Wonderful 12 GPU Board3/22/2018 4:07:24 AM

Pros: Supports 4:1 PCIe Expanders, works with 12 GPUs. Never crashes or hangs. Perfect Ryzen mining solution

Cons: Must update to latest BIOS!

Overall Review: Board barely worked at all out of the box but once I updated to the latest BIOS it came alive and has been perfect since

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Complete and utter garbage - 110% failure rate after 18 months8/27/2014 3:40:07 AM

Pros: It's a cheap hard drive if you're in the business of selling cut-rate computers to customers you don't care if you'll ever see again.

Cons: I am not in that business. I purchased 10 of these hard drives over the course of 6 months to build up my home media workstation. They started failing almost immediately, and over the course of 18 months since this whole thing started, every single one of those 10 has been replaced under warranty, and yesterday I had to return one of the replacements that died, thankfully also under warranty. So yeah, 11 returns out of 10 drives is not a good deal to be in.

Overall Review: These were all installed in a massive 12-bay chassis with lots of fans and rubber mounting grommets to klll vibration, and all in a temp controlled office at my house with an HVAC zone all to itself. It is inconceivable that it's an environmental issue. Seasonic 850 watt power supply, high end gigabyte motherboard, 8-port SAS controller (9211-8i) with 8 more on the motherboard. Nothing about the build could have contributed to this. I've since replaced them all with another brand and haven't had any issues at all. The only problem now is what do I do with 10 hard drives that can't be trusted? Oh, I know, WILL IT BLEND?

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GA-990FXA-UD5 Caution!4/16/2013 4:22:05 AM

Pros: Awesome, quiet cooling. What more is there to say?

Cons: Be careful on some motherboards. This cooler blocks two of the RAM slots on the GA-990FXA-UD5 motherboard, so you have to use LOW PROFILE server memory sticks if you want to use those two slots. I had to pull two my my tall 8GB sticks in order to use this cooler.

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Don't believe the power claims12/10/2012 6:07:44 PM

Pros: The smoke detector look is nice where aesthetics are important. Also, the ability do disable all of the LEDs makes the units simply disappear into the room design.

Cons: The Web UI is buggy, and the WDS settings menu doesn't always appear after enabling the WDS/Access Point feature. Also, the range with these units is not any better than the 23dBm access point this replaced. With the two units side-by-side (on channels 1 and 11), Wifi Analyzer at 20 meters shows the exact same RSSI despite this unit claiming to have an extra 6dB (4x) the output power of the other one. The WAP Manager suite they provide doesn't detect these on the network at all. I suspect the 29dBm output power claim is probably very generous.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, 

 We’re sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you. EAP350 is equipped with up to 29 dBm output RF power. However, for the consideration of all different types of environment, it’s set for 20 dBm in default. We would like to ask you to give our Support team a call, so we can walk you through configuration process. Please contact our Support Team @ 888-735-7888 or email wlan@engenistech.com. 

 Best regards, 

 EnGenius Customer Support Team
Be Careful of Capacity Rating12/2/2012 3:54:11 AM

Pros: Be careful with these charging batteries. Most of them have their capacity rating at the native battery cell voltage, not the output voltage. The capacity rating of this battery translated to 5V output is 10,000mAH, and will be probably 5-10% less due to power supply efficiency losses. In general, if the capacity is given for the native cells rather than the output, multiply the native cell capacity by the native cell voltage, then divide by the output voltage: 13,500 * 3.7 / 5.0 = 10,000

Cons: None

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Nice, Flexible Card11/29/2012 5:13:35 AM

Pros: This is an older card (Circa 2009) that still works great today and is still supported in ESXi 5.1. It only supports SATA 2, but let's face it, platter-based hard drives still can't sustain SATA 3 speeds, so that is fine. This card has two different BIOS screens - one is a GUI-based BIOS with mouse support, and one is a CLI. It's nice to have that flexibility. Speed is good - about 500MB/s in a 4-disk stripe using Western Digital 500GB RE3 drives. Haven't tested Raid5 yet. The windows configuration utility is powerful and flexible. Updating firmware is a breeze. I immediately updated to the latest firmware, which was recent (November 2012 IIRC). It seems LSI is still supporting this card well.

Cons: Loud beep on power up and power down, even if alarm is disabled. Complicated, non-intuitive BIOS CLI.

Overall Review: Before you buy this card, be aware it is NOT a 16-port card. You can choose either the internal or the external connectors, or one of each, but not all four. Also, you must override the cache disable if you don't also have the BBU. The GUI BIOS will not load if you have any other cards in your system that load their BIOS *after* this one. So, you may need to disable other cards to do the initial configuration from BIOS.

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Nice Tower for ESXi11/29/2012 5:06:33 AM

Pros: Great, cheap little drive tower that works with ESXi, provided your eSATA port supports port multipliers. I plugged this into my GA-990FXA-UD5 and ESXi 5.1 picked it up instantly. (Beware, ESXi 5.0 and prior do not support the Marvell controller on this board).

Cons: None, really, except I would like to see one this cheap that has an SFF multilane connection for a miniSAS card.

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Nice case overall!11/29/2012 5:03:09 AM

Pros: This is a nice little case that is easy to assemble and has room for plenty of toys. The drive assembly is separable from the chassis itself for easy of installation and cable routing. When assembled, the case is tight and solid.

Cons: The power supply cabling for the 24 pin and 4 pin motherboard connectors is just a bit too short. It needs to be an inch longer to relieve strain on the motherboard and to allow better cable routing. The power supply fan is noisy and varies in speed quite a bit. It starts out quite, but speeds up as the power supply warms. The constant audible variation makes it hard to tune out. The cooler tray fits flush underneath the CDROM drive, so cabling the power and SATA connectors is difficult. I cut a notch in the plastic to allow the cables to drop below the drive rather than go elsewhere.

Overall Review: Overall a nice design and case. The case is very deep, but that allows space under the drive assembly to hide cables.

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Sped up my ESXi Server dramatically11/4/2012 12:59:13 PM

Pros: I used this to replace another brand's SSD that had a very low random read IOPS rate, and it yielded a significant noticeable improvement in performance across all of the VMs run from it. I guess that other drive wasn't as agile as it made itself out to be. I bought 6 of these and they all seem to be working great.

Cons: None

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Eggcelent, but beware11/4/2012 10:01:28 AM

Pros: Fast. Really fast. Easy to install. Comes with handy USB to SATA adapter for migration

Cons: Beware, it does NOT actually come with migration software. It only links you to a demo version of North Ghost (ugh!), which you have to purchase in order to actually migrate your system.

Overall Review: I used Paragon MigrateOS to transfer my system to the new drive, but you can also use your favorite image backup/restore program as well.

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Follow up - 2 Years Later10/12/2012 4:24:03 AM

Pros: Quiet, cool, reliable. I have 8 of these in my ESXi server, RDMed to a Linux VM for Software RAID. Never a hiccup. Never a failure. Never an unrecoverable read or write.

Cons: THIS IS NO LONGER THE HD204UI WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE. This is a cheap Seagate impostor. It is not the same drive, and does not perform as well as the HD204UI. I added a couple more of these to the system, and raw device reads and writes are about 20MB/s slower than the HD204UI from one end of the platter to the other. Be aware of that if you plan to mix these non-Samsung phony-baloney drives with the originals.

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Blast from the Past!8/30/2012 5:10:32 AM

Pros: I was rummaging through some boxes while cleaning out my parents' old house, and found one full of old floppies and modems from the late 80's and early 90's. One of them was the predecessor to this modem - the 19.2kbps version - you know - from when v.32bis was the big thing. Even after sitting in their garage from the time I left high school in the early 90s until now, the USR Courier works splendidly. Most of those old floppies are still readable, too, so now I'm setting up some DOS virtual machines to see if I can get my old BBS running again. Far out!

Cons: None at all

Overall Review: Newegg needs a "More than 20 years" option for "Ownership"

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Not for critical applications8/19/2012 1:02:49 PM

Pros: Has standard antenna jacks. Works reasonably well in a single-AP application

Cons: Not compatible with WDS in any other model, including from D-Link. You can only use this in WDS with another DAP2360. Pre-sales at D-Link even told me that it would work in a WDS environment with a DWL-3200AP. Firmware is incredibly buggy, and certain combinations of configuration options cause instability that requires a reset to factory. D-Link has not released any firmware updates in the 18 months since it was released.

Overall Review: Stay the heck away from this thing.

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Slow, noisy, and hot7/19/2012 5:55:42 AM

Pros: They're Western Digital, and I've had good luck with them over the years (with the exception of the old RE2 drives), so I thought I would try these out. (although I got them from another online retailer to save a few bucks)

Cons: Boy, was that a mistake. The first thing I noticed was the noise, and then the heat, and then, finally, the speed (or lack of it). I put these in a NAS server I built, not one of those cheap low-performing NAS boxes. Even with an SB850 chipset and its 6Gbps SATA, I can still only get notebook drive speeds out of these drives - about 15MBytes/sec per each. Certainly, these are a waste in a high-performance environment. Minus 1 egg for noise Minus 1 egg for heat Minus 1 egg for slow Minus 1 egg for cost/performance ratio

Overall Review: These are probably designed specifically for those low-performance RAID/NAS boxes that can only do ~30MB/sec over a gigabit LAN anyway, so there was no need to design high speed into this drive. An obvious cost-saving measure, but if you need high performance, just get a regular WD black or RE drive. Specific environment was a Phenom X6 on an SB850 board running ESXi 5.0 U1 with these drives RDM'd to an Ubuntu Server VM doing Software Raid5. I get 400MB/s read and write on Raid5 to 6 "other" drives on the same setup, and ~90MB/sec to 6 of these drives.

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Manufacturer Response:
We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the Western Digital WD20EFRX Red Drive, as this is not the typical experience with the product. We do recommend for optimal use, to ensure that the enclosure you put these drives in are on our qualified Network Attached Storage (NAS) list located at the following link, and the manufacturer of your NAS device has support for varying types of hard drives, should their device not be on the list. http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=810&wdc_lang=en#tab10 The Red drive series have been created for use in a 24x7 operational environment, which is intended to decrease heat emissions, while running quieter and more efficiently. For this reason, if you are still experiencing overheating as well as noise concerns and your NAS enclosure is on our qualified list, there could be varying causes relating to your experience. We would appreciate the opportunity to RMA these drives for you so that we may investigate the root cause of this experience, and address your concerns for you directly. Please contact us so we can help you, at: (855) 559-3733, or via our support website at: http://support.wdc.com/contact/contact.asp?lang=en&ct=wdred Please indicate within the online case creation or with the first support agent you speak with, that you are responding to a Newegg review, so we route you and your information to the correct team members.
Roomy, quiet, versatile6/5/2012 4:21:25 AM

Pros: This is a very roomy case with plenty space to work with. There are six 3.5" bays and 3 5.25" bays. I have all 6 bays loaded up with hard drives, and two of the 5.25" bays loaded up with notebook drive caddies that hold 6 1TB hard drives each, for a grand total of 18 hard drives in the system. There's still room for an optical disk drive after all that.

Cons: Some of the metal edges are sharp, so be careful. You can cut yourself pretty badly if you're not paying attention (like when you're loading 18 hard drives into a machine at 3AM because you simply can't wait to see all of that space!

Overall Review: Running a Gigabyte AMD board w/ 32GB of RAM and a 1090T for VMWare ESXi 5.0 U1, also with two LSI 1068E HBAs.

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Followup - DO NOT USE FIRMWARE F52/23/2012 8:04:56 AM

Pros: Through the installation process I discovered that firmware F5 has some serious problems, among them: 1) The boot menu does not work. Although you select the device, it always attempts to boot from the first drive it finds 2) The Hard Disk Boot Priority setting does not work - same result as #1 3) The F5 BIOS can't detect USB storage devices on boot, and therefore it is nearly impossible to update the BIOS from Q-Flash. I had to find a USB stick that would show up as a USB Floppy rather than an HDD to get it updated to F7 4) The BIOS prevents addon cards from capturing memory map, so it is not possible to go into RAID configuration menus on addon cards, like the Intel SASUC8I and RR640 I have in this one

Cons: No cons to add.

Overall Review: Update to latest BIOS before trying to use the board. It might be difficult if you start with F5. Once I managed to get it updated to F7, most of the problems went away, although the option card BIOS menu problem still exists.

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Followup to prior review2/20/2012 7:23:58 AM

Pros: After having the card for a few months, I thought I would follow up with a positive support experience. A lot of people have complained that this card will not allow the system to boot, or that it freezes to a black screen with a blinking cursor. If it does this, just hit the END key. You then need to flash the firmware and us the flasher to disable INT13. A lot of folks flash the AHCI firmware to this card and forget to do this (including me), resulting in the black screen of personal reflection and introspection. Also be aware that because this is TWO controllers on a PCI-e switch, there are TWO firmware flashes to be done. The flasher will do these automatically, but you MUST PAY ATTENTION during the process to make sure both controllers get the same F/W. Their support staff was valuable in helping me figure out how to save my card rather than RMA it. Disabling INT13 does NOT render the card unbootable. Any modern BIOS will still be able to boot to this card.

Cons: One thing I did not mention before was that, because this is only a 4 lane PCIe card, it will become bandwidth starved with 4 6Gbps drives on it, since one PCIe 2.0 lane is only 5Gb/s. They really should have made this a x8, but I guess losing 1Gb/s per drive isn't that terrible.

Overall Review: Four Intel 520 Cherryville 240GB SSDs in a Raid0 stripe on this card perform amazingly - about 1.6GB/sec sequential read. Windows boots before the logo even starts to appear.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Failed after 3 Months2/15/2012 5:05:20 PM

Pros: Whoops, failure.

Cons: After about 3 months of use, slot 3 keeps dropping the SSD that is installed in it. Replacing the SATA cable didn't fix the problem, and whatever drive is installed in the slot gets dropped, so the slot must be defective. Was hoping for better performance than that.

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Great workhorse card2/14/2012 11:48:08 AM

Pros: I've bought tons of these cards. At Intel, gigabit means gigabit, not "just slightly more than 100Mbit" like it does with other chipset manufacturers. I get a solid gigabit with these, copying from server to server. Works flawlessly in ESXi 5.0 with no work. Plug and chug.

Cons: None whatsoever.

Overall Review: I wish the two-port card wasn't 4x the cost of the 2 port card. :)

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Not really in stock, but a fast card2/10/2012 2:21:47 AM

Pros: This is a fantastic, cheap little card that works in ESXi 5.0 out of the box. Intel didn't even bother to change the pci ids or even the name that shows up in firmware, so this is an LSI 1068E, which is on the ESXi 5.0 HCL. Awesome.

Cons: No cache, no NCQ, no Raid5, but what do you expect for this price? Shame on newegg for claiming this is in stock, when it is not. They have this new thing called "virtual fulfillment," which is where they say something is in stock if they think they can go buy it somewhere and ship it to you. I ordered this rush with overnight shipping, 4 days ago, and it still has not shipped. I had to get it overnighted from somewhere else. I won't take eggs off since I don't want this fine product to suffer for newegg's issues.

Overall Review: The card only supports mirroring and striping, but that's fine. I'm using Linux S/W Raid-5 in a VM on ESXi 5.0. Across five datastores on five Western Digital RE3 drives, I get about 325MB/s read and write.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Awesome Case, need more bays2/6/2012 4:21:28 AM

Pros: I bought this case to get some extra 3.5" bays over the Sonata III I had been using for my server. (The Sonata III is an awesome case, too, BTW, and SILENT). The case is easy to work with, and spacious. The design is also quite understated, yet elegant. This makes a great "server" chassis that doesn't sound like a jet engine, but has gobs of storage.

Cons: There are 6 HDD mounting bays inside, but there is so much space, they could easily lay them out a little better and get two more in there. I had to buy a 3-in-2 3.5" rack and a 6-in-1 2.5" rack to get all the drives in it I needed. I wish ANTEC would get on the ball and start packaging these cases with fans that had 3/4-pin motherboard power headers instead of molex connectors and speed switches. It would be nice if the system could control the fan speed.

Overall Review: I can't share the noise complaints being voiced here, even with 11 spinning drives in the case. Perhaps it is because they are all 5400RPM and not 7200. ASUS P6X58D-E, i7-960, 24GB 8xHD204UI on LSI 9260-8i 1x3.5" 240GB OCZ SSD 3x2.5" 240GB OCZ SSD 3x2.5" 1TB HDD These on LSI1068E VMWare ESXi 5.0

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Crippled by lack of features1/23/2012 5:26:02 PM

Pros: Latest and "greatest" Intel chipset.

Cons: What is Intel thinking? Still only two native 6Gb SATA ports, which are not made up for by the low-performing Marvell substitutes, since you can't do RAID across the controllers. Still only 8 PCI-e lanes beyond the dedicated graphics bus, so even with the latest and "greatest" Intel chipset, you can't do 16x16 SLI. I'm very disappointed.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your comments. Honest and constructive opinions are always welcome. We apologize for your difficulty with your Gigabyte product. Please contact us at newegg-support@gigabyte-usa.com with the case number 2012021703 in the subject line. We will provide personalized service and analysis to help solve your issue as soon as possible. If the matter is urgent, please send us your contact number, and we will contact you ASAP. Gigabyte VIP Support Team
Great drive, reliable, stable1/12/2012 2:51:09 PM

Pros: This drive is not as fast as some others, but it is rock solid stable. I've never had a single hiccup with this drive. And, you system builders out there will appreciate this. LATCHING SATA CONNECTORS! That's right. Not even Intel puts latching SATA connectors on their SSDs. If you've ever had to go out to a client site in the middle of the night because a cable backed off of a drive, you know how important this is.

Cons: None

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Not Impressed, Lots of Problems1/7/2012 4:18:39 AM

Pros: Seems to be stable if you get one that works

Cons: The first board I got had a problem with one of the memory sockets. If anything was in Slot 1, it would fail Memtest86+ after a while. So, I bought a new one since I didn't have time to wait for an RMA, and it was OK. The on-board Ethernet is not supported in ESXi 5.0. Finally, consistent with the epic fail of the cougar point platform, only two SATA-III ports, where the AMD chipsets have had six forever.

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Works great, but beware drive compatibility10/18/2011 5:16:45 AM

Pros: Convenient swapping of notebook drives - it does what it's supposed to do.

Cons: Some OCZ SSDs do NOT fit in this caddy. I am sure there are others, such as 12mm drives, that won't fit.

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