some other people are doing, but that seems like a good idea. It's also a bit longer than other supplies. I can't mount a fan in the top of my case, because it overlaps. The UV reactant cabling is very nice.

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Pretty Cool11/19/2005 5:31:15 PM

Comments: Yeah, this item has a nice surface, very smooth and great for precision gaming. The only drawback I can think of is that it a little larger than most mouse pads. I have a hard time fitting it and my keyboard onto the pullout shelf on my desk. You should pick this up!!!

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