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True Gaming ITX Case8/14/2010 5:48:36 PM

Pros: No need to comment on the build quality - it is a Lian Li case so you know what to expect. Air flow is phenomenal for such a small area. Both fans are quiet by stock case fan standards and the front fan is very easy to remove and clean (decent filter quality). Paint finish is really nice and easy to maintain (keep finger print free). Ventilation is great for a PCIe video card, mine stays at 50C almost all the time (while gaming). There is so much space inside this tiny case: I was able to fit a full sized video card, full sized power supply, and have plenty of room for cables and still allow for great airflow. Installation was a breeze, especially with the modular power supply bracket. Just make sure you follow the directions for installing a disk drive, it can be a little tricky.

Cons: The only thing to worry about with this case is the tiny hardware. Although it looks great with the decor of the case, they strip very easily. Make sure you have a screw driver with a lot of depth so you don't mess up the screw heads (the paint comes off really easily too). I would recommend a modular power supply to keep down on cable clutter because it is easy to blow the intake fan. Running power to the video card can be a little tricky depending on where the connectors are located and how long the card is.

Overall Review: Everything about this case is perfect. I had been planning a mini-ITX gaming rig for almost a year, searching and searching for the right case. This case fit the bill in every way. My current rig is running faster and cooler than my last one in a micro-ATX case. Amazing! Here is what I was able to fit in here (easily) core-i7 860 sapphire toxic 5850 2GB SeaSonic X750 G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600

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Nice Little Case2/7/2010 8:23:15 AM

Pros: Very small and compact, perfect as my HTPC. It looks very nice with that black paint finish. Fit all my components just fine (full sized HDD, CDROM, stock cooler). Cooling is not a problem, and I leave this thing on all day long serving up videos. The inputs in the front are nice, and I like that you can hide them with the door.

Cons: Biggest problem is build quality. It isn't terrible, but it is lacking (though I guess you get what you pay for). Flexes easily, and sometimes is hard to get things to line up (holes for screws). The door on the disk drive is a bit off and sometimes get a little stuck. But none of it is a real big problem, just a tad bit annoying. There is also VERY little space inside this thing once you get everything installed. What eats up most of the space is cables. Since they went ahead and used a typical power supply in this case, the wires are WAY to long. Then once you have cables for drives it get quite cluttered.

Overall Review: Overall a great case. I needed a small, good looking, and cheap case for my HTPC; this case fit the bill perfectly. I wouldn't try and build anything more than a minimalist system in here though, due to cooling concerns (I'm using a n Intel Atom board and that is it).

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Simply Amazing8/5/2009 12:06:12 PM

Pros: Small. Effective. Quiet. This is an amazing cooler for the price / size. I needed something to fit my microATX motherboard, and squeeze inside my Thermaltake Lanbox Lite (its pretty tight). This cooler did both things well, in fact, it has more vertical clearance than the stock cooler! Keeps my 5400+ at 35 idle and 45 load (stocks in my case were over 60). The speed controller is awesome and makes a noticable difference in sound - and the cable system for it is very smart and works well. For all your amd users, installation is pretty simple... sorry for intel.

Cons: There isn't much to hold onto during installation because it is all fins - just be careful. At certain speeds it gets quite loud due to vibrations, but that will vary between systems.

Overall Review: If you need a slim and effective cooler for a gaming computer, this is definately the way to go. The sizing information they give you is spot on in terms of clearance, so check and double check before you buy. I have worked with many many coolers in the past, and this is one of the best I've seen - all copper, extremely smooth base, super thin fins, great heatpipe design. I really can't stress enough how great this cooler is for the application! It might not keep your cpu at sub-zero temps while you overclock, but to keep it at a happy temp this will do the job. Personally, I'd like to see more slim designs in the market, rather than these huge expensive coolers.

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Decent, but not the best7/17/2009 2:58:56 PM

Pros: Very small and cute looking. Light weight. Good air circulation with the 120mm exhaust fan. LCD temp display is a nice feature. Handle actually worked (I didn't run around with it, but it held the case up).

Cons: Very very very poor build quality. The metal is super thin extremely flimsy. The top panel is really hard to get back on because it wobbles around so much. It is very hard to fit any aftermarket cooler into this thing because A)it wont fit when you slide the motherboard try back in and B) there is this big bar across the inside of the case that gets in the way. Mainly, the case is just flimsy. You could break it pretty easily, and I can't imagine it lasting very long either...

Overall Review: It looked great on paper, with all the fans and "extra space" but really, its not worth your time. I moved onto the Lanbox Lite by thermaltake and it is much better - worth the extra money you pay.

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Amazing Board2/17/2009 9:49:44 AM

Pros: Huge improvement from other ASUS boards... it has great sound drivers! Very nice set of features that all work. The BIOS allows for a pretty huge range of customization and control. Comes with a nice set of accessories and a helpful manual. Everything worked right out of the box, and I was able to update the driver and BIOS without a hitch. Runs pretty cool. It worked with my Corsair memory no problem. The placement of the internal connectors are some of the best I've seen - nothing gets covered by the gfx card, and the power connections are easy to get to. The built-in gfx chip is really cool and allows for some neat SLI applications with another nvidia gfx card.

Cons: I wish there was a bit more space between the cpu and the RAM mounting, so a larger cooler could be used. The firewire connector is a bit far away form everything else.

Overall Review: Simply put, ASUS has rolled out a great little motherboard. I have replaced my old mid tower gaming PC with this motherboard and a small-form-factor case: everything works perfectly! I can game just as well, if not better, on this thing that my previous ASUS motherboard.

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Great Little Case2/17/2009 9:44:48 AM

Pros: Its actually smaller than I thought. Fits micro-ATX motherboards with room to spare. The modular design is awesome and really helps for assembly. I run my 8800 gfx card on full settings and it doesn't overheat at all. Easy to carry even without a handle. Has a very clean, sexy look to it. Came with plenty of hardware for mounting everything.

Cons: The top drive bay didn't seem to fit my disk driver properly - though maybe mine is just a different size. When I am gaming for a while it starts to get a bit loud, mainly just because I am forced to use such a small cpu cooler - I am thinking of mounting a 90mm fan on the side to push air in through the vents.

Overall Review: I really like this case. I basically moved my old mid tower gaming PC into this and it has been running great. Everything fit perfectly and installing was a breeze. I would highly recommend this case to anyone in the market for a small computer. Thermaltake has been good to me, and they continue to impress with this case

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Pretty Darn Bad12/9/2008 9:38:14 AM

Pros: It looked good on paper

Cons: Right out of the box I knew there was something wrong. The power switch was really loose and seemed very cheap. When I opened it up I noticed that some of the wiring connections were also pretty weak. I got the enclosure to power up, but it would cut for for a bit if i bumped the table at all, so that was a bit of a problem trying to copy stuff over to it. For an enclosure to be unreliable like that you are kind of defeating the purpose of a back-up drive

Overall Review: I wanted this enclosure to work, but it really was a hassle. I've since RMA'd it and and currently ordering a different product.

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Incredible9/16/2008 8:22:05 PM

Pros: I've had this PSU running in my gaming rig for about 1.5 years now, and haven't had any problems. It installed easily, and the modular cabling made keeping the inside of case clean easy. Quiet, but moves a good amount of air. It actually works well to exhaust air from the case as well as cool the PSU

Cons: none

Overall Review: does a great job for my rig...don't really see the need for any more power. running an 5400+ dual core amd, 2G of ram, two HDDs, a DVD drive, some fans, and my 8800 gfx card

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It works9/14/2008 12:29:55 PM

Pros: It works as advertised. No real lag in the cable. I have been using it for my USB hub when I play rock band, and any lag would have been a problem, but it has been all good so far!

Cons: none

Overall Review: Its a USB cable...kinda hard to mess it up :-P

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Awesome Mouse9/12/2008 9:00:55 PM

Pros: Comfortable, functional, great range (I tried it with the receiver on the left side of my laptop, and the mouse on the right, about 2' away from the receiver, and it still worked fine). I have been using it with my laptop for when I create CAD models...and I haven't had any problems! None of that 'mouse skipping around'. Another neat feature what that when you take the receiver out of the mouse, it powers the mouse on...when you store it away in the mouse, it powers the mouse off. This is great for people like me who store the receiver and through the mouse in bag (now I don't have to worry about turning it off!)

Cons: Doesn't have side-buttons, which I am very used to from my desktop computer mouse...but that's hardly a con, seeing that it isn't advertised to have any

Overall Review: Really great mouse...nice and small, feels great, works right out of the box. I didn't bother to use the install disk...not really sure what you would need that for.

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Amazing Headset8/27/2008 1:50:00 PM

Pros: Crisp Clear Sound, great highs, really deep lows. If you need it for some serious bass, you will not be disappointed. But at the same time, it has great treble sound, and played some orchestra stuff extremely well. I put in some serious play time with these and Call of Duty 4, and they performed amazingly! With the ear-cups all around your ears (yes they do totally cover them) it helps to concentrate the sound from the headphones, and block out some of the sound from around you. Extremely comfortable and adjustable. They seem to be build well, i haven't seen any real ware on them yet. Cable is a nice length, and the volume / mic control is small so it doesn't weight down the cable too much. Very strong and sturdy connectors for the headphones and mic.

Cons: Mid range sound is a bit lacking, but not terrible. Could do without the little clip on the cable.

Overall Review: Amazing headset for the price! I had been shopping around for about a month before I bought these. I was looking for something I could wear for a long time and still be fairly inexpensive. **The inside of the cups are a little over 2" in diameter**

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Exactly as described5/7/2008 4:29:03 PM

Pros: It is exactly as advertised, it is a laptop style keyboard. Very sharp, quick-to-respond keys. Has a decent weight to it, so it wont go sliding around your desk. Very slim profile, nice and small. Very clean look; sleek.

Cons: arrow keys look kinda funny...

Overall Review: you can't go wrong with if you are considering buying this even a little bit, then just go ahead and do it.

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IT BLOWS!5/1/2008 11:30:05 PM

Pros: it gave me an excuse to reapply thermal-paste to my stock cooler

Cons: well, the stock cooler did a much better right there this is thing is totally useless. Not only that, but the thermal paste was hardly thermal paste, more like strange sticky stuff.

Overall Review: buy a pie instead!

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Great Cable!1/25/2008 7:52:07 PM

Pros: Transfers my bits! And even some Bytes! And possibly some nibbles...

Cons: Does not feed my pet monkey for me :(

Overall Review: horrible product? (I doubt it)

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Amazing10/8/2007 3:29:21 PM

Pros: High end card with all the specs, and guess what, it lives up to all of them. I use this card for gaming on my 22" (which all gamers should have) at full settings and there are no problems at all. Plays any game you want, maxed out, without even flinching. This card really is the best quality for the price, seeing that the GTX is $$$ more for little to no improvement ( my friend bought the ultra...not very impressive :P ). Not to mention the fact that it installed flawlessly, came with some really cool extras, and looks amazing

Cons: none...

Overall Review: If you are in the market for a high end gaming card but can't justify spending over $500 (which I can't) then this is the only choice. BFG has been known for quality and if you look at the specs of this card compared to others in the price range, they are just a bit higher for the BFG...always looking out for the customer ;)

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Great Air Cooler8/26/2007 12:10:21 PM

Pros: First off, its all copper, so its already a much higher quality and most coolers that use aluminum. Second, it has heatpipes, which are amazing at moving heat. The 110mm fan is almost silent which is a huge upgrade from most coolers that use 80 or 90 sized fans. keeps my cpu at 35, no more than 45 at load.

Cons: none

Overall Review: its really big, so make sure it can fit in your case. You'll need just about 6" of clearance from your mobo, just so you know.

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Great RAM8/26/2007 11:36:43 AM

Pros: Installed easy, worked with no problems. Heat spreaders are nice and also look good in a dark colored computer. Runs great right out of the box

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: with 2 gigs of ram, who can complain? now I'm not really into all the overclocking becuase quite frankly, this ram worked great with no modification. I'm running it with my bfg 8800 and amd dual core 5200+ and it games like you wouldn't believe. I would definitely recommend this ram

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Simply Amazing8/22/2007 7:01:06 AM

Pros: Right out of the box it looks amazing. Thermaltake does a nice job with the packaging, and there were no defects when I opened it. Finish on the case is surperb, definately one of the best I've seen. The front door is very sturdy and looks great witht he LED. **I know other have said you need to hold the door open, you really don't, just open it slowly and it will stay** The tool-less drives work great, and the HDD cage is very easy to remove / install. Very wide, held my Thermaltake V1 cooler with room to spare. My BFG 8800 went in no problem, didn't even need to remove the HDD cage. Plenty of room for expansion. Cooling is great - case temps around 40 C. Comes with a lot of good hardware.

Cons: The tool-less expansion slot device is no good. It doesn't seem to work well with cards that occupy more than one epansion slot, and personally, just plain screws works fine for me....If you dont have one handy, then you shouldn't be working on a computer. The case is alittle flimsy when it comes to twisting the case, but nothing to be worried about.

Overall Review: Great case. Looks beautiful, easy to work with, all around amazing. One little tip, the right side panel can be removed, and depending on your power supply, you can snake some of the cables around the back to hide them, keeps your case looking nice and clean.

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Great Drive8/22/2007 6:52:54 AM

Pros: Simple installation, my board saw it in the sata port fine. It does everthing it claims in the specs....I'm not sure what else there is.

Cons: When spinning up to full speed, it does get a bit loud, but that really up to the user.

Overall Review: This is simply a great drive. Does what it says, was easy to install, worked right out of the box. I've used Lite-On in the past and they have continued to satisfy. If you are out for a simple sata drive, then look no further

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Great CPU Cooler7/26/2007 12:33:51 PM

Pros: Very easy intallation....anyone can do it. Solid copper headsink which in my mind is the only acceptable material. Fairly decent finish on the base. Cheap and effective.

Cons: Could have used a better fan. Very thin and fairly loud. It moves a good amount of air, but could be better. A bit of a hassel to clean due to the outer housing, but nothing extreme

Overall Review: Overall this is a great little cooler. I used it to replace the stock fan with my intel celeron D 2.9ghz. It keeps it around 45-50 degrees, but can get pretty hot under gaming load, around 55-60. One thing I would highly reccomend to anyone buying this product, get better thermal paste. Also, if you want better performance out of this thing, check out the "heatsink lapping" guide at, it helped to bring down my temps by 5 degrees. You should make sure you clean out the dust in this cooler every couple of months, it can really raise your temps if you dont. So again, if you are looking for a cheap little cooler for a 478, this is the one you want, hands down.

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