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Talk abotu Fast Shipping3/13/2009 11:23:27 AM

Pros: WOW New Egg Shipping is unbelieveable once again i dont select expidite or select fast shipping and i have my product in 2 days

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have yet to try these out, but im not sure how they could mess them up. NEW EGG shipping is fantastic

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Solid Drive3/10/2009 2:07:21 PM

Pros: This drive is amazing, i have been writing and transfering to and from it sometimes 24 hours a day for a llittle over a month now and it has yet to give me an error of any sorts, always boots, always detects, minimal fragmentation to date

Cons: Nadda

Overall Review: Great Drive Great Buy, i currently have it installed internally on my PC but im soon to remove it to place it in a NAS Device

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Not to Shabby3/10/2009 2:05:18 PM

Pros: East to install, price was right when you follow directions like installing the software first it works like a charm ;)

Cons: None so Far

Overall Review: Im still not seeing the speeds i want, although i have yet to put it through the real test, which is why i can not put it in the Cons, Overall Great Buy for the price

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